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Question CN Rom Questions and Limitations? Asking for help.

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New member
Dec 4, 2017
Hello Everyone.

I am about to buy this phone but still having some doubts because of the OriginOS. I live in New Zealand. Just would like to ask a couple of questions:

- does it allow to install and use Nova Launcher with gestures?
- is this notification bar and settings bar changeable or at least can set up some gestures for that? Otherwise it requires to touch the top edge of the phone which is not perfect for me
- notifications are visible in Always on Display from FB, whats up, non stock phone or messages apps or not at all?
- does anyone use that with company portal and MS Authenticator? and its working fine? Quite important to me.
- how is the battery life - roughly SOT?

I will be really grateful for any help!

Thank you!