[CM11][4.4.2][N9005][ROM][KERNEL v3.00-b3][MAR02] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V50.1

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Dec 25, 2006
MONTUSSAN (near Bordeaux)

New beta 3...no problems at all ! :victory:
The new features are great:
IdentIcons , no more blank icons for contacts :good:
Gesture Anywhere are really usefull (i use it to switch wifi on/off by exemple, or to Greenify on demand) :good:

<bow>Thanks Mr Temasek</bow>;)
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    temasek's UNOFFICIAL CM11 BUILD


    This can be used on ANY bootloader.

    This is an UNOFFICIAL build of CM11 ( CyanogenMod 11 ) for hltexx (N9005) and by NO means this is my ROM. I am just compiling from CM Source and 100% credits goes to TeamDouche, the device maintainers of NOTE 3 -> Shareef Ali,Tony Layher, Drew Suarez and all other coders who contributed to CyanogenMod.

    This is similar to a nightly from CM but has some extra goodies baked in. If you can't handle some things possible being broken, please don't use this and then complain to me for building it.

     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Hard. A lot.

    Remember to VOTE this thread if you like it.


    • Do NOT expect daily builds. I'll build when I'm free.
    • Do NOT ask for support in this thread.
    • Do NOT use this unofficial build and ask for support at the official threads.
    • Do NOT be rude.
    • Respect all users
    • If u see a NOOB question and u don't feel like replying, DON'T, just ignore that post. If u do reply, good for u.....and be nice in your reply.

    Latest official CWM recommended but not required.

    Read this first -> CLICK ME

    1st Time Installing
    • Download the zip
    • Download Gapps
    • Install the update zip from recovery
    • Install gapps
    • Reboot

    Already installed CM11.0
    • Download the zip
    • Install the update zip from recovery
    • Reboot

    • WIP

    Mega - By @elroy944


    Shareef Ali,Tony Layher, Drew Suarez (cm maintainers of note 3)
    PartimusPrime (bootanimation for temasek builds)
    Cristiano Matos
    SleepinDevil (his assistance to troubleshoot/fix bugs)
    Vadonka (sponsor of temasek.hopto.org server)
    powwow88 (creator of my custom cm10 bootanimation)
    paour (contributor to github sources)
    All other coders for making CM possible!

    A donation to our note 3 cm maintainers to show your appreciation. Thanks!

    It's with regrets that I will temporary stop all builds for all my supported devices. I've hit a wall of hurdles and couldn't get out.

    Whether I will be back or not depends on how much energy I have left. Thank you for your past support and I hope to see u guys again soon.
    Build V40
    md5sum: bf320816717aef16463b7f1041d10a81

    Major release.

    TRDS 3.0 Disabled + CM theme change = success

    TRDS 3.0 Enabled + CM theme change = success

    I'm taking a break off xda. This is my last for awhile.

    Till then, enjoy.

    Build V50

    hlte: md5sum: d5e72d095ef0a76f9ee3968a5223ffc6
    i9300: md5sum: TBA


    • V50 comes with temasek kernel v2.04
    • Add "Change density on the fly" - SlimROM
      - Due to possibly my poor porting, I have to inject a SystemUI restart to complete it if not at times the statusbar doesn't get resized.
      - This density change WILL SURVIVE reboots & reflashing of ROMS
    • Add "Wakelock Blocker"
    • Add "Speed up booting on multicore devices."
      1. Add multithreading support to Installer/installd.
      2. Parallelize package scanning.
      3. Parallelize boot dexopt.
    • Add "Day and week on data usage"
      - Adds the ability to set day and week on when the data usage graph resets, instead of just month.
    • frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Add SDK apis for Wipower and Peripheral feature
      - changes needed for Wipower and Periferal features.
      - CRs-fixed: 587811
    • frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Handle exceptions for bluetoot socket read
      - Handled IO exception in read function of BluetootSocket, and also introduced a null check for mSocketIS.
      - CRs-Fixed: 605606
    • frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Add Power apply enable event handling
      - Add Wipower Power apply enable related event handling in frameworks
      - CRs-fixed: 612628
    • frameworks/base: Tethering: Skip link local addresses when enabling NAT
      - Only one entry is allowed to be added to route table 60 for all interface ipv6 link local addresses, so skip ipv6 link local addresses on all interfaces when enabling NAT
    • frameworks/base: Structure device not freed in error case …
      - In case of an error in the call usb_device_get_fd() the memory created by usb_open_device() is never freed.
      - Added a call to usb_device_close in case of error to release the allocated memory.
    • frameworks/base: Fixed a possible infinite loop in JsonReader#skipValue() …
      - Bug: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=65846
    • frameworks/base: Remove java.io.tmpdir assignment in AndroidRuntime. …
      - This value is overridden by the framework anyway (see ActivityThread.handleBindApplication). Besides, it doesn't seem like a great idea to let tools clutter /sdcard/ with temp files.
    • frameworks/base: EGL14.eglCreateWindowSurface should set producerControlledByApp …
      - Interface of Surface class changed. To reflect the change for EGL14, add producerControlledByApp flag. Similar change can be seen in 0fa257f
    • frameworks/base: Release locked buffer when it fails to acquire graphics buffer …
      - The JNI buffer in ImageReader_imageSetup is not released when it fails to acquire graphics buffer. After all JNI buffers are exhausted, ACQUIRE_MAX_IMAGES will be returned and leads to error. The JNI buffer should be released when it fails to acquire graphics buffer.
    • frameworks/base: Add 2 APIs (suspend/resume) in MediaPlayer …
      - API:suspend() will just pause the player and release all the decoders
      to replace release() which will release the whole player
      - API:resume() will just init the decoders again,
      then start() will be called to start to play the streaming
    • frameworks/base: VideoView: Implement the suspend/resume operation in VideoView …
      - To use the new APIs (suspend/resume) of MediaPlayer
      - Add a new status "SUSPENDED"
    • frameworks/base: MediaRecorder: Add pause interface …
      - add pause in java level
      - add pause in jni level
      - CRs-Fixed: 587051
    • frameworks/base: Revert "Added sahlnaskh arabic font and give it higher precedence than DroidNaskh"
    • frameworks/base: Revert "Added sahlnaskh arabic font to Android.mk & fonts.mk files to actually get the font installed"
    • frameworks/base: Revert "data usage cycle length"
    • hlte: Improve boot speed
      - Start with noop, finish with ROW. Similar to stock.
    • hlte: Add custom audio_effects.conf
      - Enable offload for visualizer
    • hlte: hlte: Enable SIM hotswap
      - Even though this isn't possible due to the battery location, it is possible for an invalid SIM to cause a persistent modal dialog to be presented upon boot. This works around it.
    • hlte: Add qcmediaplayer to the build
    • Updated CM Source - Lots of camera, bluetooth, av...commits.


    temasek.hopto.org - i9300 / tilapia / grouper / hltexx
    Dev-Host i9300 / tilapia / grouper / hltexx
    AndroidFileHost - i9300 / hltexx
    MediaFire- i9300

    Later guys...

    Enjoy :)