CM13 with STOCK CM13 Kernel somehow bypasses my carrier's Data Throttling...

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Jul 12, 2016
Hello XDA!

As the title suggests, I have an S5 running CM13 with the CM13 kernel. My carrier, Orange Romania, has in the past offered "unlimited" LTE data that throttled over 10GB, for a very low price (~$13/month). I had this plan on a SIM in my S5, running CM12.1, and my carrier would send me an SMS message when I had used those 10GB and that my speeds would be throttled to 256kbps. And they did until I had upgraded to CM13. When I was on CM13, I could use 100GB+ of data without throttling or additional charges. I have also bought an S7, and my S7 DOES throttle to 256kbps.
Now, I have 2 hypotheses for this occurrence:
  1. CM13 for the S5 contains some magic code that bypasses throttling
  2. My carrier is really dumb and they throttle only on a specific LTE freqency and the CM13 kernel changes the logic of selecting the best LTE band (I've unlocked all LTE bands on the S5).
Do other people experience this? Is it maybe because of a corrupted SIM?