General [CN/WW] Magisk Patched Boot images for ROG 5S / pro

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I extracted the firmware for 5S / pro, and patched them myself with two different versions of magisk, I'll keep them updated as frequent as I can. Stock images also provided in case someone sh*t themselves.

Note: As of Dec 2 2021,_Stable release is no longer provided, patch the stock image in the folder with 23000 by installing magisk manager and select install -> select and patch a file. Thanks

⚠️: The files ended with _Alpha is experimental and have a very different usage, use _Stable if you just want regular magisk

⚠️: Please make sure The FW version matches your phone! If not you might need to manually OTA update first

⚠️: I'm not responsible for dead phone and dead people because of the files I provided.

Magisk by John Wu for Alpha update (in Chinese)
Asus for bin files
Vm03 for payload dumper

Up to date as of May 4 2022


The same img will work on both 5s/pro, if Asus support is to be believed. I personally only have 5Sp and a original 5
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