[CM7/MIUI Kernel][AUG21]CM7-ETaNa v2.6.32.59

What kernel you would see?

  • Stock with voodoo & updated star drivers

    Votes: 56 15.9%
  • Stock only with the oc

    Votes: 27 7.6%
  • Stock with voodoo, star drivers & oc

    Votes: 46 13.0%
  • Stock with the OTF

    Votes: 32 9.1%
  • Stock with the OTF & oc

    Votes: 31 8.8%
  • Stock with the OTF, voodoo, star drivers & oc

    Votes: 196 55.5%

  • Total voters
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Sep 8, 2012
It wont boot if u r on new bootloader....

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There is no gingerbread Rom for the New BL :sly:

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Im on old one

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Have you tried to reflash the Rom and kernel? And tried a fullwipe?

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Jul 14, 2010
Oh my god. I loved this Kernel. Search for symbi0sis Kernel. This one is great, too.
The best cm7 rom is stefans hybrid one. Search for it.

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Dec 29, 2011
Sorry for pushing :fingers-crossed:

but has anyone of you the latest or one of the latest kernel of him yet :D

I would like to thank you very much; D
i have dual boot ^^


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Nov 4, 2012
Cant find the latest etana kernel.. Sum1 could please tell me where is it or upload it? Thanks:)

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    Kernel 2.6.32.y (long term release)

    Based on the lge-kernel-star made by the CM team, with many cherry picked patches from the faux123, the vorkkernel upstream, the main lg streamline and another developer forum.

    Update 2012.08.21:

    • 5e9c876 Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP.
    • 3267866 tcp: Make undo_ssthresh arg to tcp_undo_cwr() a bool.
    • 764c1af tcp: avoid cwnd moderation in undo
    • c3905be tcp: fix RTT for quick packets in congestion control
    • c4a03ed tcp: undo_retrans counter fixes
    • e3a6932 TCP: fix a bug that triggers large number of TCP RST by mistake
    • b6023ed TCP: Fix setting of snd_ssthresh in tcp_mtu_probe_success
    • 9c6ccbd tcp: fix TSO FACK loss marking in tcp_mark_head_lost
    • 62fec35 lib/lzo: Update LZO compression to current upstream version
    • 11c4e7b lib/lzo: Rename lzo1x_decompress.c to lzo1x_decompress_safe.c
    • 66b6560 arm/crypto: Add optimized AES and SHA1 routines
    • b1d0d53 block/deadline: tweaked for better performance on android (cherry picked from commit f5910d6f7844f661d9189f9558efa316c9d24f32)
    • cc7f103 star_bl.c: restore to the v20q version to avoid auto brightness issues
    • 2c70638 Change compiler
    • 6ba1ec6 Update defconfig
    • 3fccb06 Update star battery charger driver
    • 902f7fc Add support for lite battery driver

    Older changelogs:

    Update 2012.07.24:
    • 8e4bfaf Update build flags
    • 95b328f Update LGE drivers
    • 9b594e5 Revert to the cm7 wireless driver
    • 35c27da Add Vibrator Control
    • def9bd9 Revert: JRCU
    • 1a46eaa Update defconfig
    • a61545e5 Revert to the original cm7 nvrm_dtt_degrees values
    • 2949611 Update scripts
    • 9e36f5f This should enable NOATIME and NODIRATIME as default. (cherry picked from commit cc36b5c61dad24f1e7d3f92b92079082bd053e17)
    • d4771e0 tegra: optimize udelay and msleep.
    • bbe6221 Add NvOs usleep, usleep_interupptible and msleep_interruptible calls. (cherry picked from commit 2f026c8fed6ca9af6b70b7f5d89207626366606e)
    • 6775cd3 timer: Added usleep[_range][_interruptible] timer
    • 007305c Stay a bit longer a clock (cherry picked from commit 554a6bfa61a890e5ec1df9f676438f8ce0d4fed2)
    • 938a02b Minor thermal adjust
    • 69f9b50 Optimize cpu1 handling
    • 87eac16 Increase SDRAM frequency a little
    • cc897f6 arch/arm/mach-tegra/cpuidle.c: revert race condition fix
    • 85bb3b3 Update star battery driver
    • 6e51045 Update defconfig
    • 520dab6 Fajarep backlight values
    • bb077d7 Revert "star powersupply/battery: code fix up from v21y source drop"
    • c710f7d Cleanup
    • b0baf40 Update defconfig
    • c21a0c9 Fix compilation error
    • 616333c Add predefined OC levels
    • b5743c0 Add OTF code
    • 9b15d4a Update defconfig
    • 965fe46 Update SIO scheduler
    • b371820 Fix compilation errors
    • 8ce1732 [HACK] copy the warmboot information to the original reserved_buffer area before shutdown
    • 08b8b2d star: clean up reboot code
    • 6ffc20d star: make the ram_console not depend on the carveout size
    • 6ef1775 Cleanup
    • 84bc652 fix build errors using gcc-4.7
    • 6fc777c Cleanup
    • b5e4325 Remove old OTF code
    • 7fb5018 sys_sync(): remove the use of sys_sync() to resolve lock up issues
    • 7be9425 mach-tegra: disable PLL before stopping DVFS Daemon (cherry picked from commit b21b93276b48faa0b7582398c25fab48042fd6dc)
    • 4d541cc star_bl: change polling from 2 to 3 seconds (cherry picked from commit f438f29d0702d13f6892c2ca24c35292555709fa)
    • 3329048 mach-tegra: replace msleep() calls with msleep_interruptible()
    • 7fd46a6 driver/star: general optimization by using msleep_interruptible calls
    • 4c61cc9 pmu/max8907: be nice to cpu and use msleep_interruptible for long waits (cherry picked from commit ac8af21373f44933d48ca56dd06a7f34d6ee26e9)
    • cfbd1a4 nvrm: fix nvrm_user SOD take 2 :p (cherry picked from commit c794377cf340c13f67e2fedef0752b14a8f90d4c)
    • a4c91f5 nvrm: fix nvrm_user compilation warnings (cherry picked from commit 3aada3f3032be246bc33af14ff9e77df088e004c)
    • 9be0a47 nvrm_user.c: Updates from the p990 v10e drop. Fixes BSOD while charging (cherry picked from commit 268dca72019806f5d0e504cbf62de3cdf4741921)
    • 12e69b1 tegra: cpufreq/nvrm: add screen off freq limiter and offlining of 2nd core
    • 7dbdb61 drivers/star/sensor: v21L code fix up (cherry picked from commit 6d8feb057df5f11f11e32e94e1448ddb4c70831e)
    • da825c2 OVERCLOCK: adjust voltage table and frequency table
    • cff4cb0 mach-tegra: cpufreq - add CPUFREQ table support
    • 2a54e27 kernel/power: suspend fix minor formatting issue (cherry picked from commit 416fef1e4ce8e766ac5d5fa4497bf434eef23559)
    • 4fbf8a4 ARM: use generic strnlen_user and strncpy_from_user functions
    • 91e2bbd kernel: Move REPEAT_BYTE definition into linux/kernel.h
    • 4946b9a lib: Fix generic strnlen_user for 32-bit big-endian machines
    • db88510 lib: add generic strnlen_user() function
    • 6f51e6e word-at-a-time: make the interfaces truly generic
    • 99db0a6 lib: Sparc's strncpy_from_user is generic enough, move under lib/
    • 259adad AP_SUSPEND_STATUS: code fix up from v21 source drop (cherry picked from commit 4bdbd0624ea8b2152c159bfe8ade886a9328071b)
    • 31bd7f4 video: tegra host nvhost syncpt fix up from v21 source drop (cherry picked from commit 00dc8e4b05582190bca085ad7335c99a9d7d6dde)
    • c06f5bd restart/watchdog: code fix up from v21 source drop (cherry picked from commit 1e3fe14a98cad98666c6120182d1da90c4083806)
    • c35daee star powersupply/battery: code fix up from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit 8e4d03e5c727200c3fab8b6ff83c8acd18642f39)
    • 04b22a7 sys_sync: fix sys_sync lock up issue from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit d6f63471b4acd822414a5e73e867f363add16ae6)
    • 3b1b40c mmc/host: Check SDIO clock for Wi-Fi from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit c6a1205e20e97d70d0869dbbd7029baf1e1b787b)
    • 306d670 star/headset_det: add wakelock for headset_det from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit 97440abda1dad90efebdd7dac85285abc0e78e3a)
    • fef794d start_bl: change polling time from 1 sec to 2 sec from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit 74512acf4f02c0e2049cc0839f0ce90455dbf479)
    • db4d3b5 mach-tegra/suspend: AVP suspend code fixup from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit 4fed337131ad1f57854d1a84f9e88b420158264d)
    • 3934ae7 tegra2 clocks: APB peripheral clock fixup from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit dde3a126cafe81911d4326ca82a3e557714a8583)
    • f206422 board-nvodm: hynix memory patch from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit 661da28ba2fba1c908849089303c717bc3ac7660)
    • 7e7ca2f serial: tegra_hsuart - increase from 2k*8 to 2k*16 from v21y source drop (cherry picked from commit f6a8abe19956833dabfff3f99cc31502428a5150)
    • 8604e8d video: tegra-fb disable addr change via sysfs interface
    • a92fa6f kernel/printk: disable console_suspend_enabled from v21y source (cherry picked from commit f6b23dd121f152c1330b589fc801711ff97a4c08)
    • 2119065 wifi: add wifi code fixup from v21y GB source release (cherry picked from commit 71def7390e2488abe71ef980d2832ed2fa34a147)
    • c57c2ef Revert "ARM: vfp: flush thread hwstate before restoring context from sigframe"
    • 8854501 net/filter: SKF_AD_RXHASH filter is not supported by LGE implementation (cherry picked from commit 1e337d3517d05783eb3e1d9b36ac44b8ffe6ce02)
    • e85ca49 ARM/NET/BPF JIT: disable BPF_S_ANC_PROTOCOL for .32 kernel
    • e0740f0 net: filter: move forward declarations to avoid compile warnings
    • aba2429 net: filter: Just In Time compiler for x86-64
    • a4b752e filter: constify sk_run_filter()
    • 55b0e64 filter: add SKF_AD_RXHASH and SKF_AD_CPU
    • c798a73 filter: optimize sk_run_filter
    • 0ee5c7e net: move definitions of BPF_S_
    • to net/core/filter.c
    • 983b499 net: optimize Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) processing
    • 7f46b75 net: Socket filter ancilliary data access for skb->dev->type
    • f8d29e8 filter: Add SKF_AD_QUEUE instruction
    • 74c0f02 pkt_sched: ingress socket filter by mark
    • 53fe5e3 Revert "nohz: Remove ts->inidle checks before restarting the tick"
    • 0a76403 lib: introduce common method to convert hex digits
    • 57f1099 ARM: 5889/1: Add atomic64 routines for ARMv6k and above.
    • 52d09c3 (temp) Update build scripts

    Update 2012.04.02:
    • Various minor bugfix and cleanup
    • Improve Lite battery driver
    • Revert back to the original CM7 wifi driver (i prefer the stability)
    • OTF cleanup and minor adjustment
    • Fix ext2/3 fs mount issue on some devices (link2sd, move2sd, etc.. is working fine now)
    • Compiled with Linaro gcc 4.5

    Update 2012.03.28
    - Request: Built in NFS client support, NTFS filesystem module
    - Request: Full IP6tables support
    - Request: davfs2 native kernel support (you need a webdav client to use it!)
    - Disable battery life extender (its not needed on our device)

    Update 2012.03.27
    - Minor ramhack fix
    - Various kernel updates backported from 2.6.34.x (all safe)
    - EXT4 kernel module updated, using ext4 module for ext2/3 filesystem too.
    - Improved sound quality (c) Spica
    - Updated SIO IO scheduler to the latest version (2012)
    - Less debug in kernel, less flood in logcat
    - ACPI backported from kernel 2.6.34.x (chance to help avoid the remain BSOD)
    - Removed beats audio (its just a hoax/placebo, not working)

    Update 2012.03.20
    - Minor fix, what can be possible help to avoid charging BSOD
    - etana.conf now supported predefined ramhack size: ramhack=value (example: ramhack=48) only accept 32,48,64,80,96 example file

    Update 2012.03.19
    - Updated to OTF toolkit final, changelog found in here
    - Linux updated to
    - Fixed cpu second core activation bug
    - Introduce Lite battery driver, provide a good battery life without the funky readings issue.

    Update 2012.03.11
    - Add Ramhack OTF support

    Update 2012.03.08
    - Kernel is updated to
    - AVP freq can be adjusted with the OTF (HP kernel tweaker app cant be handle this, until i dont get the sources of that app) its can be controlled via this file: /data/spica/avpfreq (example: echo 240000 > /data/spica/avpfreq), or with the Etana tweaker app. AVP freq auto adjusted with the powersave levels and the nitro.
    - GPU freq max limit extended to 400000 (HP kernel tweaker app can be adjust to max 350000, i need thoose sources to extend to 400000) GPU freq also auto adjusted with the powersave levels and the nitro.
    - Battery lifetime extender support. Its an automatized softare mechanism, what can be prevent the battery overcharge. It will be handy if you have cheap/refactored battery/charger. Its not mean the battery charge hold up longer, its extend the battery lifetime.
    - Default IO scheduler is changed to SIO
    - Default LMK level is changed to optimum
    - CPU overvolt by default for the better stability (the minimum undervolt levels intact)
    - Kernel is compiled with the Linaro 4.5.3 compiler (thx Spica for the tip). its gave as a better compatibility/stability.

    Update 2012.03.05
    - Fix every powersave and nitro options issues

    Update 2012.03.02
    - Full support for Spica OTF
    - Optional Beats Audio mod, disabled by default, only installed if you change the installer config file (etana.conf)

    Update 2012.02.29
    - Fixed endcall BSOD (i hope)
    - BCM4329: disabled Fast sleep mode (this can be caused previously the wifi issue)

    Updates 2012.02.27
    - Separated build for the max overclock 1216Mhz and the 1408Mhz
    - Separated build for the DebauchedSloth (aka DS) battery driver. This provide a much better battery life however produce funky battery readings
    - The tweak init script now support Dalvik-Cache garbage clean and SQLite database defrag at boot
    - Powersaver 3G settings thx for Zeppelinrox, this can be adjustable in the future versions via the new kernel install file (etana.conf)
    - Separated config file for the kernel installer, place it in the root of the sdcard, comment in/out any line what is needed or unneded (called etana.conf)
    - The init script auto handle the different overclock profiles, just set the voltage levels in the tweakaio.conf like before, all frequency defined, however not all used, based on the OC profile

    Updates 2012.02.22
    - terminal crash problem fixed
    - v20q logging method in ts0710 driver
    - Use the v20q MUIC driver
    - Remove 1408Mhz, add back 655Mhz, powersave is more important
    - Merge some part of the swiftextreme kernel
    - Add support for the timer slack cgroup
    - Fix build flags what is possibly broken some apps (droidwall working again)

    Updates 2012.02.20
    - Add support for allow mmapped anonymous memory to be uninitialized
    - net: wireless: bcm4329: Prevent working thread to run during suspend
    - If user space is waiting for a syncpt value higher than max, nvhost_wait_timeout() panics the kernel. This panic is based on the assumption that nobody should wait for sync points higher than indicated by a submit from user space.
    - arm: tegra: power: fix LP2 scheduling in atomic
    - cpufreq: stats: snap freq to next lower freq when not in table
    - net: ppp: Reduce GFP_ATOMIC memory usage
    - arm: tegra: power: fix lp0 resume failure
    - ARM: improve compilers ability to optimize page tables
    - Replace CPU step 389Mhz with 324Mhz, and adjust a voltages a bit

    Updates 2012.02.18
    - Fix compass delay problem
    - Revert back to the CM7 touch screen driver (ICS driver dont work well)
    - Revert some buggy v20q patch

    Updates 2012.02.17.
    - Using Fajarep (thx for him!) values in the backlight levels and the cpu1 activation threshold from the swiftextreme kernel for more powersave
    - Kernel is compiled with O3 optimization flags
    - Adjust some values for better stability
    - Tweak init script now support the CPU undervolt, you can adjust the CPU voltages in the tweakaio.conf file

    Updates 2012.02.16.
    - Reboot is now working with every ramhack, fix merged from the CM9 kernel
    - Wireless: Use low power mode PM_FAST instead of PM_MAX. A bit higher power consumption, but increases stability of wireless connection.
    - Merge some patch from the ICS kernel (only what is not interfered with the android 2.3.x)
    - Bash installer support, no need to install bash manually

    Updates 2012.02.15.
    - Add back ramzswap module, used zram as default
    - Follow the main 2.6.32.y kernel source
    - Kernel updated to
    - Revert lowering EMC voltage for safety reason
    - wireless :bcm4329: disable sdio interrupts before wifi reset to avoid supurious client interrupt during stop process
    - Tweak init script and parameters are separated, no need to modify the main tweak init script.

    Updates 2012.02.13.
    - Fix cache cleaning process, now work with TouchCWM too
    - Lowering GPU freq and EMC voltage
    - Adjust the second core management a bit
    - Readd import dvs updates for SPI, merged from v20q (confirmed work, thx for Eungbo)
    - tegra pinmux: reduce logging
    - cpuidle: add missing race condition fix
    - Supress spi_register_board_info error logging
    - ts0710: cleanup and logging fix
    - star_powerkey: fix LP1 powerkey skip issue
    - cpwatcher: reduce logging noise
    - Follow the main CM7 changes

    Updates 2012.02.08.
    - CPUfreq driver add SMP support
    - Fix invalid GPIO configuration, ported from v20q
    - Tegra watchdog patch, ported from the v20q
    - Nividia patch for SurfaceFlinger patch from v20q
    - APB bus support, ported from v20q
    - Adjust AVP/GPU/SDRAM freq
    - Revert tegra: Import dvs updates for SPI from p999s v21e (its not good for our O2X)
    - Revert nvrm_user.c: Updates from the p990 v10e drop called: Charging BSOD fix (not work)
    - reduce logging noise
    - Battery friendly cpu1 management (sysctl management of the second core soon)
    - Voltage adjustment (hopefully the last)

    Updates 2012.02.06.
    - Follow faux123 git
    - Using the old wifi driver
    - 389Mhz available again
    - Little voltage/core adjustment
    - TouchLED brightness maximum value lowered to 200
    - Adjust AVP/GPU/SDRAM freq

    Updates 2012.02.04.
    - Fix issue: CM7 cpu settings menu not working
    - Adjust CPU1 management a little
    - Using the v20q wifi driver
    - Optimize the kernel installer, now the text is fit in the new touch CWM

    Updates 2012.02.03.
    - #3: Fix issue: screen brightness is reset to default level after a screen unlock
    - #2: Remove bravia engine from the installer (wait for the proper Gallery3D apk by owain)
    - #2: Merge updates from the v20q kernel
    - #2: Follow CM7 changes
    - New Freq/Voltage table for the CPU (double check setcpu/cpumaster/etc. profiles!)
    - Adjust second core management
    - Updated battery charger driver
    - Default low voltage is 780mV, max is 1250mV

    Updates 2012.01.30.
    - Non star drivers pulled from the cm7
    - Updated PowerKey and BackLight driver from the v20o
    - New Freq/Voltage table for the CPU
    - Adjust CPU dedicated low level voltage corner to 770mV
    - Default low voltage is 790mV, max is 1250mV
    - Disabling autogroup scheduler (its not necessary for our phones)

    Updates 2012.01.27.
    - Take close to the CM7, add new patch sets from the v20l-v20o_beta
    - Readd memory compaction and auto group scheduler
    - Lowest voltage is 790mV, highest is 1200mV

    updates 2012.01.23.
    - Fix Issue: Brightness level force changed back to the default level after a screen lock/unlcok.

    updates 2012.01.22.
    - Updated almost everything from the LGE v20l kernel, including tegra specific files, star drivers, and more..
    - Updated Broadcom Wireless driver, ported from the SU660 kernel
    - Using the default LGE output voltages (try to avoid any BSOD out)

    updates 2012.01.18.
    - initramfs: revert to the old compression method
    - compcache disabled by default (you can enable in the /system/etc/init.d/90tweakaio file changing COMPCACHE="off" to COMPCACHE="on") please make sure that you are disable the compcache option in the cm performance menu, in that case zram module dont even load.

    updates 2012.01.17.
    - f71989e207: PM / Sleep: Fix race between CPU hotplug and freezer
    - 9741d973f8: firmware: Fix an oops on reading fw_priv->fw in sysfs loading file
    - aef3cb6ca5: offb: Fix setting of the pseudo-palette for >8bpp
    - 0a3a07f15b: offb: Fix bug in calculating requested vram size
    - 358e307557: asix: new device id
    - 12e758904f: reiserfs: Fix quota mount option parsing
    - 77915669ba: reiserfs: Force inode evictions before umount to avoid crash
    - 7c78b92eec: USB: update documentation for usbmon
    - 151053ab5e: drivers/usb/class/cdc-acm.c: clear dangling pointer
    - e8afc51e81: USB: isight: fix kernel bug when loading firmware
    - 3e830aefda: usb: usb-storage doesn't support dynamic id currently, the patch disabled this
    - 94385b3ed4: USB: add quirk for another camer
    - 0630cde299: USB: omninet: fix write_room
    - 276e8d0584: USB: Add USB-ID for Multiplex RC serial adapter to cp210x.c
    - 3bb5811b0b: asix: fix infinite loop in rx_fixup()
    - f71989e207: PM / Sleep: Fix race between CPU hotplug and freezer
    - f09bb6a7bf: SCSI: scsi_dh: check queuedata pointer before proceeding further
    - 9ee3e4ab17: xfs: validate acl count
    - 3c7af5a9c7: xfs: fix acl count validation in xfs_acl_from_disk()
    - f2ab2a127d: Update Linux version to
    - Update zram driver and compiled as module (backporting from the kernel 3.x)
    - Update gyroscope driver (ported from the LG streamline) (better sample rate) (if you playing with racer game a lot, you will be pleased with this :) )
    - Update AIO tweak file, compcache part logged to a new log file (if you have problem with the compcache, send me the /cache/compcache.log file)

    updates 2012.01.13.
    - Revert zcache/cleancache to avoid compatibility problem
    - Remove the old ramzswap, used zram instead
    - Fix voltage levels that not jump more than 100mV

    updates 2012.01.12.
    - Fix LGE board definitions (avoid boot problems on some devices)
    - Minor voltage adjustment
    - Revert ISL29018 regulator patch (its not working fine)
    - Retry page fault when blocking on disk transfer patch

    updates before 2012.01.12.
    - modify some parameters, try to avoid conflict with other kernel developers (...)
    - Update BFQ IO Scheduler to v3r1 and set to the default IO Scheduler
    - Enable the group IO scheduling and optimized for high io workload (ported from the SU660 kernel)
    - Update SIO IO Scheduler
    - Add V/r IO Scheduler
    - Update ZRAM staging driver
    - Zcache/Cleancache backporting from kernel v3.x
    - Enable regulator for ISL29018
    - Update memory compaction (backported)
    - ARMio: fix namespace conflicts
    - improve SWP emulation enable (merged from the nv-tegra git)
    - Patch: nVidia SPI patch for the SPI transaction stability (merged from the nv-tegra git)
    - Fix bravia engine build.prop tweak, thx for hackworks!
    - Reduce compcache default size to 50Mb (because the zcache not needed higher)
    - Raise the force drop cache interval to 8 hour (because the zcache dropping cache manually not needed anymore, at least not so frequently)
    - build.prop tweak fine tune: merged some values from V6 supercharger (note: V6 supercharger use the vfs_cache_pressure higher than 100!)

    updates before 2012.01.11.

    - Kernel updated to
    - sched: fair sleepers for timer and interactive
    - ath9k: Fix kernel panic in AR2427 in AP mode
    - cfq-iosched: fix cfq_cic_link() race confition
    - hung_task: fix false positive during vfork
    - mmci: Fixup error handling for dma
    - MXC PWM: should active during DOZE_WAIT_DBG mode
    - SCSI: mpt2sas_scsih_smart_predicted_fault uses GFP_KERNEL in interrupt
    - fix: vfs_read_cache_page should use gfp argument rather than GFP_KERNEL
    - watchdog_hpwdt: Changes to handle NX secure bit in 32bit path
    - battery: minor fix: battery readings using a more precise calculation method

    updates before 2012.01.09.

    - revert force set the screen off freq
    - staging: added support for traditional ramzswap support
    - cpufreq: stats: Do not account for idle time when tracking time_in_state
    - crypto: SHA1 routine optimized to do word accesses rather than byte accesses, and to avoid unnecessary copies into the context array
    - crypto: added CRC32c support
    - lx6464es - fix device communication via command bus
    - hda/realtek - Fix Oops in alc_mux_select()
    - vlan: reset skb->vlan_tci field before reusing skb
    - mm/vmalloc: eliminate extra loop in pcpu_get_vm_areas error path
    - fix: export __get_user_pages_fast() function
    - cpu: fix chunk range calculation
    - timekeeping: add arch_offset hook to ktime_get functions
    - tick-broadcast: Stop active broadcast device when replacing it
    - PM / Suspend: Fix bug in suspend statistics update
    - lockdep: Print lock name in lockdep_init_error()
    - hugetlb: Replace BUG() with BUILD_BUG() for dummy definitions
    - patch: kernel.h: Add BUILD_BUG_ON_USED() macro
    - jbd/jbd2: validate sb->s_first in journal_get_superblock()
    - hfs: fix hfs_find_init() sb->ext_tree NULL ptr oops
    - eCryptfs: Extend array bounds for all filename chars
    - USB: usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Kingston DT 101 G2
    - usb: option: add SIMCom SIM5218" has been added to source tree
    - usb: ftdi_sio: add PID for Propox ISPcable III
    - USB: whci-hcd: fix endian conversion in qset_clear()
    - usb: added Motorola H24 HSPA module
    - staging: usbip: bugfix for deadlock
    - staging: comedi: fix oops for USB DAQ devices.
    - fix: SCSI: Silencing 'killing requests for dead queue'
    - fix: oprofile: Free potentially owned tasks in case of errors
    - fix: p54spi: Add missing spin_lock_init
    - fix: Generate correct i2c address sequence for 10-bit target
    - oprofile: Fix crash when unloading module (nmi timer mode)
    - Huge source cleanup
    - cpu: make a kconfig menu that predefine AVP Overclock Freq, 3D Overclock Freq, DDR2 SDRAM Freq im trying to avoid static definitions. Everything what is possible is calculated dynamically from this values. This give as a much better compatibility.
    - cpu: added support for cpu freq statistic polling
    - cpu: add minmax governor software emulation
    - cpu: added support for cpu screen off max freq (merged from SetiroN source)
    - version: kernel version changed to
    - cpu: added support for minimum number of ticks between polling interval for governors
    - cpu: added support for sampling rate multiplier for governors
    - block: fix default readahead size for small devices
    - added fix for the function setup_vpif_input_channel_mode() that used the VSCLKDIS register instead of VIDCLKCTL. This meant that when in HD mode videoport channel 0 used a different clock from channel 1.
    - crypto: added support for LZO compression/decompression
    - power: added support battery driver for batteries implemented using NVIDIA Tegra ODM kit PMU adaptation interface
    - added support: gpu can use overlapping system memory with some restriction, now is possible to build a special ramhack with increased total memory while the cpu is still can use maximum 128MB ram, if needed free up the system memory (refer to the carveout killer)
    - added support PL310 errata: no automatic Store Buffer drain. On revisions of the PL310 prior to r3p2, the Store Buffer does not automatically drain. This can cause normal, non-cacheable writes to be retained when the memory system is idle, leading to suboptimal I/O performance for drivers using coherent DMA. This option adds a write barrier to the cpu_idle loop so that, on systems with an outer cache, the store buffer is drained explicitly.
    - asm: Split trivial #if defined(__KERNEL__) && X conditionals to make automated
    disintegration easier.
    - power: redefine/optimize freq's and voltages based on the LG reference table (for better compatibility)
    - fix: improve charging bsod fix
    - every vorkkernel patch is already included
    - included some usefull patch from the swiftextreme kernel (almost nothing can be usefull its sad that fajarep leave this community, but thanks for him his great work!)
    - blockio: added SIO scheduler, updated BFQ scheduler
    - zram: improved zram staging driver, fix sparse warnings, default zram devices increased to two (one for the swapped space, the other is for free use). default size, num devices depends on a config option.
    - cifs: fix cifs stable patch cifs-fix-oplock-break-handling-try
    - input device: add multitouch input library, improve toch screen responsiveness
    - input: multitouch: Add hovering distance axis. The device now capable of contact hovering can use a special flag to indicate the distance between the contact and the surface.
    - added support for predefined carveout_size (for the ramhack) (credits to SetiroN for the idea!)
    - sched: Avoid unnecessary overflow in sched_clock
    - memory: work-around (a.k.a. hack) to prevent pages with __GFP_COMP being passed to split_page() which cannot handle them.
    - wm8994 audio driver: possible fix left and right speaker channel inbalance. boost left channel volume what is lower than the right channel
    - mmc: core: eMMC in Sleep mode before suspend
    - memory: Reclaim nvmap carveout by killing processes. Allow the system to reclaim carveout space by killing processes. This will kill the largest consumers of lowest priority first.

    Primary Download location (10Gbps, instant no wait): Click here (no need to wipe cache/dalvik)
    TweakAIO app (need to install once) (10Gbps, instant no wait): Click here
    NvRM Daemon CWM Installers (v10, v20f, v20q): Click here

    File name description:


    STOCK: Stock version, max speed: 1015Mhz
    LOC: Low overclock version,max speed: 1216Mhz
    HOC: High overclock version, max speed: 1408Mhz
    DS: DS battery driver
    [CM7/MIUI Kernel][KANG][JUN14]CM7-ETaNa v3.0.34

    Kernel 3.0.34 "stable" branch

    Based on wkpark sources, cherry picked updates from the official linux kernel github source, Code Aurora and Linaro sources

    I thank every developer who made their patches available to the public!

    I wanna say thank you the following persons!

    Spica1234 for the on the fly (aka OTF) pack. He is a great and dedicated developer, helping a lof about the OTF integration. Thank You bro! :)

    Culblueswan for the Etana config editor application. He is developing this app so fast, made it the config change userfriendly. Thank You! :)


    • The first boot may take while, its possible that after the second LG logo the screen will be black, DONT!! pull out the battery, just wait a few second, the bootanimation will be show soon. The second boot will be much more faster
    • Linux version 2.6.32.y is discontinued, only emergency bugfix will be available in the future
    • Touch CWM is incompatible with this kernel!! Use the normal CWM version! Its possible that the touch CWM cause the filesystem corruption and the r/w bug.
    • Latest SetCPU have a bug even with the 2.6.32 kernel sometimes (and the stock cm7 too), that the second core will be always active! Use the 2.2.4 version, its working fine.
    • Antutu CPU master 100% compatible with the kernel 3.0.y (have many profile and cpu1 deactivation is working fine)
    • Recommended using Antutu Battery Saver app
    • 3G eat the battery fast, its a weak point of the O2X. Use the Toggle2G app for switch back to 2G if the screen is off or the network is not used. This will help to save a LOT battery life

    Update 2012.06.17:
    • Linux kernel updated to 3.0.34
    • Disable ARCH power
    • Tweak CPU topology
    • Minor thermal adjustment
    • Minor voltage adjustment
    • Some small fix

    Update 2012.06.08:
    • Optimized build flags for the new toolchain
    • Kernel is compiled with Spica (c) supersonic toolchain, specially optimized for ARM devices
    • Enabled ARCH POWER
    • Updated ARM CPU topology code
    • sched: minor fix
    • FS: Backport dynamic writeback feature from 3.1
    • Small hotplug fix
    • Disabled frame pointer (this will increase performance)

    Update 2012.06.05_16h:
    • NEW: Fixed wrong SDRAM speed and voltage definitions
    • Linux Kernel updated to 3.0.33
    • Optimized build flags

    Update 2012.06.03:
    • CPU freq lowered to 1504Mhz max, 1552 not stable for everyone, 1504mhz enough for good
    • Revert CPU based alignment handling (cause random poweroff and bsod)

    Update 2012.06.03:
    • Max CPU speed increased to 1552Mhz (can be use in xoc mode)
    • SDRAM freq increased to 333Mhz
    • Kernel is compiled with CPU alignment support and updated build flags
    • USB mass storage speed issue fix
    • CPU1 control increase max threshold values
    • Set HZ to 250 and user HZ to 150

    Older changelogs:

    Update 2012.05.30:
    • Major voltage and stability fix.
    • Various code cleanup.

    Update 2012.05.28:
    • Fixed etana.conf parsing bug while the kernel install (its not depending on the endline character)
    • Minor Code Cleanup
    • New feature: Higher Min CPU freq (can be enabled in the etana app) use this if you have unexpected shutdown and/or bsod while the phone is sleep.

    Update 2012.05.27:
    • OC max speed increased to 1504Mhz. The predefined 'hoc' level max speed remain in 1408Mhz. 1504Mhz only can use in the custom settings.
    • Accepted freqs: 216000 312000 324000 456000 503000 608000 760000 816000 912000 1000000 1100000 1216000 1232000 1336000 1408000 1424000 1472000 1504000
    • Accepted voltages: 775-1325

    Update 2012.05.25:
    • Add sysfs like OC control, see Etana app and /system/etc/init.d/99overclock for detailed information. If you dont want to use custom freqs just select one of the OC levels in the etana app otherwise see the top of the 99overclock file.
    • AVP, VDE, GPU freq can be adjusted in the etana.conf (used only when the kernel installed!) or after that with the 'otf' script. follow the script on screen order
    • Minor bugfix, and adjustment

    Update 2012.05.23:
    • Fixed (hopefully) every bug

    Update 2012.05.22:
    • Updated to Linux Kernel 3.0.32
    • Fix touch screen lag
    • All wifi driver issue is fixed, including connection loss, battery drain, etc.
    • Fix a minor bug in the second core OTF code
    • Fix some incomplete tegra code
    • Cleanup tweakaio init script, remove some useless stuff
    • Adjust read ahead sizes for better io speed

    Update 2012.05.21:
    • Use the v20f nvrm_daemon binary, i tested all binary and this one is far the most stable and have great battery life
    • Minor voltage fixup
    • Minor OTF code cleanup
    • OTF: remove screen off max freq part, its malfunctions (use your favorit third party app)
    • Etana app: remove cpu undervolt (use your favorit third party app)

    Update 2012.05.16:
    • Light voltage adjustment
    • Minor bugfix

    Update 2012.05.15:
    • NEW: Kernel based protection for the sysfs values (in that case the init script missing or something)
    • NEW: Fixed busybox 1.20 incompatibility issue
    • New NITRO feature (immediately boost everything, override the current values. after disabled change back everything to the previous value. use: "echo 1 > /sys/class/misc/nitrocontrol/nitro" for enable or "echo 0 > /sys/class/misc/nitrocontrol/nitro" for disable) NITRO can be enabled permanently from the etana app, but its not recommended.
    • New Tweakaio factory reset option (see in the Etana editor app)
    • Readjust GPU, VDE, AVP and CPU1 threshold's
    • Use a new CPU freq/voltage table
    • Remove LPDDR2 and DDR2MIN from the OTF
    • Introduce the sysfs OTF
    • video: tegra host nvhost syncpt fix up from v21 source drop
    • star powersupply/battery: code fix up from v21y source drop
    • star/headset_det: add wakelock for headset_det from v21y source drop
    • mach-tegra/suspend: AVP suspend code fixup from v21y source drop
    • Fixup: tegra2 clocks: APB peripheral clock fixup from v21y source drop
    • video: tegra-fb disable addr change via sysfs interface
    • kernel/printk: disable console_suspend_enabled from v21y source

    Update 2012.05.12:
    • Fix Battery drain
    • Minor bugfix

    Update 2012.05.11:
    • Add Vibrator Control v1 by Benee (adjustable from the ETaNa app or realtime)
    • Force fast charge patch by Chad Froebel (see here)

    Update 2012.05.09:
    • Enable some netfilter option
    • ARM console flushed on restart
    • Enable resource counters
    • Re-Enable CPU ThumbEE extension support (it was temporary disabled)
    • Separate cpu sysfs removal process from the main table
    • Lowering EMC Core Voltage
    • Adjust default AVP freq
    • Revert sound quality patch

    Update 2012.05.07:
    • Fixed compatibility issues with some games (Draw something, Plants vs Zombies, etc..)
    • AdBlock hosts 2012-05-05
    • Remove sqlite patch (its a quite old binary and not faster like the original, so use the cm7 sqlite library instead)
    • tweakaio app moved to the system partition
    • TweakAIO init script: check the param and help file size, if its zero or not exsist then recreate
    • Many defconfig change
    • Linux kernel updated to 3.0.31
    • Anton Vorontsov's lowmemory killer patch set, backported from kernel 3.3.y
    • Adjust default VDE Freq
    • Added FSync Control version 1
    • lib: introduce some memory copy macros and functions
    • Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
    • Add the optimized crc32 algorithm
    Update 2012.05.06:
    • fix: the tweakaio.conf will be recreated at boot if doesn't exsist or have zero byte size
    • Increase KSM sleep millisecs
    • Adjusted build.prop tweaks
    • Battery overheat patch by wkpark (this can be help to avoid charging SOD's)
    • Wireless: PM_FAST for bcm4329 - from Myshkinbob of XDA
    • LGE: use v21y battery driver
    • Backported fixes from the LG p999 v21y kernel

    Update 2012.05.03:
    • Minor code cleanup
    • Updated ZRAM driver
    • Enabled Sched MultiCore Scheduler powersave mode
    • John Stultz ram console patch set
    • Switch to sysfs console
    • Disabled the framebuffer console (it useless in a headless device, and interfered with the sysfs console)
    • Various memory fix
    • Adjust voltages for better stability
    • sched: fix OOPS when build_sched_domains percpu allocation fails
    • Switch to SLAB allocator
    • Linux kernel is updated to 3.0.30

    Update 2012.04.27:
    • Revert SLQB allocator (it seems this caused the boot issues)

    Update 2012.04.26H14:flash this latest version if you have boot problem with the OC version, otherwise dont really need
    • Minor Cleanup
    • Disabled CPU Topology support (it might be cause "strange" issues)

    Update 2012.04.26:
    • Integrated morckx ext4 reinit script to the installer (its now fully automatic)
    • Adjust KSM values (c) Owain and add a new feature to the etana app (KSM enable/disable)
    • TweakAIO init script is now fully independent, at the first run "install/update" himself, if you have any custom value it wont be lost
    • CPU alignment patch (c) Spica (maybe this can be help to avoid the boot issues)

    Update 2012.04.25
    - Improved OTF battery protection support in the DS battery driver too
    - Adjust protected low virtual memory size for help to avoid kernel NULL pointer bugs
    - Catalin Marinas: Kmemleak patches (backported from kernel 3.3.y) see this link for the details (+20-30MB free memory)
    - Adjust PMEM allocator for better performance
    - Kernel HZ = User HZ which eliminates HZ USER_HZ conversions. Should slightly increase battery life without effecting performance
    - Enable ARM ThumbEE CPU feature (should give some minor JIT performance improvement)
    - Remove BPF_JIT (no need for kernel 3.0.y)

    Update 2012.04.24
    - Compiled with a brand new build server using the latest stable linaro gcc 4.5 (i hope its gonna be solve the boot hang)

    Update 2012.04.23-b1640
    - Kernel is build with Linaro GCC 4.5.4 and disabled ccache
    - Revert: EXT4 module use for EXT2/3 (it seems this cause problem on some case)

    Update 2012.04.23
    - Linux Kernel is updated to 3.0.29
    - Adjust the kernel for better powersave (better battery life)
    - Add VR io scheduler support (default is SIO)
    - Add back an updated SLQB allocator (its still the fastest)
    - Adjusted read ahead for optimal io performance
    - EXT4 module use for EXT2/3
    - Enable Kernel Samepage Merging (its the same like in the CM9)
    - Adjusted memory management

    Update 2012.04.18
    - Minor bugfix
    - Optimize for better battery life (hopefuly)
    - Compiled with latest linaro gcc 4.7.1 source 2012.04 (own build)

    Update 2012.04.17
    - Add google "snappy" compression support
    - Advance zram that can be use the snappy compressor (twice as fast like the lzo)
    - Adjust the kernel config for better performance
    - Optimize Cleancache/Zcache/Frontswap

    Update 2012.04.16
    - Backported frontswap from the kernel 3.3.y, and used together with cleancache
    - Enabled SMT (multicore) scheduler
    - Kernel is compiled in Thumb-2 mode (O2, hardfloat), using with gcc 4.7.1 (own build)

    Update 2012.04.15
    - Kernel updated to 3.0.28
    - Owain KSM values, provide better battery life
    - Ramhack changer script fixed, but make sure that you have root right before run the script (i suggest that use the script manager app)
    - Some source code cleanup

    Update 2012.04.12
    - OverClock version now available with undervolt support
    - More speed tweak for better speed and responsiveness
    - Use SLUB allocator by default
    - Better memory management

    Update 2012.04.11
    - Alternative ZRAM driver, what is can be working as a module
    - Disable cleancache, its just causing lag
    - Disable some debug features
    - Code cleanup, optimized build flags

    Update 2012.04.10
    - SU binary update only optional, put the 'update_su' row to the etana.conf if you want to update the su binary
    - Adjust ext4 module options, maybe it will fix the system r/w mount issue (im not sure)
    - Some minor config change for better stability
    - Still no OC, i cant get that part work for now

    Update 2012.04.09
    - MMC IO speed fix (wkpark patch)
    - Touch screen tweak
    - Optimized makeflags
    - Various speed tweak, system is more responsive even without the OC
    - Compiled with gcc 4.5.4 for better compatibily
    - Installer will find and check the su binary version, if outdated it will be replaced with the latest version (
    - TUN, nfs client is compiled to the kernel, cifs, ntfs, wireless as a module

    Update 2012.04.07
    - no overclock at the moment because it seems this caused the boot and the bsod problems
    - full otf and ramhack support
    - improved touch screen responsiveness, merged from the cm7 kernel
    - improved power management support, better battery life
    - many small fix..

    Update 2012.04.05
    - Kernel updated to 3.0.27
    - Assimilated the Lite driver to the Stock, only the DS driver left separated
    - All of the goods is integrated, ramhack, otf, oc/uv, tweakaio, etc...
    - Thx to imperticus for some source cleanup!

    Changing ramhack, avp, gpu, vde:
    start the terminal app then write:

    follow the on screen instructions then reboot

    Spica OTF tweaks realtime parameters can be adjusted via the official HP kernel tweaker app (found on the market). The boot time parameters can be adjusted from the Etana config editor app (included in the kernel installer).

    Spica OTF pack further information can be found in this forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1295486

    You can find any information what you need in there.

    Installer configuration file need to be place in the sdcard root. You can set what you need and the future version respect that file, so dont need to change anymore. Example: you can exclude that install the custom font.

    Note: The kernel installer just update your tweakaio config file with the cpu uv parameters, not overwrite, so if you have custom values you not loose them.

    The New parameter file location is: /data/tweakaio/tweakaio.conf
    Log files in: /data/tweakaio/tweakaio.log

    The installer script respect the parameter file in the future, so if you have some custom settings you will not loose this in a kernel update.

    Parameter file is optimized for the phone screen, it can editable with any text editor app or with the Etana kernel tweaker app.

    Kernel Features
    • Balanced AVP OC freq
    • Balanced 3D OC Freq
    • Balanced DDR OC Freq
    • Balanced Second Core Management (lag free)
    • Default CPU freq is 1015Mhz
    • Max CPU speed is 1216Mhz/1408Mhz depend on OC profile
    • Optional Compcache (disabled by default) (you can enable that by editing the /system/etc/init.d/90tweakaio file and change COMPCACHE="off" to COMPCACHE="on"
    • System logger is leave enabled by default (you can disable that by editing the /system/etc/init.d/90tweakaio file and change LOGGER="on" to LOGGER="off"

    Voltage adjustment
    • 216Mhz: Def: 790mV Min: 770mV
    • 324Mhz: Def: 830mV Min: 780mV
    • 503Mhz: Def: 880mV Min: 800mV
    • 655Mhz: Def: 900mV Min: 820mV
    • 816Mhz: Def: 930mV Min: 850mV
    • 1015Mhz: Def: 1030mV Min: 950mV
    • 1216Mhz: Def: 1200mV Min: 1150mV
    • 1408Mhz: Def: 1300mV Min: 1250mV

    Recommended CPU profiles for optimal performance
    • No1: In call: 216-456 or 324-456(*)
    • No2: Screen off: 216-324 or 324-324(*)
    • No3: Charging: 216-1408 or 324-1408(*)
    • No4: Battery <20%: 216-816 or 324-816(*)

    Note: (*) Use this if you're having a problematic phone (which doesn't like UV and has a lot of BSODs). The stock kernel doesn't use the 216Mhz setting, some hardware may not support this(!), so that's why I recommend to use 324Mhz as the minimum value if you have problems with 216Mhz.

    Primary Download location (10Gbps, instant no wait): Click here

    File name description:


    STOCK: stock freq steps, no overclock
    OC: overclock version
    DS: DS battery driver
    OTF: on the fly toolkit (c) Spica
    Long term (2.6.32.y branch) release updated:

    - Many cherry picked commit from faux repo's and some other developers (thx guys)
    - Massive improvement about the battery life (currently im on 1 day 20 hour uptime and still have 72% battery)
    - Wifi driver issues fixed (probably, but im not sure about this one. its working for me at least)
    - SOD/BSOD fixes
    - Tweakaio updated (just some minor cleanup)

    Possible issue:
    - wifi driver maybe still not perfect. currently im using almost the same like in the original cm7 kernel. please report is you have any issues with this

    ps: im solved my irl problem!

    Have a nice summer guys!
    with hard work im merging many useful patch from my 2.6.32 kernel and from the lg v20q kernel. plus clean up the overclock code.

    the result:

    -overclock finally working fine
    -phone seems faster, and more responsive than ever
    -im not experienced any bsod and any slowdown
    -extra: better memory management, much more free memory like in the 2.6.32

    im flashed the oc version to my phone, if im not experienced any major issue i will give you the cwm files.

    now heading to my bed :)

    updated the beta version, i found some of the bsod problem.
    compiled and optimized with linaro gcc 4.7.1
    details in the second op post

    try it guys.

    im going to vacation at monday so im unavailable for a week.

    until then, have a nice summer for everybody! :)