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[CM12-CM12.1-CM13-ThemeEngine]Dark Side, Black Side & Black Side Orange[discontinued]

How do you prefer the "Settings.apk" background?

  • Like in the latest updates, with a space image

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • Or with a dark background, like on the firsts

    Votes: 9 52.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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New member
Jun 8, 2016
A quick thank you to the developer and this awesome XDA community. My original Galaxy Note now runs like a modern smartphone. MUCH faster, more efficient, and as pretty as can be with a new dark theme.
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    [CM12-CM12.1-CM13-ThemeEngine]Dark Side, Black Side & Black Side Orange[discontinued]

    The best way to show me you appreciate this theme, hits the 'Thanks' button in the bottom of this post...
    Dark Side, Black Side & Black Side Orange themes
    for all roms with Theme Engine


    Videos of this theme under Android 6.0.1(CM13 - Resurrection Remix):

    Old video of this theme under Android 5.1.1(CM12.1 - BlissPop):

    Modified Apps:

    Latest update

      • Fourty-fourth release (20160529)
      • Added Solid Explorer app
      • Some improvements here & there.
    2. DARK SIDE
      • Ninety-seventh release (20160529)
      • Added Solid Explorer app
      • Some improvements here & there.
      • Fiftieth release (20160529)
      • Some improvements here & there.

    On the PlayStore:

    Click on the corresponding bag to go on your favorite theme!

    Old versions:
    The changelog of old versions for Dark Side are here - Black Side has the same changelog
    The changelog of old versions for Black Side Orange are here

    Compatible roms (tested by me):

    Other compatible roms ( untested by me):

    Old tasks:
    Now the app is on PlayStore, it's unnecessary!

    To do:
    • Put the app on the SD card (no matter)
    • Authorized "unknown sources" in Settings/Security
    • Install the app

    Others infos:
    • Old versions
    • Your favorite theme is uninstalled after to have updated the Gapps, you should reinstall Desclock app, use this zip, drag and drop your DeskClock app of your rom zip inside instead of the one which is already in /system/app/DeskClock. Goes to the recovery, install the zip and reboot.
    • ...
    • ...

    If you have a problem with QS background:
    It's always like the original theme, then you should follow this steps:

    • Download SQLite Editor (paid)
    • Launch SQLite Editor
    • Scroll down until you see Settings Storage (com.android.provider.settings)
    • Click on "secure"
    • Scroll down to (usually the last option) "themeConfig" and click on it.
    • Click on Edit on top.
    • Delete everything inside value.
    • Click Save
    • Reboot

    Or if you doesn't want to pay, You can also just use adb and avoid apps altogether. Like that:
    adb root
    adb remount
    adb shell
    # cd /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases
    # sqlite3 settings.db
    sqlite> update SECURE set value="" WHERE name="themeConfig";
    sqlite> .quit

    • Franzyroy - if you want to donate me, just click on my nickname! ;)
    • @side (think to thank him)

    • @Vivek_Neel who helped me
    • @nicholaschum who helped me, for his tuto, who has really enabled me to progress in the theming and who enabled me to take some very good and great features of his theme, like the cdt colors. And also for @side : that guy spent much time on his PMs and his PC.
    • @Leo_elstin for his theme which helped me
    • @side for his help (icons and others)
    • @Spannaa , @nicholaschum , @Primokorn for the solution how fixes the "QS background" issue.
    • @AntaresOne to put the app on the PlayStore
    • @assassin2 (icons discussions with @side, thanks for your time)
    • @Dienium (a s4mini theme tester-bug reporter )
    • @osmar.menezes for the video of this theme
    • I also want to thank the themers few themes that have inspired me, the themes are: ANGL, COSMOS and DEEP DARKNESS.

    Donators (thank you to them) :

    Version Information:
    • Status: Stable
    • Created: 2015-01-27
    • Last Updated: 2016-05-29
    • Other info: App for CM12/ CM12.1 / CM13 with Theme Engine
    Changelog to the old versions(Black Side Orange)(==>> formerly Dark Side Orange):

    Old versions:
    Fiftieth version:
    • Fiftieth release (20160529)
    • Some improvements here & there.

    Fourty-nineth version:
    • Fourty-nineth release (20160513)
    • Fixed multi SIM colors

    Fourty-eighth version:
    • Fourty-eighth release (20160510)
    • Themed the latest Nova launcher (4.3.1)

    Fourty-seventh version:
    • Fourty-seventh release (20160509)
    • Fixed Gmail issue I hope

    Fourty-sixth version:
    • Fourty-sixth release (20160507)
    • A small oversight in this theme

    Fourty-fifth version:
    • Fourty-fifth release (20160506)
    • Fixed Settings FC with search history
    • Improved progressive sound in Settings

    Fourty-fourth version:
    • Fourty-fourth release (20160504)
    • Modified system dialog
    • Improved new Theme Chooser
    • Improved Messaging app
    • Improved Google Messaging app

    Fourty-third version:
    • Fourty-third release (20160425)
    • Improved MMS (messaging)
    • Improved talk
    • Fixed gesture icon in settings app
    • Fixed backup icon in submenu of settings app
    • Improved Nova
    • Improved PlayStore
    • Improved Dialer
    • Improved Phone
    • Improved Server telecom

    Fourty-second version:
    • Fourty-second release (20160412)
    • Reshuffle of all internally theme
    • Improved end call icon

    Fourty-first version:
    • Fourty-first release (20160405)
    • Added settings icon (vectorial) for RR rom
    • Added ResurrectionRemixOTA app

    Fourtieth version:
    • Fourtieth release (20160330)
    • Added systemUI icons (vectorial)
    • Improved an icon in several apps

    Thirty-nineth version:
    • Thirty-nineth release (20160323)
    • Changed app name
    • Fixed icons in Settings app
    • Improved Settings icons
    • Improved system icons (power menu)
    • Fixed Settings icons

    Thirty-eighth version:
    • Thirty-eighth release (20160316)
    • Improved systemUI icons (vectorial pictures) - to be continue
    • Modified fonts
    • Reduced app size

    Thirty-seventh version:
    • Thirty-seventh release (20160316)
    • Fixed Kernel Adiutor app
    • Removed theme icons
    • Improved Settings icons
    • Improved PlayStore app
    • Improved systemUI icons (vectorial pictures) - to be continue

    Thirty-sixth version:
    • Thirty-sixth release (20160311)
    • Supersu: Fixed black text on black background
    • Cyanogen camera: Fixed flash icon color
    • Added Google contacts app
    • Fixed some systemUI icons
    • Improved systemUI

    Thirty-fifth version:
    • Thirty-fifth release (20160307)
    • Supersu: Fixed black text on black background
    • Cyanogen camera: Fixed flash icon color
    • Added Google contacts app
    • Recents apps: I hope to have fixed this issue.

    Thirty-fourth version:
    • Thirty-fourth release (20160305)
    • Fixed notifications

    Thirty-third version:
    • Thirty-third release (20160304)
    • Improved systemUI icons (vectorial pictures) - to be continue
    • Improved Gmail
    • Hope to fixe this issue
    • Changed the wallpaper

    Thirty-second version:
    • Thirty-second releases (20160227)
    • Improved systemUI icons (vectorial pictures) - to be continue
    • SystemUI icons better
    • SystemUI icons more ligther
    • Fixed "QS live dipsplay disable" icon
    • Fixed a Gmail fC when we opens a received mail since the lockscreen

    Thirty-first version:
    • Thirty-first releases (20160222)
    • Improved systemUI icons (vectorial pictures) - to be continue

    Thirtieth version:
    • Thirtieth releases (20160214)
    • Improved systemUI icons (vectorial pictures)
    • Improved Hangout
    Twenty-nineth version:
    • Twenty-nineth releases (20160205)
    • Improved settings icons (vectorial pictures)

    Twenty-eighth version:
    • Twenty-eighth releases (20160201)
    • Improved Google settings
    • Added Cyangen camera app

    Twenty-seventh version:
    • Twenty-seventh releases (20160129)
    • Improved Android system
    • Improved Settings
    • Improved systemUI
    • Added Omniswitch app
    • And few other modifications

    Twenty-sixth version:
    • Twenty-sixth releases (20160118)
    • New appearance in Settings
    • Some other arrangements

    Twenty-fifth version:
    • Twenty-fifth release (20160110)
    • Improved Settings app for Bliss rom
    • Improved Hangout app

    Twenty-fourth version:
    • Twenty-fourth release (20151230)
    • Updated framework for CM13
    • Updated Settings for CM13
    • Updated systemUI for CM13
    • Updated PlayStore for CM13
    • Added com.android.providers.media for Settings in CM13
    • Added com.google.android.packageinstaller for Settings in CM13
    • Added com.android.messaging (MMS app) for Settings in CM13
    • Few modifications here and there
    Twenty-third version:
    • Twenty-third release (20151014)
    • Back in black
    • Added stock keyboard
    • Added Google keyboard
    Twenty-second version:
    • Twenty-second release (20151012)
    • Blue Orchid
    • Fixed wallpaper
    • Fixed lockscreen walpaper
    Twenty-first version:
    • Twenty-first release (20151011)
    • Paint it black
    • Changed Bliss logo in updates
    • Added customized header in systemUI (Notifications panel)
    • Reduced the app size like promise

    Twentieth version:
    • Twentieth release (20151004)
    • The day after tomorrow
    • Some improvements here and there
    • Each theme has its own images (logo - wallpaper)
    • New bootanimation
    • New system boot logo (for BlissPop rom)
    • New BlissPop logo
    Nineteenth version:
    • Nineteenth release (20151003)
    • Resurrection
    • Compatible with BlissPop rom
    • This is now a slim version
    Eighteenth version:
    • Eighteenth and final release (20150728)
    • Fixed Nova Launcher Prime settings

    Seventeenth version:
    • Seventeenth release (20150727)
    • Few optimizations in Hangouts app
    • New design in settings app
    • New design in Theme Chooser app
    • New design in WhatsApp app

    Sixteenth version:
    • Sixteenth release (20150726-2)
    • Removed DeskClock app, created a big issue in certain roms (uninstall the theme)

    Fifteenth version:
    • Fifteenth release (20150726)
    • Fixed YouTube popup (black text on black background)

    Fourteenth version:
    • Fourteenth release (20150719)
    • Added Inbox app

    Thirteenth version:
    • Thirteenth release (20150703)
    • Added Google Play Games
    • Added a new system animation
    • Improved a display amelioration in certains menus like in resolver list

    Twelth version:
    • Twelth release (20150630)
    • Added Google Play Service
    • Added CM OTA updates

    Eleventh version:
    • Eleventh release (20150625)
    • Some Finalizations in the PlayStore

    Tenth version:
    • Tenth release (20150624)
    • Fixed some display issues in the PlayStore
    • Added STweaks app, like the app has its own theme, you should choose "Dark Theme' in its settings.
    • on the PlayStore only SOON
    • Uninstall the previous, they haven't the same name.
    • The app on the Play Store will always updated correctly.

    Ninth version:
    • Nineth release (20150610)
    • Fixed background of displaying in Widgets menu (Nova)
    • Added a new system animation
    • Another minor fix

    Eighth version:
    • Eighth release (20150605)
    • Fixed new icons in Settings apk
    • New navbar icons
    • New statusbar icons
    • Few animations in statusbar
    • I hope more forthcoming...

    Seventh version:
    • Seventh release (20150531)
    • Fixed displaying in Nova settings (Material version)
    • Fixed displaying in Settings/Language & Input/Android Keyboard settings
    • Fixed displaying in Settings/Language & Input/Google voice typing
    • Fixed displaying in settings of Google app
    • Added themed Email app

    Sixth version:
    • Sixth release (20150515)
    • Modified the panel of systemUI
    • A funny effect on the status bar!
    • Fixed a displaying issue in Nova settings
    • Improved the main title in "Settings" app
    • Improved the displaying in the first page of messenger app

    Fifth version:
    • Fifth release (20150510)
    • Modified few icons that I disliked.
    • Fixed composed message in MMS app
    • The glow effect with the theme color into navbar
    • Fixed a displaying issue in Apex settings
    • Reducing App of nearly 3 Mo
    Fourth version:
    • Fourth release (20150501)
    • Changes of icons in:
      • android system
        • Power menu
        • Buttons
        • others
      • settings
        • All menus
        • Buttons
      • systemUI
        • navbar
        • others
    • Bootanimation fixed by side
    Third version:
    • Release of 20150427
    • Fixed systemUI (icons color)
    • Whatsapp's bar (made by side)
    • Wallpaper fixed. (made by side)
    • New icons (made by side)
    • Fixed the noisy background of trebuchet (made by side)
    • Remove light green effect from bootanimation(although it flashes for some reason.will fix it soon) (made by side)

    Second version:
    • Release of 20150416
    • Fixed Dialer FC

    First version:
    • First release here.
    Update of theme!

    Changes (in the latest):
    • Twenty-eighth release (20150411)
    • Back to the old icons systemUI
    • Fixed Nova Launcher app.
    • Fixed QS tiles in Settings app.
    • Fixed Gmail app background.
    • Fixed a displaying issue in the settings of Google messenger app.
    • Introduced a folder of Commons colors(more easy to create another theme).
    Like promise...
    A glimpse of how could be the Black & Orange Theme!;)
    In the next:
    • Revert to a color that goes with all menus - there were still few bugs with that(e.g: Twitter).
    • Fixed a displaying issue minor in mobile networks of Settings.
    • Reduced the app size (for the moment, 18,4 Mo against almost 22 now, I still hope better :silly: ).