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Hello all!
For a couple of days i've been researching useful resources to revive
development for this pretty cool device, so i had lifted up my sleeves and got
myself to work on gathering, interestingly, tons of links that could be useful
for whoever still owns an X00HD or X00ID in 2022.

Since i'm someone who's totally inexpert at developing in general (so, sadly
really couldn't contribute much to the technical aspect on reviving these
devices' active development), i'm here to share the fruits of my research in
order to be of help for any developer on who wants to take back development
for such a neat device.


X00HD - ZC520KL​

General Resources:
The following link basically contains everything someone could need, more or less- a couple of source codes, official stock ROMs, and etc. offered by the Asus company

- ZC520KL on Asus Support

Archive Links:
- Lineage OS 18.1 [Flashable ZIP file]

Source Codes - Device Trees:
- Stock Oreo ROM
- Stock Pie ROM
- TWRP for X00HD
- Lineage OS 16.0 for X00HD
- Lineage OS 18.0 for X00HD
- Lineage OS 18.1 for X00HD


X00ID - ZC554KL​

General Resources:
- ZC554KL on Asus Support

Archive Links:
- LineageOS Recovery [flashable IMG/Image file]

Source Code - Device Tree:
- Stock Oreo ROM
- Lineage 18.0 for X00ID
- Lineage 18.1 for X00ID



This is where i cram in another couple of links i've found throughout my research. The following even include stock ROM & Custom ROM source codes for the models: X00P, X00L, and X00R

- asus-msm8937 on GitHub (abandoned by the author)
-- asus-msm8397-devs on GitHub (successor of the above, currently inactive)
--- Their own site
- Resources at "files.sebaubuntu.dev"
- "files.sebaubuntu.dev" captures on Wayback Machine


Credits (because without these people's work i could had never discovered such a plethora of resources):
The Asus Team
The Archive Team
Every single contributor on GH who mantained the source codes!
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Important Note!​

If you don't know how to unlock your device's bootloader and guides are outdated around here (and also, if you don't have a laptop/pc on your hands at all):
you can always use a secondary device that you had previously rooted for the job!

Which tools should you need?

  • An OTG cable (usually your Asus device should come bundled with one);
  • A charging cable;
  • Your X00H/X00I device;
  • A secondary rooted device (must have Android 3.1 minimum and OTG support);

How to check if my device has OTG support?​

This one can be solved in 2 ways:
The app way or the traditional way
  • If you want to save a bunch of time testing with cables, the app way is the simplest of the bunch. Just get installed on your rooted device the app CPU Info
    • After installed, just open it and follow these instructions: swipe until you reach the "HARDWARE" tab > scroll on the bottom of the page > check the USB title > check OTG
      • If you see "Yes": congratz, you can mod/unlock your Asus phone- if you see a "No", you can't do anything about it (unless you have another rooted device around your device stash, then you could retry the procedure with that)
  • The traditional way, on the other hand, you need a spare USB stick
    • Once connected the OTG cable to the device, cram in the USB on the slot. If it can scan it and a notification pops up for exploring the USB's contents: hooray, your device has OTG support!

How to unlock your device​


You should unlock Developer Tools and enable USB Debugging for this procedure firsthand, else you can't proceed unlocking your own device correctly!​

This one's easy peasy. Just follow my steps!
  1. Turn off your Asus device;
  2. After turned off completely, press the following buttons together: Power + Vol. Down;
  3. The following should boot in Fastboot mode;
  4. Leave your Asus in one spot and take your secondary device;
  5. Open the ADB & Fastboot Tools app;
  6. If your root manager gives you a warning, just tap "Continue" or "Yes";
  7. Tap on "Start server" and the ADB daemon should start in no time;
  8. Now, connect your Asus device with the charging cable;
  9. Attach the other end (the USB end) to the OTG slot connected to your secondary device;
  10. Tap on the upper right corner of the Fastboot app > tap on "Fastboot";
  11. You should see a menu with tons of buttons;
  12. If all of the buttons are greyed out, even after refreshed- then disconnect and reconnect your Asus device and refresh until the buttons are visible;
  13. Tap on "Device Info";
  14. The app will spit out tons of info about your device, even your device's secret code for unlocking it (which should be exactly after a line that goes secret-key-opt- in this case, long press where the string is and copy);
  15. Type into the bar at the bottom oem get_unlock_key and then paste the string you've copied earlier;
  16. Tap "Execute";
  17. Congratulations, your Asus phone is finally unlocked!
Have a good day and happy modding!
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I posted in the other thread that you can find all the files here:
Thanks for the help!
Will probably make a post in the near future on how to get LineageOS installed on both models with an all-in-one method, since on my end it was rather tricky to perform.