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Collection of Magisk Modules v2

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Apr 16, 2018
I dont want to steal anyones thunder here as I havn't read this whole thread but can someone please tell me if its possible to install either Magisk module VolumeStepsExtender (FabIO) or MediaVolumeStepsExtender (Micdu70) on the latest Magisk 22 (app)? I would really appreciate some advice.


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Jan 28, 2011
I don't remember which module was from magisk that allowed you to delete all the recently opened ones from the first "clear all" page, does anyone remember it?


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Disabler for Motorola Devices

I made an extremely simple module that will unlock the disable/enable toggle found in settings > app info. It works for almost all system apps. There were 2 apps in particular, "Mobile Installer" & "MCM Client", that kept installing bloatware on stock Android 10 (Boost Mobile), and couldn't be disabled. So I made something to fix that.

*This is only known to work on Motorola devices running stock Android 10. Your mileage may very with other devices.

*This might work on Motorola devices running Android 11 too. Someone please let me know.

Credits: @Zackptg5
Sources: https://github.com/Zackptg5/MMT-Extended


  • Disabler.zip
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May 28, 2021
Redmi Note 9 Pro
🇺🇸 Mod Name: Complex MIUI+ / Custom+ | Sound+ Mods
💬 Developer: themihaels (XDA: zmhls | Telegram: @mcsplus)
🖥 Specifications:
Tested on Android 7-11/MIUI 12 on the base 10 and 11 of Android (Redmi 5, 8/8A, 9 | Note 4, 5 Pro, 6 Pro, 7, 8/T/8 Pro 9S/9 Pro, 10/10 Pro, Mi 9T/Pro, POCO X3/Pro, Mi Note 10/Pro, Mi 10/Pro, Mi 11).
📱 Job description, functionality:
Acomprehensive mod of visual and fixes.

⚖️ Differences between MIUI + and Custom+
For MIUI+, some tweaks are included that target this system. In addition, optimization was carried out regarding the transmitted parameters in the module. In the list of buns, you can find out which addon is targeted for a specific firmware. If there is no clarification, the tweak is universal.
Custom+ was developed for custom ROMs, respectively, it will work on MIUI, only you will not have the animated MIUI stock animation and the system sounds will remain.
Sound+ - a separate module for sound. In the modules above, it is built in, but this one is separate. Suddenly, someone immediately does not need a pack of all sorts of useful things-please, the module is purely for sound.

- Thermal config against overheating during charging.
- Loading animation (for MIUI - Animated stock label, for custom - Google).
- Power Menu style from MIUI 12.5 (for MIUI). ← You are given a choice to install.
- Fix the sound to 90% with volume adjustments.
- Tweaks the sound and enable HiFi for a slight improvement in sound saturation, warmth and bass. ← You are given a choice to install.
- Fixes and micro improvements.
- Charge control (If there is an installation error at startup, then click "Retry") ← You are given a choice to install.
- Custom interface sounds. ← You are given a choice to install.
- Built-in Emoji iOS 14.5.
- 90 FPS screen recording and transparent gesture panel, however, there may be bugs on some devices. (for MIUI) ← You are given a choice to install. (Thanks to StarLF5 for the tip)
- SafetyNet Fix.
- Equalizer Wavelet (https://t.me/mcsplus/38).
- TTL Fix (even for those who don't have support in the kernel). ← You are given a choice to install.
- Increased Wi-Fi bandwidth.
- Sleep system for GMS (Doze).
- Patch the gradual supply of current to the power controller.
- Fix auto-brightness (for MIUI). ← You are given a choice to install.
- Optimization of RAM.
- System in RW. (I recommend using Solid Explorer to work with system partitions. Others may have bugs.)
- Accelerated startup.
- A slight improvement in autonomy by passing the appropriate parameters to the system.
- Tweaks to improve the quality of media content.
- Disabled error logging for a small performance boost.
- Speed up the loading of web pages.
- Noise reduction is enabled during calls. ← You are given a choice to install.

GDrive - MIUI+

GDrive - Custom+

GDrive - Sound+
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    Magisk Module Uninstaller/Disabler

    Here's a module uninstaller/disabler.
    It uninstalls/disables modules.
    It's useful when a module causes a bootloop or some other problem, or, if you just want to uninstall a module in twrp, for fun's sake.

    How to use:

    - Flash in recovery (TWRP)
    - Go to TWRP's Terminal or ADB Shell if you're not using twrp 3.x
    - Type to uninstall
    or to disable modules
    uninmod -d
    - That should present you a list of modules you've installed and if they're enabled or disabled

    NOTE: You should exit the script properly after using it.

    Download the latest attached file (currently v4)
    v3 - supports Magisk v15+
    v4 - supports Magisk v17-v18.x
    Since Magisk v19, all modules now exists in /data. Which means it's now much easier for anyone to do things to a module while in recovery.
    Original thread by LarappsOfDongle

    See also Magisk Modules for OnePlus 3T.

    I decided to create a new thread as the old one has been obsolete ever since the release of Magisk v9. Since then, cache modules are no longer supported and some features have been integrated like busybox (removed in v13) and systemless hosts.

    NOTE: This is not a place to get help with Magisk. Please see @Didgeridoohan's Magisk and MagiskHide Installation and Troubleshooting Guide. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, please post in the Magisk Support / Discussion thread.

    This is also not a place to request Magisk modules. Please create your own topic starting with [REQUEST] in the title.
    MAGISK IS NOT XPOSED. Xposed modules cannot be "ported" to Magisk.

    If you need help with creating a Magisk module, please see the Assistance for Magisk Module Developers thread.

    Unchanged modules

    Mount Magisk (attached below)
    This simple script mounts the magisk.img in recovery to /magisk to allow it to be edited in case a module or script is causing a bootloop. Or you can use Magisk Module Uninstaller or Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode.

    Now available in Magisk repo

    ViPER4Android Installer

    Updated modules

    Busybox Installer: As of Magisk 13, Busybox is no longer integrated.
    Repo | XDA

    Obsolete modules

    Ad-Block Installer: Systemless hosts are now integrated into Magisk Manager. DNS-based ad blockers like AdAway are supported.

    Better Battery Stats Installer, Action Launcher, Nexus Launcher: Use Terminal App Systemizer

    Modules, modules and more modules!
    Modules with a Repo link can be installed via Magisk Manager in the Downloads section. Modules without a Repo link may not be compatible with Magisk 14 +. For help with modules, please contact the developer via their XDA support thread or GitHub page.

    Modules A - H (Post #2)
    Modules I - P (Post #3)
    Modules Q - Z (Post #4)

    Magisk Module Templates

    These are modified versions of the original Magisk Module Template that allow you to accomplish different things. Most will require extra work before they are ready to use.

    Templates (Post #5)

    If you know of any other modules, please let me know and I'll add them.
    Modules A - H

    Active Edge Mod for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: Customize the Google Pixel 2’s Active Edge to do any action with Edge Sense Plus
    Repo | XDA: Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL

    Adaptive Icons Round Mask: Changes the icon mask to round, and changes useRoundIcon to true.
    Repo | attached here

    ADB & Fastboot for Android NDK: Static ARM adb and fastboot binaries for Android built with the NDK
    Repo | XDA

    Adreno GPU Developer Preview Drivers: Replace ROM Adreno GPU drivers from Qualcomm
    Repo | XDA

    Ainur Sauron MK II: Automatically detects your device specs, and performs all of the possible audio tuning within it's installer. You can sit back and enjoy incredible sound.
    Repo | XDA

    Ainur JamesDSPManager: Equalizer add-on for the Ainur Audio sound mod
    Repo | XDA

    AirAudio Magisk Module: This module enables AirAudio's "system-mode" and allows you to stream all your audio to any network-enabled receiver.

    Always-on Fingerprint: Allows you to unlock your device without pressing the home button. The fingerprint scanner will remain always-on to allow that.

    AM3D Zirene Sound: This module enables AM3D Zirene Sound.
    Repo | XDA

    Ambient Display Gestures: Adds a few nifty ambient display tweaks to your AOSP ROM.

    Android Mic Fix: Fixes in call low volume mic issues for various Android devices.
    Repo | XDA

    Android O APT-X libraries: Android Oreo officially supports APT-X bluetooth audio, however not all phones have the needed library files. This module simply places the missing APT-X(HD) and LDAC files in your system if you don't already have it. Enjoy better bluetooth audio!

    Android Pie Fonts: A compilation of the new Google Sans fonts from Android Pie.

    Android RAM management fixes: Tweak the memory management of the device, enable more background apps.. et cetera..

    App Data Keeper: Protects select apps+data from being wiped out on a regular TWRP factory reset.
    Repo | XDA

    AptoidePriv: Makes Aptoide a privileged app systemlessly.

    APTX for Android Oreo: After Oreo, system should support aptx/HD natively. But this will incur additional licensing fees, so such as Nexus 5X/6P will not get support for aptx/HD.

    ASUS Style Suite: ASUS wallpapers and themes

    Audio Compatibility Patch: Fixes music and streaming apps (Spotify, Pandora, etc) that aren't processing audio effects for various equalizer applications through the modification of audio policy.
    Repo | XDA

    Audio Modification Library: AudModLib is a compatibility framework that allows the seamless integration of multiple audio mods for Magisk installs.
    Repo | XDA

    Battery Life Extender: A tool that lets you enable or disable charging programmatically so to extend/maintain battery life
    Repo | XDA

    Bixby Button Remapper: Allows you to remap the dedicated Bixby hardware button of the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and S9/S9+ to any one of 15 user-selectable functions.

    BQ™ Aquaris X5 Dolby™ Atmos Nougat: Enables the new Dolby™ BQ™ X5 Nougat port
    Repo | XDA

    camera_mi5s_libs: Adds Camera libhacks to Xiaomi Mi5s Global Stable ROM.

    Camera2API enabler: Enables the Camera2API if your hardware supports it

    Camera NX Mod: Systemless version of an experimental mod for Camera NX that fixes the black viewer in some custom roms for Nexus 5X. Also enables EIS for the video camera.

    Camera Watermark Editor: Customizes the "Dual Camera Watermark" on Mi A1 devices.

    CloudflareDNS4Magisk: Changes your system DNS to the Cloudflare servers.
    Repo: IPv4 / IPv6 | XDA

    Collective Dolby Atmos Ports: Enables Dolby Atmos (you can choose between 5)
    Repo | XDA

    crontab: Easy to use crontabs

    CrossBreeder Lite: This is a lighter, newer version of CrossBreeder.
    Repo | XDA

    Custom Keylayout: Searches /sdcard and /external_sd for *.kl files and place them to /system/usr/keylayout, systemless-ly

    Custom Notification Snoozing: Changes Oreo notification snooze times at boot.

    Daydream Enabler: Enables Daydream on some devices

    Daydream Enabler for Sony Xperia X F5121: Enables the android.software.vr.mode and android.hardware.vr.high_performance features for the Xperia X

    DNSCrypt Proxy 2 for Android: A flexible DNS proxy, with support for modern encrypted DNS protocols such as DNSCrypt v2 and DNS-over-HTTP/2.

    DNS Switcher: Allows you to change your dns systemlessly with terminal

    Dolby Atmos® (OnePlus X): Enables Dolby Atmos on OnePlus X.

    EmojiOne: Replaces the built-in emoji with Emoji One, systemlessly.
    Repo | XDA

    Enable Native Call Recording: Compatible with the OnePlus 5 on OxygenOS 4.5x.

    Enable Doze for GMS: Move Google Play Services from the "App Not Optimised" list to "App Optimised" which mean DOZE mechanism will work its magic on Google Play Services, thus should saving you more juices/batt throughout the day.
    Repo | XDA

    EncFS: EncFS binaries for the Android environment

    Energized Protection: Consolidates several reputable hosts files, and merges them into a unified hosts file with duplicates removed.
    Repo | XDA

    ExSDCard Write Access Enabler: Creates an additional path to your sdcard: /mnt/media_rw
    Repo | XDA

    F-Droid Privileged Extension: An unofficial installer of the F-Droid Privileged Extension
    Repo | XDA

    F2FS Loopback Bug Workaround: Read the Repo description
    Repo | XDA

    FaceID for Redmi Note 4: Face Unlock was introduced with Redmi Note 5 pro, this module enables the feature on Redmi Note 4 running on MIUI

    Fingerprint Camera Shutter: Uses the fingerprint sensor to capture a picture on any camera for Redmi Note 4/4X's non-MIUI based custom ROMs.
    Repo | XDA

    Fingerprint Scanner Booster: Boosts Fingerprint sensor's responsiveness by prioritizing its process.

    Frida Server: Dynamic instrumentation toolkit for developers, reverse-engineers, and security researchers. Systemless version of the Frida Server for Android.

    Galaxy Note 8 Dual Speaker Mod: Systemless way of enabling dual speaker/pseudo stereo sound mod for Samsung Note 8.

    Galaxy S8 Dual Speaker Mod: Allows you to use your earpiece as second speaker as well, creating pseudo-stereo output in result and should give better experience inplaying any audio

    Gboard Themes: Adds custom Gboard themes

    Global Optimized GPS File Replacer: Provides an improved GPS functionality with a better and faster accuracy location reference.
    Repo | XDA

    Google Dialer Framework: Installs the Google Dialer Framework. It will NOT install the Google Dialer / Google Phone, but you can easily install it through the Play Store.

    Google Dialer and Contacts apps for the OnePlus 5/5T: A Google Dialer and Contacts module for the OnePlus 5/5T running OOS with full capabilities such as Caller ID and Nearby Places.

    Google Face Unlock: Standalone Google Face unlock for Android 8.1

    Google Framework: Inject Google Core Framework to be able to download & install Google Apps. Also adds Google Face Unlock to any ARM64 device.

    Google Lens Enabler: This module systemless-ly adds the required xml files (taken from the Pixel 2 XL factory image) so that Google Lens is enabled in Google Photos.
    Repo | XDA

    Google Dialer and Contacts for OP5/5T: Self-explanatory

    Greenify4Magisk: Makes Greenify work as a ROM-integrated (privileged) app systemlessly.
    Repo | XDA

    HEVC Enabler for OP3T: Enables HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec) for the OnePlus 3T / 5
    Repo | XDA

    Honor V10 Stock Camera: Can be flashed with all Honor View 10 custom ROMs.
    Here's a new Magisk Mount flashable zip. The one in the OP doesn't mount /data, which is pretty annoying and creates magisk.img in /cache. I removed the part that creates the img and added /data and /cache mounting

    Current version: v2
    Good news, everyone!

    I finally found the time, patience and attention span to update the OP. It has been reorganized, alphabetized and expanded for your viewing pleasure. There are many more modules to add, stay tuned!