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CM13 no sim card, Stock works fine + TIP Ringplus free 3GB LTE

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Senior Member
Feb 13, 2012
Hi, I decided to breathe some new life into my nexus 5 that was just sitting around. I found out that our device is compatible with the ringplus network. Free 3gb lte, 3k texts and minutes, so now I have a backup phone I leave in my car simply for tethering or the occasional calling and text.

Anyways it works great on stock, but I also use my nexus 5 to flash various roms, and I have my heart settled on Cm13 Temasek CAF by mohican. Its a great rom and I love to use it, but after flashing cm13 I completely lost connection. I figured it was an apn issue or something,and after spending hours trying to troubleshoot it and trying various ringplus zips I found on the net (like the mvnoslayer zip in another xda thread) my phone refuses to detect the simcard.

Weird right?

I flashed back to stock and instantly locked onto a strong lte signal. But stock is... stock. Is there anyone out there with more knowledge that knows how to fix this? Im guessing cm13 doesnt support ringplus, is there anything I can do? It has to be a software issue, and if it works fine on stock, maybe there is a way I can backup my entire network configuration (if possible?) and restore it on cm13?