Collection of 8227l firmware (android vers:6-9)

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Jun 30, 2013
Hello, can someone help me find the right software for my radio, please?


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    Little update here - I COULD NOT get the radio settings to save - no matter what I cannot get presets to save - thankfully I rarely use the radio so this is not a big deal for me.

    However after following the directions Anton laid out - and going through each part of the factory menu - and setting settings... eventually my DSP / equalizer settings started storing.

    It took a LONG time to get it going - and it is completely counterintuitive... and there is no way to tell it worked other than lots of resets and reboots... but I finally have my radio back the way I want it - after 3 hard days of research and labor.

    I even made it "better" than it was before - as the new firmware I found is 2 years newer and quite a bit faster than my old firmware.

    SO - I guess I win in the end. Thanks @Anton TNT for the diligent posts which eventually led me to the correct solution - I'd still love to get my radio settings to stick - and more-so understand why this happened, but in the interim, this is solved for me!

    @Anton TNT you seem to be the powerhouse of knowledge here...

    I have an 8226L head unit that randomly bricked the other day while I was reworking a theme... I have been unable to raise the seller of my unit in any meaningful way - and the amazon listing for it has since been removed -a factory reset didn't work and so I took to the internet to find a firmware to flash.

    It is a ZBARK unit for a 2013 Prius - 8227L based - 2GB RAM/16GB ROM - and I have managed to flash a few different firmwares to it - however my DSP settings in each case WILL NOT save for the life of me! I keep restarting my car to find out my bass is maxed out and even after following these instructions I am still having issues. Help!!!

    Update - I see your previous comments regarding removing SD cards / USB drives, setting settings and what not in a proper order after a flash - and I am still having issues with my radio and DSP not saving anything after reboots.

    I am not running original firmware on my radio - but everything works as it should on this ROM aside from this ... the seller of my radio is not being forthcoming with a firmware update... sadly.

    This issue seems to persist no matter what ROM I install - and certain settings are surviving after a factory reset which I find odd... while others aren't even surviving a simple reboot. It's quite perplexing.

    Thanks in advance!
    View attachment 5647177Hello, can someone help me find the right software for my radio, please?
    Hi , just search internet for zxdz firmware you will find it.
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    click video link and comment. im not a developer i just listened to the amazon sellers directions and then searched 8227l in google and found a bunch of files, then tested them and now i want to pass the info on.
    tp the guys asking if itll work?
    i dont know you gotta test it like i did. they worked on my unit. and the files i donloaded came from other style stereos with android.
    i just generally think they are all same firmware if it look similar to actual stereo design and ui .
    Hi Dude
    Find the attached link
    U can find there 2 firmwares first is root and 2nd is stock hope rectify ur issue:)

    This is my device

    and this usb female cables i have for USB drive

    You don't have to be angry with me. Thanks for helping me.
    I just wrote to you that I want to rename the firmware. If I'm wrong tell me what to do. I downloaded both of the firmware you gave me today and wrote the same message
    @Anton TNT Hello, I installed this but the settings are not saved. User settings reset every time I reboot. What is the reason?
    Go to factory settings and deactivate option PROTECTION, activate option INSTALL , all from factory settings/menu OTHER, set canbus decoder menu for right PSA settings, and finally delete any mem.ini and other log files written in internal memory root folder, then configure your device icons, nvai volume etc. and restart device (while ignition key is NOT AT CONTACT MODE but in car engine on mode). Sometimes in order to write in memory you'll have to do it a couple of times before it saves last state in memory. Also before configuring anything and restarting there must be no SD cards or usb drive attached in ports at all.
    P.S. you have also MP mode settings in factory settings if you want to save settings to USB or SD card, but must be all times attached in port when you start engine and turn off, and must have at least 8GB of space.
    Does anyone know what in the name of lord jesus is this goddamn MCU?!

    Alps FF-5000
    HMI: TSKJ.C.O.F.3.C04.2019.
    MCU: TS907.190518(H)
    MEDIA: HC_v1.0.0_190517_1600

    This thing just drove me crazy, you can’t find updates for it, you can’t have MCU details so you know what MCU you need to update. Can’t enable install 3rd party apps, can’t do sh** with this idiotic OS!
    i have the following head unit in the link attached will android 9 rom support this head unit ? It has touch button such as back,home,volume up/down.
    and how does UI2 look like?