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Jun 2, 2010
If you want to make sure your work gets included, please PM them to me. I can't find them all in all the themes threads :)

I've seen a lot of custom boot animations that are scattered all over the place. Some are custom ones made for the Evo, some are for other phones, and some are just general boot screens.

I wanted to make a thread that is simply a collection of boot animations, not a discussion on their merits or questions about getting them to work. Please note that not all of these are sized to fit the Evo, and some will need to be manually reized to 480 x 800 for best presentation.

Please JUST POST BOOT ANIMATIONS with optional videos or images previewing them and NO DISCUSSION PLEASE. Thanks.

Big credits go to Pseudoremora and Krizno for helping out and contributing.

Boot Animations
Krynj's Android Boot Animation: Thread / Download

Wrx4memp's Boot Animations: Boom Boots / Hot Like Fire / Can't Fade My Evo

Bjaxon's Droid Boot Animation (Pseudoremora with the assist): Post / Bootanimation / Bootsound

Akastixx's BIOS boot screen - EVO Edition: Thread / Bootanimation / Bootsound

DanceDroid Boot Animation: Thread / Preview / Download

12MaNy's Boot Animation: Preview / Thread / Animation / Boot Sound / Silent Boot Animation

Badious's Boot Animation: Preview / Download Download (without DROID text) / Check out his matching splash screen below!

Pseudoremora's Boot Animation: Post / Download / Flashable Zip

LCARS Custom Boot Animation by Jeremy Herrmann: Thread / Download / Signed Zip - Updated

RickBaller's "Magic Word" Boot Animation: Thread / Download / Flashable Zip

Unknownforce's Boot Animation: Preview / Download

DroidX Boot Animation: Thread / / Boot sound / Flashable Zip - Updated

Qteknology's Splash Inverted v2: Preview / Download / Inverted v2 - Flashable Zip / Black Splash on White Background - Download

Metropolis by Qteknology: Preview Download / Flashable Zip

Boing by Qteknology: Preview / Download / Flashable Zip

Squares by Qteknology: Preview / Download / Flashable Zip

Nexus Repacked for G1/G2 with 320px Horizontal: Preview / Download

Decepticon: Preview / Download / Flashable Zip

Haters Gonna Hate: Thread / Download - resized

Android Peeing on Apple - Cyanogen Edition - Fixed by Pseudoremora: Preview / Download

Random Threads: Android Scribble (3 Versions) / Android Supernova / Android BIOS / Nexus Logo with BSOD / Froyo Boot Animation / Various Boot Animations

Custom Splash Screens:
Buzzwyzr's Splash Screen (ManUp rEVOlution Mod): Post / Download

Shift_'s Custom CM6-Snap Splash Screens: Post/Preview/Download - New Hotness

FattSpark's Android Splash Screen: Android - Evo 4g / Halo Splash Screens

Violent23's Splash Screen: Thread / Preview / Download

Rodneym13's Splash Screen: Post / Preview / Download

Badious's Splash Screen: Preview / Download

12MaNy's Custom Splash Screens: Thread - HOT

Unknownforce's Splash Screen: Thread / Download

Geniusdog254's Splash Screens: Thread / Black on Red Evo 4g / Red on Black Evo 4g

RickBaller's Custom Splash Screen: Thread / Download

JSZESZE's Splash Screens
White on Black Splash Screen: Thread / Download
Apple Killer Splash Screens: Thread - HOT

Barnacles10 Evo 4g XDA Splash Screens: Thread / Black and White Splash Color Splash

Corwinmortac's Splash Screens: Thread / Ghostrider Tux / FroyoEvo / Ghost in the Shell - Laughing Man / Eeeeevo

The Rubinator's Splash Screens
Green Android Splash: Thread / Download
Skeleton Evo 4g Splash: Thread / Download

jonschoning's minimal splash screens: Post
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Jun 13, 2010
Manhattan, NY


Jun 10, 2010
Arlington, VA
Here's a quick one I did:



    406.2 KB · Views: 1,601


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Jun 30, 2008
most of these are so small they dont even look good on the EVO ,, we need a dedicated EVO bootscreen thread


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May 21, 2010
OP, Can we change the title to include & Boot Screens. I want to make a custom boot screens as well as boot anims.

P.S someone get this stickied.


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Aug 8, 2008
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Yeah seems like a lot of folks are just taking the old ones off of other Android phones to use... I created mine in 480x800 so it works perfectly.

If you do download them, though, it's too easy to resize all the images in 480x800...

Yeah I resized ALL the images to 480 800, and it didnt work. I think I messed up in the desc. Any advise in getting the desc right?

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