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Jul 15, 2016
Hello :) after installing the micro gapps everything is working fine but 2 small things
- IR
- and I can not see missed calls either as notifications

so im not alone. Same here with missed calls.
Seems i have to wait for an update. Hope its fixed then.

Which carrier do you use?



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May 4, 2015
Love your name... Hilarious movie.

Anyways : xPosed also provides an uninstaller.
Download it.
Reboot into recovery.
Connect your phone to your computer.
Transfer the file from your computer to your phone.
Flash the .zip from the recovery.

Should be done.

Thx :) i froze this app who fc and xposed works :) i uninstall it and i install the Unofficial Systemless Xposed Framework and now works :)

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Dec 18, 2012
how is this ROM working for everyone? battery life good? Is there any issues other than the IR and notification for missed call issue that people have mentioned? I am very tempted to order this phone as the price is great. However, I see the OP has not been updated since June... are there any updates for this?
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May 4, 2015
i have zero problems with this rom :) IR dont function this is all by me. It can be different by other users. This Phone is amazing you can flash orginal based custom rom like Teamspain or Cuoco rom.

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Dec 3, 2009
I saw some forum mentioned that you have other port ROM for Max2 such as H2OS, MoKee, and MIUI. Do you have any plan to release in this forum?


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Apr 8, 2012
I finished uploading to mega

MIUI 8!QlpynThA!I8hMjv7BCYwkD6G4_pp5bllhJ0ZzAG_HUtDJUzh_3Cs

While the ROM works perfectly, I could not get VoLTE to work correctly. The behaviour is same as 16s Chinese or 15s Indian ROMs.
We need 16s Indian ROM as base so that everyone everywhere can enjoy it.

Back to rooted Indian 16s. The only true ROM which is not only stable but has no calling, VoLTE, GPS, fingerprint problems.
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Jul 11, 2011
But without a baidu account i cant download the files that very bad is there a way to get these files anyways?


After i downloaded the Software i logged in with my weibo now i can dowload it thanks ffboy

How did you solve it? I can't even register at baidu.
Please make a small tutorial. :)


Jul 15, 2016
How did you solve it? I can't even register at baidu.
Please make a small tutorial. :)


Step 1 : Make a Weibo account here :
you need a valid phone number. I live in germany and for me it worked very fast to get sms.

Step 2: Download BaiduYunGuanjia_5.4.9 i uploaded it to mega :!QF8VgJYS!wvloqYob_hIEDQPHunlDub_v0mBo9F3o6bJfPAXSHHE
but you can get it if you have a link to an uploaded file you can dowload it directly there.

Step 3 : install that programm and log in with weibo

You finished now you can download the links from ffboys post above.

It took many time for me to work :D.

I downloaded every single file from his post i also can upload it to mega if someone wants.

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    Hi all.
    I´m proud to present our CM13 LeMaX 2 TeaMSpaiN RevolutioN, first Custom ROM with CM13 based, thanks to Parasite_Remix, Gaseoso and myself.
    This is chinese based off, with gapps integrated, multilanguage, rooted and modified script to install sucessfully.
    You must be TWRP 3.0.2, if you don´t go to my blog and download it and install,
    All working: IR, Fingerprint, Slow motion, 4K recording... it´s good ¡¡¡¡
    Enjoy ¡¡¡
    All sources are from chinese web forum, and author I think are All merits are yours, @ffboy2009. Your XDA profile I don´t know till today.
    Sorry all for disturb, there are hundrends of chinese webs very difficult to identify, and my weak english don´t help to explain me.
    We only decompiled ROM, pre-rooted, insert Gapps and erase all chinese apps that don´t use in Europe. And modify updater-scripy to easier installation.
    I would try contact you via weibo, but in Spain it´s almost impossible participed in chinese forum. All closed for us. We only want distribution CM13 ROM for all users and all users can enjoy it. Sorry again.
    链接: 密码: 6159
    CM13.0.1 0807版更新记录/change log of cm13 20160807:
    1、采用官方16s为底层,主要更新了指纹算法。/based on chinese 16s version, it improves fingerprint
    2、添加了界面模糊(Blur)/added screen blur
    3、同步CM13最新代码 / synced latest cm13 source code
    4、优化耗电发热/ reduce battery consumer and heat
    5、next update i will disable wordphone mode tu see if Volte can work or not
    6、this version can not show incoming phone number on China Telecom,chinese guy do not use this
    7、as i tested,quick charge can work fine
    Hello partners.
    I'm finishing a new version of CM13 with all updated to S19.

    I'm doing the last tests that everything is functional.

    I still have problems with slow motion, I think it's something of permits or simply a lib that escapes me and not let run correctly.

    CM13 is updated to the last version of the 29th of September.
    Everything is working perfectly.
    fingerprint, Sound, wiffi, BT etc etc ...

    I want to do some last tests with the IRDA.

    I will keep you informed.
    A greeting!
    plz show some respect to my work on cm13 of le max2
    the cm13 is original published on my weibo
    The pure cm13 has bugs
    1.cdma netwrok wont show incoming phone number
    2.some noise in phone call with speaker out.and dobly not working,still need working
    3.IR not working pic size can not show 21mp
    5.some problems on led
    链接: 密码: 9pvi。
    baidu is giving "Address not recognized" error
    We cannot even register for baidu. They require Chinese mobile number.

    Can you please upload the rom to

    Here is, my friend:!d1QHlS5Y!zGxRnkK7DM21BzzDeVqp2NINuFanGGgf6UT2nYIr04I