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[COMPILATION] Roms, Kernels, Root/Recovery, Add-ons/Mods [Updated In 2015/08/06]

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Aug 18, 2012
Sharjah, UAE
Welcome to the Galaxy tab 8.9 Compilation thread!

Big thanks to @safariking, he created the whole compilation, I only updated it ;)

Custom Kitkat & Lollipop ROMs {4.4, 5.0, 5.1}

[5.1.1][P7310][Lollipop][Omni 5.1.1] P5wifi [28 Jul, 2015]

[5.X.X/4.4.4][P7300/P7310][ROM, Kernel, Recovery] Jolie contributions [13 May, 2015]

[4.4.4][P7300/P7310][PORT] Nameless (19-07-2014) & Omni (26-07-2014) (Discontinued)

[4.3.1/4.4.4][P7300/P7310][PORT] CM 10.2&11.0 / SGT7 [Feb-23/Jul-17] (Discontinued)

[KK 4.4.4][P7300/P7300B/P7310][PORT] Nameless 4.4.4 20140711 P5/P5Wifi [2014-07-11] (Discontinued)

[4.4][P7300][WIP][HOMEMADE] OMNIRom, unstable, [3 Jan, 2014] (Discontinued)

Custom Jelly Bean ROMs {4.1, 4.2, 4.3}

[JB][4.3.1][PORTED][P7300]Ganbarou GT V.4.05 (by drakseed) [2014-4-15] (Discontinued)

[4.3][P7300/P7310][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 10.2 [2014-Jan-04] (Discontinued)

[4.3][P7300/P7310][UNOFFICIAL] AOKP [2013-Sep-16] (Discontinued)

[4.2.2][P7300/P7310][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 10.1 [10.1.3, 2013-Oct-22] (Discontinued)

[4.1.2][P7320/P7320T] Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 [2013-12-22] (Discontinued)

[4.1.2][P7300/P7310] CyanogenMod 10 [2012-11-11] (Discontinued)

[4.3][P7310] Android-HD (CM10.2 BASED)[21-9-13] (Discontinued)

[4.1.2][P7310] PACman Rom [17-12-12] (Discontinued)

[4.1.2]jellybean AOKP UNOFFICIAL November 3, 2012[I957] (Discontinued)

Stock ICS & HC Based ROMs {4.0.4/3.2}

[ICS][Stock-Based][P7300/P7310][LQJ/LPV] ULTRA PLUS+!!!! [30/7/2014] (Discontinued)

[HC][3.2][P7300]DarkHoney V.1 2014 Very Fast/Smooth/Smart/ (Base On Overcome) (Discontinued)

[P7320 and P7320T][CWM] Arlic's ICHI ROM 1.2[27-10-2012] (Discontinued)

DannoRom_2.0.6 Oct 16, 2012[I957] (Discontinued)

Custom ICS ROMs {AOSP 4.0.4 Based}

AOSP ICS [P7310/P7300] Pure AOSP[4-10-2012] (Discontinued)

TWICS-UX Final 2 GT-P7310/P7300 [Final Update 03-08-2012] (Discontinued)

[P7310/P7300] Jelly Bean Taste [Update 13-07-2012][Final] (Discontinued)

[AOKP-Milestone 5]Galaxian-Soup[GT-7310/7300][05.01.2012] (Discontinued)

[P7300/P7310]Official CyanogenMod 9 [2012-09-03] (Discontinued)

Latest Official Stock ICS That Can Be Installed Through Odin {4.0.4}

South Africa XFV P7300XXLQJ Stock ICS 4.0.4 For GT-P7300

Portugal TPH P7310XXLPV Stock ICS 4.0.4 For GT-P7310

Italy OMN P7320XXLPR Stock ICS 4.0.4 For GT-P7320

USA (AT&T) I957UCLK4 Stock ICS 4.0.4 For SGH-I957

[STOCK][ICS 4.0.4][Open Source][SHV-E140 S/K/L] Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE

Recoveries and Root

[p7300/p7310] twrp [21-07-2014] Also get them with [F2FS] Support

[P7300/P7310]ClockWorkMod Recovery - 2012-07-25 (Discontinued)

[RECOVERY+ROOT+KERNEL] Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE (P7320/P7320T) (Discontinued)

[P7300/P7310]ClockWorkMod Recovery v5.5.0.4 [21.Feb.12] (Discontinued)

[I957 LTE]ClockWorkMod Recovery v5.5.0.4 (Discontinued)

[I957]TWRP - TeamWin Recovery Project [10/17/12] (Discontinued)

[I957]ClockWorkMod Recovery for I957 (LTE) (Discontinued)

[P7300/P7310]Galaxy Tab 8.9 Root (Discontinued)

[HC][ROOT] Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE (SGH-i957) (Discontinued)


[4.4.4] Figue kernel [EXT4 + F2FS] Jolie contributions [2-Dec-2014]

[P73XX] A1 Kernel V1.9 [25-5-2013] (Discontinued)

[Stock-Based][ICS] Extra Kernel [18-3-2014] (Discontinued)

[CM10/CM10.1/JB/JB-MR1][P7300/P7310][LINARO]IceBolt v1.1.2.3 (04-01-13) (Discontinued)

[OC][UV][3G][USB charging] GT8.9 7300/7310 (Dec 4, 2011) (Discontinued)

kernel modules for the P7310 [11-2011] (Discontinued)


[Video]How to Root your Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Install Clockwork Recovery (Discontinued)

[P7320][OTA ICS 4.0.4] OTA ICS for GT-P7320 (Discontinued)

[GUIDE & TOOLKIT][1.21.14 Final Update] One-stop Guide for 7300/7310 (Discontinued)

The Definitive FIX YOUR BATTERY Instructions[Battery Recalibration] (Discontinued)

Flashable Add-Ons & Mods

[P7300/P7310][4.3.1/4.2.2] TabletUI on CyanogenMod [2014.01.04] (Discontinued)

[P7300/P7320][CWM]Enable native SIP (Internet Calls) on Stock ICS [2012-10-26] (Discontinued)

Threads Without Or With Broken Download Links

Stock ICS Based ROMs {4.0.4}

{NO Download Link} [P7300/P7300B/P7310] StockRom V8 (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [OFFICIAL][P7300] P7300ZSLP7 stock+rooted+voice calls (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} SafariICSSamsungRom (15-08-2012) (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [P7310/P7300] XperiaZtablet Rom V2.0 (The Big Upgrade) [25-05-2013] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [P7300] P7500XXLQ8_P7500OXALQ8 clean port v2[2012-08-16] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [P7310] P7510XABLPL_P7510UELPL clean port v2[2012-08-16] (Discontinued)

Custom Jelly Bean & Kitkat ROMs {4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4}

{NO Download Link} [4.1.2][P7310/P7300] RemICS-JB UX (Team RemICS-JB) [27-12-2012] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} BAKED p5wifi bb-8 (3-15-2013) (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [Compilation][P7300/P7310] CM9/AOKP/PA/PAC [2013-07-24]

{BROKEN Download Link} [4.1.2][P7300/P7310] AOSP Android 4.1.2 [27-02-2013] (Discontinued)

Custom ICS ROMs {AOSP 4.0.4 Based}

{NO Download Link} [P7300/P7310] ? AOKP M6Slim ? (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} SGT7 Builds for the 8.9 (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [I957]Compiled ICS For i957[3/24/12] (Discontinued)

Custom Honeycomb ROMs {AOSP 3.1, 3.2 Based}

{BROKEN Download Link} [7.March.2012][P73xx] ?? Overcome 8.9 Series v2.3.1 ?? (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [3.2][P7300]Ganbarou GT V0.5c[17 Jan 2012] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [3.2]Honey v0.9.1[ROOT] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [CWM] 7310UELA3 [rooted + busybox] P7310 (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [Developer Preview][Non-TouchWiz][HC][7310]NonTW (Discontinued)

{NO Download Link} Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI US V.01 P-7310 only (Discontinued)

Stock Honeycomb ROMs {3.1, 3.2}

{BROKEN Download Link} [3.1]P7300ZSKI2 Stock rom for GT8.9 3G [20-10-2011] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [3.2]P7310XXKJ4 Stock rom for GT8.9 WIFI only [10.2011] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [3.2]P7300XWKK4 Stock rom for GT8.9 3G [23.11.2011] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [3.2][I957]Contingency v1.0b1[5/16/12] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [3.1]P7300XWKK4 Stock rom for GT8.9 3G [23.11.2011] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [3.2]P7300 Honeycomb LA2 2012 January Hungary/Austria (Discontinued)


{BROKEN Download Link} [OC]Da_G's 1944MHz SGH-i957 LTE OC(Dec 20, 2011) (Discontinued)

Flashable Add-Ons & Mods

{BROKEN Download Link} [7310][ICS][v0.3.0]HoneyFeats For ICS[CWM] (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} (CWM)(Experimental Features)(v3 Beta + v2.1)IceCold Feats(ICS) (Discontinued)

{BROKEN Download Link} [ICS]Feats-It version 5[GT-P7310] (Discontinued)
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