Codename Phoenix For OnePlus 5/5T by siankatabg

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Feb 1, 2012
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Oct 29, 2008
Shame they closed it :(

I guess people can help each other out here, so thats a very good thing :)

I find the forum format easier to sort thru than g+. Most (if not all) bugs I've seen reported w/ this ROM are due to ppl not flashing correctly, or other things that individual users have done. I first flashed CNP over a month ago, and haven't flashed anything else. Started clean (formatted data), and have dirty flashed every update since then. The ONLY bug I've had was on the 2nd build I flashed. There were trusted face libs missing causing a settings fc when trying to set it up. It was an easy fix, and they have since corrected the issue.
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    • The downloads are available on Telegram only.:cool:
    • The Rom is closed source.:mad:
    • Great ROM.:good:
    • The Developer does not take requests for features (the telegram group is read only).:mad:
    To resolve problems encountered while and after flashing the ROM, please go through this thread, there is bound to be a solution available, posted by the users of this ROM.

    March 17, 2018 - Latest Build
    Phoenix updates highlights since the last build:
    * Of course the latest Flash kernel 4.00
    * 05 March security patch (aka android-8.1.0_r18 tag)
    * More substratum updates
    * Changed charging symbol to "⚡️" on both statusbar and ambient display
    * Battery level will be shown on bottom of Ambient display (the switch was removed)
    * Blobs updated to 8.1 from OB6/OB4
    * Firmwares updated to 8.1 from OB6/OB4
    * NFC ROM side changes to support the new 8.1 based kernel
    * GPS configuration updates and some small other things
    * Added back the new encryption introduced with the February security patch (be sure to update your recovery to the latest available one or you won't be able to decrypt in TWRP!!!)

    The Google+ Page is no longer active.

    Is there a new update? On telegram it's 15.4?

    Given the devs track record an update should probably be out sometime this week or the next at the latest, just my guestimate.

    Is CNP dead?

    Nah, it's just in a good hibernation period . I don't know, no updates for a month now.

    Do you guys think if there's still hope for an update of this ROM? It's been a month... Hopefully it's not dead:(

    Wish there was a way to know if there will be an update!

    The ROM is not dead. I had a word with siankatabg and he told me that he's already worked on a new build that he's running at the moment. The only issue is that he doesn't really have free time for anything these days, but he'll do another release before he goes for vacation next week. :) Cheers!
    Another Sunday Pnoix update :)

    GDrive: (If you're fast enough)
    AFH mirror:

    - Updated Kernel WiFi stack to latest P CAF tag
    - Kernel is now compiled with Clang 8.0.3
    - Alert slider updates (I was bored so I've added Pie like notification when you change the slider mode, also I've added an experimental "Flashlight" and "High Brightness Mode" to the options (I was really really bored, so I might remove them later?...))
    - Fixed Moded GCam v.6.x back cam FC
    - Updated some GApps
    - Some small EAS changes
    - Replaced the old Pixel PowerHAL from Oreo with the new one from Pie (of course with small modifications for better support of our devices)
    - Cleaned up some unused blobs
    - Fixed a "bug" where the big cluster was set to 2.3ghz by default instead of its max 2.4ghz (Due to another OP ****age)
    ——— THE RECOMMENDED FIRMWARE IS NOW INCLUDED IN THE ROM (so STOP asking me this on PM....................)
    - Added Pixel like Lockscreen/AOD weather(If it doesn't show for you, make sure the WeatherClient app has location permission and turn on your device location)
    - "System: * Bug fixes and performance improvements" #OPStyle
    Of course everything from NOS till yesterday like:
    - Bluetooth battery on the status bar (Working fine this time)
    - Optimizations for the OP-like nav gestures
    - Enabled device assertion (now you won't be able to flash the wrong device ROM .zip)

    Copied from their Telegram
    One April Sunday build :)

    *April 05 security patch merged (a.k.a. android-9.0.0_r35)
    *Merged 4.4.178 linux stable tag in kernel
    *Force disabled a qcacld wakelock and lowered wakelock time for some others
    *Kernel and WiFi driver updated to LA.UM.7.4.r1-05000-8x98.0 CAF tag
    *Kernel side EAS updates
    *Clang for kernel compiling updated to 9.0.2
    *Fixed some missed selinux denials
    *Alert slider pop-up toast updates (should be faster now)
    *Up-to-date with NOS
    *Probably something small I forgot from the past week

    Add-ons: (ie AOSP dialer with call recording, the volte zip is useless now)

    Okay guys, after a long gap, we have an update! :) More information below:
    • Downloads
    • Changelog
      • Latest Flash Kernel v4.25
      • June security patches (a.k.a. android-8.1.0_r32 tag)
      • Removed all experimental OOS camera stuff; now there shouldn't be a delay when switching between front and back cameras; this also means no more Portrait Mode on OnePlus 5 and stock OOS camera
      • Snap camera removed and added the latest Google Camera mod (GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V8) as default camera with dot/portrait fix; all credits and thanks to @Arnova8G2, @defcomg, @txx1219 and all the people on the OP5/5T Google Camera Mod Telegram Chat)
      • OP5T should now have full screen aspect ratio for apps; no black line on the bottom; untested since @siankatabg doesn't have a OP5T
      • Few changes to the power HAL boost on fling/scroll
      • Fixed the opacity of quick settings menu; wasn't a solid colour even when set to in the quicksetting options)
      • Added vibration feedback to the off-screen gestures; not tested on OP5T
      • Added option for disabling the wallpaper tint on lockscreen, notification shade, recents menu, and power menu
      • Updated clang to for compiling the kernel and ROM
      • Blobs and firmware updated to the latest stable OOS
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