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[COMPILATION] ★★★Roms/kernels/fixes/guides ALL IN ONE!★★★[31Dec2012]

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Jan 15, 2011
[COMPILATION] ★★★Roms/kernels/fixes/guides ALL IN ONE!★★★[31Dec2012]

Hi guys,
I guess the development on the sensation is still evolving :p
There are a lot of roms, kernels, guides etc.. hard to find them all, so I made a compilation for the newcomers

Thanks to all the devs and the people that made all this possible for our sensations!

Please thank the devs for their work :rolleyes:
I would appreciate a thank myself :)


*NOTE* Date and kernel versions gets updated!:)
note: you can also thank yz!
(based on his thread and just edited it for sensation users)


RUU's: http://www.filefactory.com/f/c87a2330449af512/
Cincinnati Bell 4.0.3 OTA File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/345crkmmun...mi9qf4zgsj.zip



-[ROM] MIUI.us v4 AOSP 2.6.1 NO SENSE PATCHED For HTC Sensation

-[ROM][Official] CyanogenMod 9 Nightly for Sensation

- [ROM] [January 25] MIUI - PyroMod Version 1.1

-[ROM] MIUI.us HTC Sensation 2.2.24 Pure English-Interactive Install

-[ROM][29 DEC' 11] WP7.0.4 Pyramid Edition | Smooth | Efficient

[sense 4.x]


-[ROM] SensationXEMod007 (Sense 3.0 | GB 2.3.4 | Beats | Clean | Stable) [v05 | 28/01]

-[ROM&KERNEL]LeeDROiD SuperSensational V4.3.0|29th Dec|FAST|STABLE|Sense 3.5 #2.3.5

-[ROM][★Sense 3.5★][15 Jan]RCMix 3.5 v7.1 Faster Smoother Better ;)

[ICS(android 4.0.x)]


-[ROM][OFFICIAL][12.28.12] MIUI v4 2.12.28 | ICS | MIUI.us | FAST | SENSE |

-[ROM]SmartDroid|Berserk Mode:eek:N|AOSP+Sense3.6+Sense4.0|HyBrId|Gaghiel|1.5 online

-[ROM][12.24.12] CyanoKang Lite 1.1.0 | ICS | Integrated Beats Audio |

-[ROM][12.26.12] X-UI 1.9 Beats Edition | FAST | Multi-Language |

-[ROM][MIUI V4][ICS-Sense] HyperMIUI-2.12.7 [13-12-12]

-[ROM][AROMA]--EyeCandy--AOKP--Source Built 6-2--v1.5-- GooManager Support

-[ROM][APR 14][MIUI 2.4.13][AOSP] UltiMiuIcs V1.50! Optimised! Bravia!

-[21 JAN][ROM/WIP][AOSP] Virtuous Quattro Alpha3 4.0.3 [Kernel HTC 3.0.16]


-[ROM][1 July] OpenSensation | CyanogenMod 9 RC1

-[ROM][04/26/12] Virtuous Inquisition v4.0.2 :: AOSP-Experience Senseless ICS (4.0.3)

-[ROM][04.05] Sharpy STRPT V0.18 | Stripped CM9 | Under 75Mb! l Android 4.0.4

-[ROM][4.0.4][Hybrid] PARANOIDANDROID v1.4 [21/06]

-[ROM] |4/16/2012| |ReloadedROM™| |CM9 Reloaded v1.0| |HTC Sensation| [CM9]

-[ROM[DianXin Rom] Based on asop 3.32.401.5


[sense 4.x]

-[ROM] [30 Dec] Sense-o-Maniac - Sense 4.1 v1.2.1 | EQS-OTA -APM | Your Rom,Your Way |

-[ROM][Sense 4.1 / 1.3.1][Sense 4 / 1.2.2] CommuniSation |Fast|Stable|Smooth|

-[ROM][Sense 4.1][21.12] Team Venom presents: ViperS 1.5.2 - welcome to the futur

-[ROM] TRAD Sensation v1.0.0 | Sense 4.1+ 4.5 Port | Transparent Widgets | Speed & Sta

-[ROM] DarkForest Sense 4 Beta 5.1 |Speed|SuperStable|Sense 4.0|Tweaks| [30th April]

-[ROM][Sense 4.0][May.4] CoinDroid 1.5.0 | Fast & Stable

- [27 MAY][ROM][X Series] Virtuous Eclipse v.1.0.0 [Sense 4.0 Android 4.0.3]

-[ROM][★★ICS Sense 4★★][22/04l]RCMixSmartDroid v1.0,Fast Smoother Better, Tweaks, MMS

-[ROM][Sense 4.0][Jun.10] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

-[ROM][SENSE 4]InsertCoin Evolution v2.20 |STABLE|FAST|APM|EQS|TWEAKS

-[ROM] [V1.1.1] | DarkSense ROM | Full Sense 4.1 | OTA


-[ROM] RLS-5 [RMSTi-X Sense 4.0][Android Engineering]INSTANT RESPONSE [10th april]

-[ROM]SmartDroid|Xcode|M10Sense1.0|Sense4|Sense 4.1/5parts|Tweaks|Multifusion|10/08/12

-http://forum.xda-developers.com/sho...e 4.0][Apr.25]CoinDroid 1.0.0 | Fast & Stable

-[ROM] █ ELEGANCIA™ Rom Series █ | Sense 3.6 | 3.7.0 |► ◄ |Sense 4.1 | 3.2.0 |



-[ROM][Apr19]ExtremeSensation™Series|ICS|Dream™4|Prime™5|FAST|T rans|Beats|Stable|Best

-[ROM][05 FEB]AndroidME v2.0.0 | 4.0.3 ICS 3.25.401.101 | BEATS!! + XE35 2.3.5

-[ROM] Apr.23 Sense-o-Maniac - v2.8 Sense3.6 | Your Rom,Your Way| Sense 4.0

-[ROM][ICS] |June 24| Energy™ -.¸¸.·´¯ Sense / ICS / Blue / Tweaks ¯´·.¸¸. -


-[ROM] Android Revolution HD 6.8.0 | ICS | High Quality & Performance | Legendary

-[ROM]SmartDroid Resurrection|3.32.401.105/_R|Sense3.6+4.0|Hybrid|3.1 online

-[ROM][Apr19]ExtremeSensation™Series|ICS|Dream™4|Prime™5|FAST|T rans|Beats|Stable|Best

-[ROM][21APR2012]ICS Asianic V1.2 (3.32.709.108_R Sense 3.6)|Fast|Stable|xLOUD|Dolby

-[ROM]DarkForest Sensation/XE 7.2.0|Tweaks|Sense3.6|Speed|Beats|SuperStable[07 Nov]

-[ROM] Sense 3.6 [ICS] [Aroma] [Goo-inside.me] April 30, 2012 - INFAMOUS ROM 1.3.5

-[ROM] [19 APR] [ICS Sense 3.6] [3.32.401.5_R] [Tweaks Ver 4.2] GhostXSeries Ver 3.5.1

-[ROM][04-JUN] SharkDrOiD S3 v2.3 | ICS | Sense3.6 + 4.0 Skin | 3.32.401.105R2 | AROMA

-[ROM]LeeDrOiD SuperSensational v7.3.0 ICS | 30th April |Tweaks V3|Aroma|Beats|APM

-[ROM]InsertCoin 6.0.0 Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 EPIC ROM | 3.33.401.6

-[ROM][Sen|XE|4G][April 22]Hyper_SLite_InsertCoin 5.3.0-2_BEATS|power-save|smooth|108M

-[ROM][Apr.27]Sense3.6Lite-V3_BEATS|InsertCoin 5.4.0|Two in One|3.32.401.105_ R|125M

-[ROM][05 FEB]AndroidME v2.0.0 | 4.0.3 ICS 3.25.401.101 | BEATS!! + XE35 2.3.5

-[ROM][ICS 4.0.3] _ \__/ ☆ S e n s e i s s i m O ☆ \__/ _ [Sense 3.6/4.0][Apr 23]

-[ROM][★★ICS Sense 3.6★★][30 Jan]RCMix ICE v3.2.5,Faster Smoother Better TRUE APM MENU

[JELLYBEAN(android 4.1.x)]

-[ROM][DEV]CM10.1 Kang Alpha[Android 4.2.1][28NOV build3]

-[ROM] [JB 4.1.2 CM-X] mEMBER's Choice v1.0.0 ✔ | JB4.2 Features | Addons [04-11-2012]

-[ROM][PORT][JB 4.1.2] LiGux-v4.1-RC1

-[ROM][CM10] OpenSensation2 [Pdroid/USB-OTG/OTA updates][10 DEC]

-[ROM][CM10][Kang][Pyramid][4.1.2][21 DEC]

-[ROM][RC]AOKP "Initiate Your Swagger"[4.1.2][Dec 25][OTA][Playstation][AC!D AUDIO]

-[ROM 4.1.2 - 4.2] JELLYBAM - v3.3.0 [29/12] [Pyramid] [PA.AOKP.CM10] [CHRISTMAS TIME]



-[ROM][RC]AOKP Jelly Bean[JZO54k][Oct 23][OTA]

-[Rom][12/28/12][JB 4.1.2]ParanoidAndroid v2.99.1 Unofficial Source Build

-[ROM][AOSP/CM10][24 Dec] Codename Lungo

-[ROM] JBMIUIv4.1 #2.11.30 | AOSP-CM10 | s89 production | Pyramid [06.12.2012]


-[KERNEL][SENSE][THE FASTEST][Linux 3.0.57] Sultan kernel [r4.5 1/5/2013]

-[KERNEL][07-NOV] PYD-X Custom Kernel | the fastest you ever seen! [3.8.1]

-[KERNEL][LINARO][JB & AOSP ICS][FASTEST][Linux 3.0.57] Sultan kernel [r10 1/5/2013]

-[KERNEL][JUN.24]Bricked-3.0|3.0.36|v1.31|cmdline|Sweep2Wake|mpdecision|bad ass

-[Kernel]Sense GB/ICS(v029/v004)OC~1.73GHz/UV/ZRAM/Intellidemand/Power Saving[Apr-10]

-[Kernel 3.0.28][RCMix Smartdroid][Sense 3.6/4.0][OC 1.7][Cifs][Nls][Tun][May12][5.3]

-[KERNEL] Overclocked kernel v1.5.2

-[KERNEL] Trinity - Sense3.0 (2.3.4) / Sense 3.5 (2.3.5) / CM7 (2.3.x) / miui

-[Kernel]Sense ICS(v009)OC~1.73GHz/UV/ZRAM/Intellidemand/Power Saving[Sep-06]

-[KERNEL][JUN.24]Bricked-3.0-AOSP|3.0.36|v1.31|cmdline|Sweep2Wake|mpdecision|ba dass


-[MOD][Android 4.2 Camera] 16:9 / full-screen mode | JellyBean | V2.3 | 22 Nov

-[MOD][25 OCT] HTC AmazeCAM v8 For Sense 3.5, 2.3.5 Everything working!!!

-[MOD][F.A.Q.][AROMA] Undervoltage Installer for every custom ROM/kernel [6 JULY]

-[MOD][TWEAKS] DarkForest Tweaks Sensation v2.0.0 | 20 Oct [Sense 3.6]

-Solve WiFi Errors , Wrong S-ON , Radio Problem, htc Dev Unlock Method ( how it Works)

-[Tool]Auto Super Cid Script v3

-[MOD][NEW TWEAKS] 29.04 Leedroid Tweaks Sensation v4.3 Final [Sense 3.6]

-[MOD] HQ Camera For ICS - v1.5 |[email protected]|Sense 3.6&4.0|

-[SCRIPT] ROM Cleaner v3.5/4.0 | Remove Bloatware | Backup Apps | Add Custom Apps/Mods

-[GUIDE][April 14] Compile CM9 For Sensation on Ubuntu 11.10 (ONLY 64-bit)

-[Guide] to Installing S-off, Unlocking, ClockWork, Root, SuperCID & S-on

-[Guide] Fix for Revolutionary S-OFF fails on OTA S-ON update

-[Firmware][Mar 30]User-Friendly Firmware 1.17/3.12/3.24,3.30 & 3.32 Unlocked

-[MOD][APP]Exchange Security Disabled - ICS AOSP, Sense 3.6 & 4.0

- [GUIDE] How to Debrand, Rebrand & Flash Stock ROMs to your Sensation

-[Fixes][03Apr] ICS Problem Fixes / Mods

-[ALL-SENSE4.0/3.6 MOD]BassMod v1.9 Srs & EQ & xLOUD & Beats Audio & Dolby Digital

-[RADIO][RIL][July 2 2012] Sensation Radio/RIL files

-[GUIDE][MAY.03.12] How to flash ICS 3.32 firmware | flash/update ARHD 6.6.x ICS ROM

-[Guide] Root Official ICS ROM HBoot 1.27.000 Easely without S-Off

-[GUIDE][NOOB PROOF]How to Flash Custom Roms with S-ON

-How To | Unlock Booloader | HBOOT S-Off | Flash Recovery | Root | Sensation

-[MOD] Camera 16:9 / full-screen mode | JellyBean | V1.21 | 1 Oct
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Mar 21, 2011
Aha, nice. I can always appreciate a list that aims to keep names/dates updated and not just write 'em down once expecting that to be good forever. :)

Tiny Suggestion: maybe within the list of ROM's you could also subdivide them even more (like Sense vs AOSP or GB vs ICS)


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Jan 15, 2011
Aha, nice. I can always appreciate a list that aims to keep names/dates updated and not just write 'em down once expecting that to be good forever. :)

Tiny Suggestion: maybe within the list of ROM's you could also subdivide them even more (like Sense vs AOSP or GB vs ICS)

yup ur right i will be doing that just a little more time(tomorrow)
thnx for the suggestion
any other suggestions are welcome:)


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Nov 24, 2011
Good job, hope you will keep it up. :) looking forward to an even more organized list!

CoinInserted with my Sensation Z710e using xda premium
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Dec 31, 2010
I really don't want to sound ungrateful--in fact, I have thanked you on the post already--but...:

1) You should say somewhere taht the ROM list is definitely not complete...at a glance, the very popular MIUI (GB-based, not ICS-based) is missing, for one.

2) Can you please subdivide those ROMs? Some ideas: Sense vs. Non-Sense, GB vs ICS....

3) Um, there's already the pinned reference thread that's being regularly updated (last update = 6 days ago). It doesn't list ALL the ROMs like you do, but still..... Perhaps you guys should collaborate or something.
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Jan 15, 2011
ok i kind of organized it
ill update if there is any updates and will add any missing roms:)
any suggestions welcome(organizational structure or anything else:D)
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Mar 21, 2012
This is a fantastic idea, if you actually keep it up to date.

There are a few people still using GB ROMS...ARHD and CoreDroid both have GB ROMS, not sure why you dont have those listed in your GB section?
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Dec 31, 2010
UltiMiuIcs is ICS-based, not GB. Yes, it says 2.4.x, but that's their weird versioning system x.y.z, where x = the last digit of the year (2), y = the month (4), z = the date. For example, 2.4.13 was released on April 13, 2012.

There ARE 2 GB-based MIUI ROMs, and both are missing from your list:
Official MIUI.us version

EDIT: actually, you DO have that MIUI.us version on your list...but it's under ICS AOSP! So they need to be switched!

EDIT #2: Here's some more that you're missing:
[21 JAN][ROM/WIP][AOSP] Virtuous Quattro Alpha3 4.0.3 [Kernel HTC 3.0.16]
[19.03][ROM][X Series] Virtuous S4V Alpha3 [Sense 4.0 Android 4.0.3]
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Jan 29, 2012
Walidhazem, thanks for your effort on this; we've been in need of one of these threads since the last one was abandoned. Much appreciated.

Skittleys, I was about to mention the same thing. Thanks for contributing, and double-checking information.

EDIT: Also, you have the AndroidME Rom listed under guides. Should be moved to ICS Roms. Thanks again.
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Mar 17, 2012
This will be VERY useful if kept up-to-date!

Please fix the following though:

1. ARHD 6.6.3 ICS is listed under Gingerbread, Sense 3.x right now, please remove it from there
2. Please add some more indentation and white space so the categories are a bit easier to read

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