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[CM7] Neutrino ROM V2.9 ¦ V3.00b1 [24/02]

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Jan 26, 2010
Wrong wording perhaps. I meant more like, why even bother asking? Other recoveries such as TWRP often have compatibility issues, but CWM is like THE standard custom recovery as far as the Atrix is concerned. Of couse it can be used to flash pretty much any ROM packaged as a flashable ZIP.


Senior Member
Jan 28, 2010
Quick question.

When recording video everything is fine for about 20-30 secs and then it stops recording the image but i can still hear the audio...
This almost always happens when i record a longer (above 30 secs) video.

Has anyone else experienced this? :(

Still a great ROM :)

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    - Fast - Slick - Clean - Smooth - Lite - Efficient - Small -
    This ROM is based on the Latest Nightly (currently 20120812)
    But has many added optimizations.





    - Massive 54% cut in size
    CM7 + gapps = ~150mb uncompressed,
    Neutrino ROM = ~80mb uncompressed.

    Results in a much snappier, unsluggish and fast experience.

    - Beautiful theme
    Minimalistic styled theme, Slim Roboto fonts and bits of ICS, such as ICS animations, icons and ICS-styled settings..

    - MIUI camera
    MUCH higher quality camera with touch to focus.

    - PNG Optimized/Zipaligned
    Uses DarkyROM's fast zipalignment to increase RAM efficiency. All system .apk's are also PNG optimised to make .apks smaller.

    - Wi-Fi/3G tweaks
    Tweaked net buffer size and added network init.d scripts for faster 3g/Wi-Fi.

    - Increased Dalvik cache to 160m
    Increased efficiency with demanding apps and increases smoothness.

    - Reduced background processes
    Removed CMstats as well as unnecessary Google bloatware to increase snappiness and battery life.

    - Android 4.0 ICS Fuju Tweaks
    Results in ICS smoothness and responsiveness.

    - Touch response Tweaks
    Better sensitivity, greater precision when typing and overall smoother scrolling and performance.

    - SD Card tweaks
    Increases read/write speeds on microSD card.

    - Battery Tweaks
    Adjusted and added build.prop and init.d lines to increase battery efficiency.

    - Enabled Stagefreight
    Faster video streaming.

    - V6 Supercharged
    Tweak's OOM's, minfrees to improve RAM efficiency and make everything smoother.

    - FULL GPU rendering
    Uses ONLY GPU to FULLY render the UI, making everything much more smooth and fluid.

    - Ext4 w/o journaling
    Removes the journal from Ext4 which heavily increases I/O speeds and makes everything faster.

    - Kernel and Networking tweaks
    Improves kernel efficiency as well as faster Wi-Fi and data. Also contributes to much better overall efficiency and smoothness

    - qHD Keyboard
    Nice and large WP7 themed keyboard, made to fit qHD resolution.

    - I/O tweaks
    Improves database efficiency, and makes everything fell fast and smooth.


    Please read before downloading

    This is an enormously STRIPPED DOWN ROM. Many features YOU need may NOT be available in the base package. If there is any loss of functionality, you'll need to flash an ADDON by clicking the link below.

    Before you download, ensure your contacts are saved onto your SD card or memory card. Contact/calender sync is not included natively, you must flash the 'Sync addon.'

    This is a CM7 BASED ROM. So anything that doesn't work on CM7 like Webtop will NOT work on this ROM also. Please do not request non-CM7 features.
    Install Instructions:
    **Firstly make sure you have the latest RomRacer's recovery!!**
    Then choose to wipe using any one of the following two wiping methods:
    For clean wipe:
    Moto-fastboot -w, erase system/boot/preinstall, then install from INTERNAL .ZIP!

    For easy wipe:
    Go into recovery, and install from INTERNAL .ZIP!
    Wiping data may not be necessary with every update, but it's best to flash clean. However, if you regularly flash the updates, you'll most likely need to wipe data at some stage anyway.
    Make sure you flash the 'Lite gapps' in to get the barebone google apps.

    Then, after booting, click on script manager, navigate to /system/etc and run NitroCharger.sh as ROOT and at BOOT!
    It is also HIGHLY recommended to download the GPS Mod found in #2.
    Then you're done.
    Click here to download the ROM
    Click here to download addons

    Spread the awesomeness with this banner:

    And add which version you're using:


    Special thanks to
    Marko! - Dorian - Itdanno360 - Donators

    - knzo - Nitr8 - Phalanx7621 - DameonAndMeagan - krsofpetho - Nottach - Diviance - ForeverSupra - Darkyy - zeppelinrox - Faux123 - AndroidON - mike1986. - JFK - Jokersax11 - Pikachu01 - Beta testers - Atrix Dev Team - evilkal - razer(x) - xpolited - D.O.C - mweulink -

    - Jack'O (x2) - n4d3r - ar31791 - JFK - jjwatmyself - Chronicfathead (x2) - santzia - GCbard - jettrue - Devnant - doumworld -

    - J-man67 (x2) - ErnieDK - maajstor - sms2000 - supergen007 - jumpjet2k - celli123 - KCKitsune - chrismic1995 - Erebus671 -
    - xploited - garbageguy -

    A lot of free time and effort was put into making this ROM the best possible experience. This is my first ever ROM and attempt in developing. Please consider a small donation to help me continue developing by hitting the smiley below. Thanks!
    You can now donate for FREE!! :D

    Simply click an ad on the 'download ROM/addons' link above and I will receive Ad revenue!
    Albeit, not a lot, but every little counts! :)

    P.S. But don't go crazy, else all revenue may be lost!


      - Initial release
      - Based on Weekly #4.
      - Integrated 'Bravia Hack' for better colours
      - Included WP7 keyboard with adjustable key height
      - Tweaked scrolling cache in framework.jar for faster/smoother scrolling (thanks AndroidON!)
      - Increased media volume steps from 15 to 30
      - Polished the theming
      - Enabled stagefright for faster video streaming
      - Updated S95 init.d tweaks and removed ZRAM at boot
      - Included missing google framework to fix market bug
      - Removed more stuff
      - Rebased on Weekly #3 for more stability and to fix Wi-Fi issues
      - Added 3D build.prop tweaks
      - Added back 'font fallback' to fix square bug
      - Added back userdictionary.apk to fix dictionary FC's
      - Added GPS tweak (makes GPS MUCHHHH faster, see addons list)
      - Added build.prop line to fix incompatibility issues
      - Fixed CMparts brightness FC
      - Fixed dialing out delay issues
      - Fixed graphical glitches (like overscroll and other transparency issues)
      - Fixed calender widget issues
      - Edited media volume tweak
      - Edited 3G tweaks to fix data issues
      - Improved device sleeping
      - Improved autobrightness steps
      - Improved image qaulity throughout ROM (should show the Bravia Engine better)
      - Removed swappiness
      - Removed mirroring
      - Removed more useless stuff and made ROM even smaller :o
      - Pre-V6 supercharged
      - Theme polish
      - Super cool google search widget
      - Super cool centre Clock
      - Ext4 w/o journaling
      - Added custom S99perfect script for additional Ext4 tweaks
      - Reduced to 4 point multitouch with no 15 second (raindrop) delay (more stable)
      - Dalvik cache increase to 256m with heapgrowth limits
      - Integrated latest Ad blocking hosts
      - FULL GPU rendering
      - Integrated tweaks from zeppelinrox's kickass kernelizer:
        - Faster Wi-Fi and data due to networking tweaks
        - LOADS of new kernel tweaks
      - Pdroid compatible with included app
      - And more...
      - Based on Weekly #5
        - T9 dialer
        - Smoother 'swipe to remove' notifications
        - CM7.2 based
        - New lockscreen ring themes
        - Bugfixes (hopefully the sticking bug)
        - Plus more...
      - Removed 3G tweaks (was causing data issues)
      - Removed google apps (flash lite gapps from addons)
      - Tweaked SuperCharger.sh (added SD card tweak)
      - Fixed battery charging bug
      - Compressed framework-res.apk
      - Updated superuser
      - System apps individually decompiled, rethemed and compiled for 'cleanliness'
      - 8 point multitouch added (doubled from 4)
      - Tweaked full GPU rendering; UI is now FULLY rendered using GPU as first priority, and CPU rendering is TOTALLY removed
      - ROM even smaller! (49mb!)
      - Camera and Netflix/Youtube patch implemented.
      - Based on Weekly #6
        - LS mirroring!!
        - That's about it tbh...
      - Added custom scripts in /system/etc/mirroring for fast toggling between 'sound_from_phone' and 'sound_over_hdmi'
      - Decreased ROM size even more
      - Increased volume steps from 7 to 15, and media steps from 15 to 30
      - Updated networking/kernel tweaks in line with the latest 'KickAssKernalizer' update
      - Updated V6supercharger values in line with the latest 'V6supercharger' update
      - Integrated 'Raindrop fix'
      - Reverted back to 5 point multi-touch (more stable)
      - Added a bit of colour (should fix 'Gtalk grayscale')
      - Changed sleep mode in build.prop to fix battery issues
      - Changed 'max events per second' to 70 from 150 - no performance cost and possibility of better battery life
      - Edited LCD backlight brightness a tinge
      - Updated to latest PDroid
      - And more...
      - Based on Weekly #8
        - Lot's of bugfixes
        - ICS (smoother) scrolling
        - Automatic HDMI detection, so enables audio over HDMI automatically
        - Updated APN's
        - And more...
      - Even smaller! (48.8mb!)
      - Removed more junk
      - Fixed 'bluesleep' bug
      - Upgraded to latest Faux123 024r2 kernel
        - More efficient
        - Better battery life
        - Deadline I/O scheduler
      - Added qHD keyboard (from [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1483126"]here[/URL])
      - PNG optimized system .apk's (smaller size)
      - Edited kernel/networking tweaks
      - Increased RAM efficiency
      - Updated V6 Supercharger values to match latest release
      - Added I/O tweaks to 'SuperCharger.sh'
      - Updated SD card tweaks
      - Tweaked init.d scripts
        - Removed useless ones
        - Tweaked 'zipalign' script to work better and faster (only zipalign /data apps as /system apps are already zipaligned)
        - Tweaked 'defrag' script to work better and faster (updated sqlite3 in xbin)
        - Tweaked 'perfect' script to include more tweaks
        - Added 'S65priorities' to increase efficiency on background apps
      - Added cool new 'Neutrino' ringtone to fix 'looping' issue
      - Build.prop tweaks
        - Added new values
        - Decreased Dalvik cache for no performance loss + more /data space
        - Tweaked TCP buffers
        - Cleaned everything up so everything is nice and organised
      - Updated video by J-Roc! - Check #3 (V2.2 though)
      - Use's Jokersax11's host as a server for SUPER fast ROM download (Thanks a lot Jokersax11!!)
      - And more...
      - Included patch
        - Fixed APN issues
        - Fixed bluesleep issues
        - Fixed ksmd wakelock
      - Updated hosts file
      - Removed Bravia Engine
      - Tweaked 'SuperCharger.sh' and renamed to 'NitroCharger.sh,' as it does much more than just supercharge
      - Added a few more lines in sysctl.conf
      - OK, Now I've DEFINITELY fixed the APN issue
      - Updated Superuser to 'SuperSU'
      - Removed PDroid
      - Added 'BOOST.sh' script for a small boost when things feel laggy (see FAQ)
      - Added/removed some new/useless build.prop tweaks
      - Enabled JIT
      - Re-added Wi-Fi Networking tweaks in sysctl.conf
      - Based on CM7.2 RC1
        - A lot of bugfixes
        - Apparantly more fluid than previous versions
        - Amazing new battery efficient kernel (EE only)
      - Major Overhaul
        - New boot animation
        - Polished theming
        - New 'Helvetica Neue' fonts
        - More 'ICS'y' stuff
        - New Wallpaper
        - Everything is more 'polished'
      - Re-updated ALL addons to ensure cleanliness
      - Removed purging from memory (seemed to slow things down)
      - Removed camera/video record sounds
      - Fixed up a lot of stuff
      - Tweaked auto-brightness values to be brighter and 'smoother' when changing
      - Tweaked scrolling cache to act like ICS (should fix the scrolling issues)
      - Tweaked NitroCharger.sh a tad
      - Tweaked Dalvik cache
      - Reverted to 023 kernel for GT and GT+ versions (more stable and better battery)
      - Replaced ADW Launcher with LauncherPro
      - Added unused tweaks from previous ROM versions (didn't notice :o)
      - Re-zipaligned and PNG optimized
      - Each system app is clean of crap and as small as possible
      - And more...
      - Based on Nightly 09/04
        - Faster CRT animation
        - More bugfixes
        - Newer kernel (EE only)
      - Theme fixes
        - Fixed oversized 'alarm' glitch
        - Reverted back to translucent pulldown
        - Changed settings menu icons to be more ICS
        - Sharpended the clock, not blurry anymore
        - Other small things
      - Switched to 'Roboto light' text. Better suited for Android and 'squares' from many languages are gone
      - Reverted back to MIUI camera
      - Activated fast GPS by default (for those people where the GPS mod doesn't work). The Mod is still heavily recommended though
      - Updated hosts
      - Switched to new, slightly tweaked CM9 'CyanTone' as default (and only) ringtone
      - Cleaned up other stuff
      - Based on CM7 RC3
        - Reportedly much more stable, no SOD's, random reboots and freezes
        - More battery efficient and newer EE kernel
      - Updated hosts
      - Updated SuperSU
      - Replaced ringtones and notification tones with new CM9 ones
      - Tweaked Dalvik settings a tad
      - Tweaked proximity settings to hopefully make the sensor more sensitive
      - Tweaked SD card cache size in NitroCharger.sh
      - Maybe more but can't remember...
      - Based on Nightly 20120812
      - Theme polish
        - New statusbar icons
        - Subtle chanages to statusbar as well
        - Settings power widget also themed
        - Phone/contacts also has a subtle ICS look
        - Other bits also themed
      - Added new OTA compatibility (Thanks mweulink!)
      - Added 'smooth spinners mod.' This locks the spinner @60fps as opposed to @12fps (Thanks Hyperdroid team!)
      - Added 'deskclock.apk' and themed it a tad
      - New build.prop tweaks to increase smoothness
      - Tweaked settings to be more 'ICS-y' and more functional with shortcuts to Wi-Fi, bluetooth and battery (Thanks xploited!)
      - Tweaked Dalvik cache values 
      - Tweaked Dalvik settings a tad
      - Tweaked values in NitroCharger.sh
      - Tweaked values in sysctl.conf 
      - Updated hosts
      - Updated SuperSU
      - Updated script manager
      - Updated to latest Faux123 026b1 kernels
      - Other stuff I forgot...


    Q: Are you going to be working on CM9?
    Yep, I'm working on it right now :)

    Q: My phone doesn't boot with this ROM - it get's stuck on the dual-core screen :(

    Q: Why is performance settings in CMparts removed?
    A lot of options in performance settings will conflict with the tweaks in this ROM. All the options in performance settings have been included in the ROM anyway, but have been optimised for the best settings. So don't worry about it. If you REALLY want to head over to performance settings, then long press on homescreen and select shortcut. Add CMparts>Performance Settings and you will gain access. But seriously, there's really no point.

    Q: My phone shows that I have very low free RAM!
    Here's a fat explanation on how the RAM works in Android.

    Q: My phone can't scan files on my SDcard?
    CM7 mounts the SDcard and internal memory opposite to Motorola. To switch back to 'stock style,' navigate to /settings/CMsettings/application > Check 'use internal storage' and reboot.

    Q: Does this ROM support landscape mirroring?

    Q: How do you get those cool 'ICS style' rings like in the screenshots?
    Go to Settings/CMsettings/Lockscreen/Style options/Ring-Lock style and change to 'holo.'

    Q: What does the BOOST script do?
    It will 'defrag' databases, so make them smaller (faster to read, so apps will open faster) as well as freeing the caches. Do NOT run this script at boot!!!!! It is to be used if your phone starts to feel a big sluggish or laggy, then just run the script with SU and that's it.
    Video Review!

    Thanks to J-Roc for reviewing! :cool:
    Temporary mirrors

    Neutrino V2.8

    Mods and Addons
    Select from the list in the link below. If the addon isn't there, then it needs updating.

    EDIT: All addons are now all live.