[Collection] ICON SETS | Over *1000* different Icon Packs [INDEX not up2date]

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May 29, 2009
St. Petersburg, FL
Ok I have gone thru the entire list and downloaded ALL the icons that can be downloaded,(there ARE several with links that do not work, but some of the broken links i already had that icon pack so I added them anyways, also added some other packs with proper credits to the creators) and i zipped them up, so we can download all at once Instead of sorting thru the list one by one. trust me it took a long time to get thru the whole thing(I may catagorize them a little better like into seperat syles per zip file ) now I just need to find a way to upload the zip. Files onto here. The only problem is the files are large in size. Anyone know how I can make this happen using eithor a free file share thing or something like that?? The sooner we can figure this out the sooner I can post them!!
Try Mega or Dropbox or Google Drive...set permissions to the files ya wanna share out to "anyone".
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