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CONFIRMED Official Lollipop 5.1 for Moto X 2013 [UPDATED 06-19-2015]

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Sep 9, 2010

Then that would lead me to believe it is a bug. It didn't do it in 4.2, and it doesn't do it on 4.4. So it was something introduced in 4.4.4. I'm looking at the release notes for 4.4.4 and it doesn't mention that feature anywhere.

It's not a feature. It wasn't intended to work that way, it was intended to detect when the phone is flipped over or removed from a pocket(I definitely remember seeing this in reviews/advertisement for the pocket detection, but never for a "wave to wake" feature). I'm guessing they upped the sensitivity of the prox sensor and it was an unintended side effect.

I have to cover the prox sensor for a good 4-5 seconds and remove it before the screen turns on.
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Jul 27, 2010
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Sep 9, 2010
pg 21

https://youtu.be/XrETTxC7IVE?t=3m3s (not official obv, just an example of the feature in question. nearly 3 month old video mentioning the lollipop update heh)

The hand wave gesture mentioned in the manual in your first link is for Talkback. That has nothing to do with the wave gesture people are talking about. (For active display)

Notice in that youtube review in your second link he has 4.4.4. The wave to wake thing was introduced in 4.4.4, but not as a feature promoted by Motorola.

Here's a few reviews from before 4.4.4. https://youtu.be/e0zafiziPIc?t=6m24s
https://youtu.be/__8AXub6R0k?t=2m40s "Or even when you walk up to it, in some cases" what does that even mean?

All these say the same thing. Flipping or take it out of your pocket. No mention of waving.

I looked into active display pretty thoroughly before buying my Moto X. If they had advertised the wave thing, I would have seen it. I remember them pushing the pocket thing pretty hard, tho. Their idea was to have the phone showing notifications whenever you "pick it up" this was before all the knocking, waving, and all the other silly stuff you can do to turn a phone on nowadays. I never upgraded past 4.4, so I never knew "waving to wake" was a thing on the Moto X. I checked the release notes for 4.4.4 and it makes no mention of such a thing. My guess is it was unintentional.

Here's a reddit thread where a bunch of people can't get wave to wake to work. http://www.reddit.com/r/MotoX/comments/22lrrk/wave_in_front_of_the_phone_to_show/ Pre 4.4.4, of course.

Nobody cared about waving to wake until the 2nd Gen Moto X came out with it. I believe it uses the IR sensors for that, not a prox sensor. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
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Nov 20, 2011
Got 5.1 on the french version.

- Confirmed NO wake-up gesture. Thanks Motorola, you promised new features and you took them away.
- Same old "no silence mod" lollipop bs.
- No particular performance improvement.
- Stupid "!" icon next to the mobile network icon if you turn data off. That's stupid, it looks like you have a problem, while it's just for "no internet". Another lollipop bs.
- Mi Fit seems not to work.
- Nice animations, but not so fluid as I expected sometimes.

I've tried it for 3 hours and at the moment it is as bad as I expected, it's not completely Motorola's fault btw, it's Google who likes to mess with their OS.
Why would Mi Fit not work??

Dilly babu

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Jun 10, 2015
Storage space is running out

Hi Guys!

I installed CyanogenMod 12.1 for MOTO X,after installation completed i got the below error "STORAGE SPACE IS RUNNING OUT", but my internal storage is empty.

Kindly help me out for this issue.

Thanks :


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Nov 8, 2011
I don't know about you guys.. I've flashed the Brazilian 5.1 twrp backup, nexus experience, mokee, cm12.1, paranoid android, aicp, dirty unicorns (you get the gist) and nothing compares to the performance and battery life of 4.4.4 stock. So far, the only thing that has impressed me with all these 5.1 Roms is the UI. Fancy, but L is clearly a stepping stone to M. The memory leak and sub-standard battery life are just not worth it.
The moto x is a device from 2013. In this day and age, that is OLD. If we get M, probably as a custom rom, even with the best Dev efforts (that don't use the x8 chip) we won't get what we really want from this phone.

Rant over.

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Jan 28, 2015
Hi Guys!

I installed CyanogenMod 12.1 for MOTO X,after installation completed i got the below error "STORAGE SPACE IS RUNNING OUT", but my internal storage is empty.

Kindly help me out for this issue.

Thanks :

Had such ptoblem on RAZR M, try wipe dalvik cache and cache.

But how does CM 12 question happened to appear in Official Lollipop thread?


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Feb 12, 2015
The hand wave gesture mentioned in the manual in your first link is for Talkback. That has nothing to do with the wave gesture people are talking about. (For active display)

I'll second that, just for grins. I have Talkback disabled on my Droid Maxx (4.4.4) and Active Display works just fine.

If the Active Display feature has not been disabled, it will be specifically named and listed in Settings. It's a very straightforward and visible option, IF one has not disabled it in Settings > Apps (as I did on my Moto X).

So, it's June 10th. Any word on 5.1? Rumor has it the Turbo will start getting 5.1 today, but no reports of any actual pushes yet.


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Feb 12, 2015
I thought it had to be disabled?

Oh hmmm maybe your right. It wasn't working for me earlier with it disabled. But now its working with it either enabled or disabled. Maybe I just wasn't waving right its a kinda awkward thing to do imho

If you're talking about Active Display (clock and maybe other things fading in and out when the phone is asleep), it definitely works with Vibrate on touch unticked (off).
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Dec 17, 2007
Anyone got a clue what a Motorola week's equivalent is on this planet...?
Just wondering and the fact that Mr. Schuster looks a lot like Yannis Varoufakis does not help.

Anyway, lets keep fingers crossed....

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    Sweet. Can't wait to rock this in 2017!
    Source: David Schuster - https://plus.google.com/+DavidSchuster/posts/cV4vDyyMmw2

    LATEST UPDATE [06-19-2015]

    Full deployment has started for US Retail, Brazil Retail and Rogers in Canada.

    Source: David Schuster - https://plus.google.com/+DavidSchuster/posts/bEVD4De32Uo

    UPDATE [06-09-2015]

    "I wanted to give a quick update on where we are with the Lollipop upgrades for the 2013 Moto X (1st Gen) devices.

    We have started full soak testing in France and Germany retail this week with the expectation of full deployment next week if all goes well.

    In addition, we have addressed an issue we found in a previous soak test and should start full soak testing in the US and Brazil for retail later this week. If all goes well, full deployment can happen the following week.

    There were some questions about support for Lollipop upgrades from our carrier channels. We are in a number of the carrier labs now so we don't anticipate issues in getting the upgrades deployed. As you guys know.... the carrier channels typically take longer.

    UPDATE: If all goes well with the soak testing this week we expect to start deployment for 2013 Moto X (1st gen) in India next week."

    Source: David Schuster - https://plus.google.com/+DavidSchuster/posts/ETpoNrkmmrA

    UPDATE [04-22-2015]

    Due to the "leaks" about 5.1 "updates rolling out" in Brazil, here's some trusted words in regard to 5.1 current state:

    "We're still in testing. We'll post something in the parked comments when it moves to the Soak stage and then again when full deployment happens. Don't always believe what you read online."

    Source: Motorola Forums Manager (Mark).
    Here is twrp backup of 5.1 . I upload it that you don't mess your boot loader and modem.
    Works perfect with my xt1052

    Use TWRP and restore system and boot
    Erase data cache and dalvik cache


    For anyone who doesn't want to edit the updater-script or is not comfortable with flashing an update, I've made a TWRP backup.

    XT1053 Developer Edition OTA (4.4.4 to 5.1)