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[CM11] DarkHolo theme [02/06/2014]

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Jun 26, 2012

Thank you very much for this lightweight theme that made my CM11 ROM finally dark :good:
Most of it work as it should but I found some "white" apps and graphical "errors".
Anything you can do?

newest YouTube (
Calendar (first 3 attached pics)
Google Search
PlayStore (pics 6 & 7)
Call settings (dialpad - settings, pic 4)
Google Settings (pic 5)

Regards and many thanks for your work :)

Is this theme still supported?

sorry guys for the late response. yes, it is still supported, but as it is free, i update always firstly my other paid themes. anyway the theme is good with cm11. obviously not perfect, but i'll try to fix the remaining little bugs in next updates:)
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    DarkHolo Theme


    Black android! This is DarkHolo theme for Cyanogenmod10.1/10.2/11 and other custom roms. This theme is like the stock holo theme of google, but with dark backgrounds, black panels, dialogs and widgets. This theme will always be free, so if you want to support me you can buy the donate version of this theme (same as free one) or one of my other paid themes.

    -black backgrounds for apps that depend from Theme.Holo of framework (like various menus,settings,downloads,some stock browser's parts,dsp manager,torch and much other)
    -black panels,dialogs,popops
    -dark dialer app
    -dark contacts app
    -dark messagging app+widget
    -dark clock app
    -dark notification drawer
    -dark quicksettings tiles
    -dark notification background
    -dark tablet-ui (for roms that support it)
    -dark calendar
    -dark google now
    -dark google keep
    -dark playstore
    -dark google play games
    -dark gallery background
    -dark keyboard background
    -dark google play music widget
    -dark apollo (only cm10.1/2 version)+widget
    -dark launchers settings (like nova and apex)
    -dark tesla unread plugin
    -dark seeder
    -dark theme chooser
    -dark quicksettings widget
    -dark news & weather widget
    -dark torch app+widget
    -dark movie studio
    -dark omich player
    -dark lux free and paid
    -dark offline dictionaries free and pro (dark mode)

    -DarkHolo theme actually is compatible with XHDPI,HDPI,MDPI,LDPI devices (should be compatible with all devices)
    (As I own only a device, send me a mail if there are problems)

    -added black dialer for cm11
    -fixes for new playstore
    -fixed some white cards in google now
    -added black top and bottom bar in apollo
    -added black top bar in dsp manager
    -theme preview is now visible

    (leave a review if you like :) )

    Enjoy :D
    theme updated :)

    1.4: -released donate version
    -changed notification drawer close image
    -added dark gallery background
    -added dark google now
    -added dark keyboard background

    enjoy :D
    Darkholo free and donate updated:

    -update for cm11
    -fixes in settings app (cm11)
    -fixes in clock app (cm11)
    -fixed black text in contacts list (cm11)
    -many changes and fixes in contacts/people app (cm11)

    enjoy :D
    updated both versions (free and donate):
    -updated for cm10.2
    -added google play games
    -little additions to dark playstore
    -removed google play music theming (google in a recent update changed the code of all app). by the way widget is still black

    enjoy :)

    -added dark google keep
    -added dark side drawer in playstore (introducted in the latest update of the app)

    enjoy :D