General Color OS on Non-Chinese (LE21X0) variant 9R/9/9Pro

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Atul Menon

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Mar 1, 2019
OnePlus 9 Pro
Color os can be booted on OP9 PRO Non CN variant if you flash it directly from Developer preview 1 of Android 12, as its using color os recovery and preview is based on color os. It boots, but sim is not getting recognised for the user.Even shows wrong device info in about
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Apr 22, 2021
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Aug 15, 2012
hello friends...... can anyone share link how to move from oxygenos to coloros on oneplus 9R and full downgrade package file and steps how to install it..

thanks and regards
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Jul 13, 2021
+ 9R.
On you great hopes friends!

OOS has turned into a google-phone! dialer, contacts, sms, are already from google.
There is a dream to return to Color os


Oct 30, 2015
I have LE2100 ch. The seller installed indian OxygenOS. Who knows how to return stock Coloros Os? OTG and full files does not work.


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Oct 26, 2010
I put the package in the update channel. It seems to apply only to LE2120 CN variant. That's why I need a EU 9 to study the differences
Is le2120 Chinese variant? I assume so because my phone booklets are all in Chinese but I received it with Oxygen OS,or the color OS variant has a different model number?

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    It's funny that we Chinese people want to use oos while you guys are trying to get color os😂😂
    M re
    I contacted the staff of OnePlus to inquire about this question. They said that the degraded conversion package is only for CN variant. They don't think it's a problem and won't solve it.

    So I'm trying to port it into the non Chinese variant of the device, because I don't have enough money to buy the EU variant OnePlus 9 (I need it to study the difference between the Non-CN variant and the Chinese variant, because the European variant is cheaper, so I plan to buy this variant), the research progress will be very slow.

    At present, I have designed three plans:
    1. Make changes to the firmware on the device to fit the degraded package.
    2. Using the MsmDownloadTool of ColorOS to flash. (I'm responsible for remote operation, so it can't be used as a long-term solution)
    3. Extract the ColorOS firmware out of the raw image to flash. (may die in partition problems, and should not apply to 9R)
    4. (This plan has been abandoned, because the signature can not be forged, and it is too troublesome to adapt to each different model) Make changes to the degraded package to adapt to the hardware of different regions.

    Due to the above reasons, I can't test and implement plan 1 and 3. I have found a brave 9 Pro India user to test plan 2 and wait for the good news.

    I'm going to launch crowdfunding in the near future. If you have extra funds and want to try ColorOS, please support me.
    If you want to provide the device for testing (it doesn't necessarily succeed and the device will not be returned regardless of the results), you can also contact me.
    If you want to apply for the remote test scheme, I will be happy to accept it. However, please note that no matter what the result is, I am not responsible for any impact of the remote test on your device, and the device may lose its warranty; Since I am still a high school student, I will only provide remote testing service in my spare time (China, GMT+8, Asia/Shanghai).
    I am ready to test OnePlus 9 Indian device, also one of my friend is trying to mod color os MSM tool
    Before you commence to create a respective thread I'd like to precautionarily make you aware that crowdfunding is not allowed and accepted on XDA.
    I know, announced only in threads, crowdfunding will be launched in GitHub and Telegram.
    P.S. I've removed all the placeholder ("reserved") posts. This is not a development thread, in which we accept those for the owner of such a thread.
    Oh, I keep these posts just for update of plans test results.
    Can you please upload msm download tool of coloros for le2120. Thanks.