Question Configuration for CODM, optimization, applications, some problems

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Feb 5, 2023
I have the version with Snapdragon, the first thing I did was "root" it and install these apps
+Package disabler Pro (To disable all GOS services, also disable all Bixby services since I don't use them)
+FDE.AI (To increase performance, highly recommended, although to force high hertz on the screen is not compatible and gives errors)
*GLTOOLS (To force 90 fps in CODM, although here I have problems with FPS losses and heating, I have an external fan cooler to avoid heating as much as possible, even so I still have low fps jerks)

+KILLAPPS PRO (To close any application that runs in the background, also those of the system, although at the same time they reactivate themselves)
I also lower the resolution to FHD+ and put the colors in natural, which by my logic I understand that I should force the processor less and heat less, the latter if it worked for me the temperature remains stable and the battery lasts much longer.
I have 15 days with the phone and in my little experience with it, I notice that it is not a cell phone to play for many hours CODM without external ventilation, since it gets very hot and you lose a lot of performance.
In general, I expected more from him, I thought that by forcing 90 fps and having external ventilation and lowering resolutions I was going to have a high and constant performance in CODM, which disappointed me.
Has anyone had other configurations so that the game is stable and without crashes?