[Collection] ICON SETS | Over *1000* different Icon Packs [INDEX not up2date]

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Aug 24, 2010

You will find here

more than 1000 Icon packs
posted in over 5.000 posts
viewed more than 6 million times !!!

Nice Community :)

hello everyone !

i thought to start a new thread to collect and share icons.

feel free to post icons you want to share !

it would be cool if we can get a big list together.

all credits go to the creators and designers !

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Aug 24, 2010
Klick the links below and see a full index of provided Icons.
Search and choose your favorite Icons by Name

Index I sorted by date

go to Part 1

Index II sorted by date

go to Part 2

Index III sorted by date

go to Part 3

Index IV sorted by date

go to Part 4


Changing icons on the homescreens

1. download the icons
2. copy/unzip to your phones sdcard
3. install Desktop Visualizer, its for free at the market.
4. long press on the homescreen and choose the widget "Desktop-Visualizer". there u can make shortcuts and choose also the size
5. done - have fun :)

A cheat/trick to easily change an icons set with desktop visualizer (DV):
found out by polstein

Let's say you have 12 favorite shortcuts you use & have DV widgets to.
Make a folder on your SD card called 'Icons'. Make your 12 DV icons point to 12 icons named something like 01.png to 12.png.
Have subfolders in the Icon folder like /sdcard/icons/theme1. Each theme has icons called 01.png to 12.png.
When you want to change all your icons, copy the 12 icons from theme1 to the root of the /sdcard/icons drive (overwriting the 12 files that are there). Reboot phone. Now your new icons are there.
Have as many theme subfolders as you'd like

Changing icons in the dock.

1. simplies way is to use Launcher Pro, its for free at the market.
3. Install the launcher and make it as your standard
2. download the icons and copy/unzip them to your phones sdcard
4. long press on the dock icon an choose "change icon" then "custom icons"
5. done - have fun :)

Changing Icons in the Appdrawer

i have not tested this way. be sure what u do and allways make a backup of ur system !

The icons themselves are stored inside the individual apk files. You need to open each one, swap out the icon and reassemble it. It's not nearly as hard as it sounds.

1. Tools you need

  • 7zip Download the appropriate version for your PC.

  • The original copy of the Fresh ROM you used to flash your phone.
  • The icons you want to change.

2. Create a working folder on your PC.
3. Using 7zip, open the Fresh ROM zip file. Navigate to the system/app folder inside the ROM. Highlight ALL the .apk files, and drag them into your working folder. Close the Fresh ROM zip file.
4. Decide on which icon you want to change first. I'll use the Browser as an example.
5. Use 7zip to open the Browser.apk you pulled out of the Fresh ROM. Once open, look for the res/drawable folder inside the apk.
6. Inside that folder, look for an .png file named ic_launcher_browser.png . That's the icon that the app uses.
7. Have your new icon ready. It should be 48x48 and a .png file. Make sure it's named ic_launcher_browser.png .
8. Drag the NEW icon into the open 7zip window that's showing the res/drawable folder. Choose yes if it asks you about overwriting the original file.
9. Close 7zip.

The Browser app has now been changed and will show your new icon in the drawer, and on the homescreen if you paste a shortcut. Do the same for each of the apps you want to change the icon of. The icon will always be in /res/drawable, and be named ic_launcher_ **app name**.png

Once you have changed all the icons, you'll have a set of apk files with your new icons. You can push these to the phone one by one from the terminal, or you can create your own update.zip

To push them to the phone (once again Browser.apk will be our example)
1. In your Android SDK/tools folder, make a new folder called icons.
2. Copy the Browser.apk file to the folder you just created.
3. Open the windows command prompt, and navigate to the Android SDK/tools folder. NOT the new folder you just made.
4. Enter the following commands one line at a time:
adb remount
adb push \icons\Browser.apk /system/app/Browser.apk
5. Do the same for each of the apk files you edited, changing the name Browser.apk to the name of the file you're pushing to the phone.
6. Reboot the phone.
7. done - have fun :)


if your icons in the pack have different sizes or you have trouble with too small icons. copy them to the pc and make them bigger. for example 256*256. or edit them online on www.fotoflexer.com or www.picnik.com . Launcher pro and desktop visualizer will resize them automatically, so they will fit well.
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