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Hi all,
I come from an old RN 4x (mido) to the RN 11 Pro 5G (veux) and a little bit lost
What steps should I absolutely do?

- ask for unlock bootloader : I have to wait 168h on miflash screen <=> I will wait
- download firmware : already with V13.0.5.0.SKCEUXM
- install firmware ?
- download TWRP or Orangefox ?
- Install TWRP or OrangeFoxx
- download Custom ROM (which one? I was on lineageOS on my RN 4x)
- Install Custom ROM
- download Gapps (which one?)
- Install Gapps
- Install magisk manager and Magisk Fox
Restore all my data.. and that's all folks ?

Do not remenber about that :
Recovery File
vendor_boot File

Thanks for all


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It all depends on what you want to install.
In general the mode of installation is explained in the OP.
If it doesn't, browse the thread or ask.
Firmware is important.
In any case for a first installation you will have to format the data.
Restoring your data is not possible from MIUI to AOSP and vice versa (or maybe with a third party app).
Difficult to answer precisely on relative questions.;)


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I thought I was clear in my request 😱😭
Do not know what means OP !
My RN 11 Pro 5G is new and would like to know what steps I had to follow in order to be roooted as today on my RN 4x.
I have done it on my old RN 4x but 7 years ago.
The goal is to be roooted and instal a custom ROM but sure that I need to do many steps before !
Do not care to format it because it is brand new... I am still on my RN 4x...
All my datas will be restored by SwiftBackup so don't care about that !
So the installation will be from scratch => just need the steps in order to do it properly
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Do not know what means OP !
"OP" on XDA is usually meant in TWO different meanings:
  1. In this context and @NOSS8's post, it's the Opening Post of a thread i.e. its post #1.
  2. The second meaning is that a thread owner is also called the OP, the opening poster.


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Jun 14, 2023
Hello, Orangefox was the best choice since I used it in previous years for Redmi note 9 pro. But now where can I able to download working orangefox for veux? even if it's not official but at least can be used.

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