Congratulations to THREE Most Inspiring Ambassadors. Enjoy your trip to #Wimbledon2022!

Chance to win the SWAG Bag! Come and Vote for the THREE deserving the title and a trip to Wimbledon!

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Feb 10, 2022
OPPO Find X5 Pro
Hey friends,

[Winners Announcement]

After counting all polls from both the thread and Twitter, congratulations to THREE of our #OPPOAmbassadors, on winning the title of "Most Inspiring Ambassadors"! Enjoy your trip to #Wimbledon2022!

We feel incredibly privileged to be working with such a talented community that continues to surprise, amaze and inspire us

@Mengguo Li @franciscoherrera84 @LimSM

Read Their Full Reviews:​

Li Mengguo:

Frankie Herrera:

Lim Soon Min:


Additionally, congratulations to the 7 dear friends leaving your comments and luckily winning the OPPO Product Ambassadors Standard Swag Bag [that will be released in Mid-June]. Please DM us and further know how to claim your prize. @ajaredic @ElsonEllah @lggop @Melvinng @mickfitz @mrniceone17 @Thoneys_concepts

[First Post - Vote for Your Favorite Ambassadors and Win Prize]

There's no one like our #OPPOAmbassadors when it comes to sharing their ideas and experiences pertaining to the #OPPOFindX5Series ✨

We've been spellbound by the stories they've told us, and these are the best SIX of them. And now, we are expecting to know your ideas about which THREE of them inspired you the most. If you've got anything to say, just leave them down below~

How to Participate:​

Vote and share your thoughts with the tag #OPPOAmbassadors to tell us who are the ones deserving the title "The Most Inspiring Ambassador" and a trip to Wimbledon. You (Voter and Commenter) could also be in the running to win an OPPO Product Ambassadors Swag Bag (Standard Version)! 🤩



Read Their Full Reviews:​

Ankit Gondalia:

Li Mengguo:

Andreas Palmer:

Chris Gray:

Lim Soon Min:

Frankie Herrera:



You only get ONE chance to cast your precious vote, so please make your decision carefully after reading the full contents from our SIX ambassadors!

Vote now!​



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May 19, 2022
All the Reviews are well Done. Hats off to all #OppoAmbassadors

I Have Voted for Ankit Gandalia, the Reason Being that the review posted by him is More detailed and Eye-Catchy Just Like Oppo Find X5. When some one like Myself who is non Techy Gives a First Look at review He/She wants to feel like as if one is Using the phone him or herself. Ankit's Review made me had that feeling as I could spot phone from each and Every angle. The Camera and Processing Details Were well balanced.

Good Luck To You all. I am Available at @racerme on Twitter for any queries or suggestions.
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Feb 20, 2022
Wonderful review from #OPPOAmbassadors they all did well.
I voted for Ankit Gandalia, Andreas Palmer and Chris Gray.

I picked Ankit because of his images. He went in-depth with the camera and came up with mesmerising photos to prove that the OPPO Find X5 is a camera champ. And as a budding smartphone photographer and creative, that's the kind of review I was looking forward to.

I selected Andreas Palmer because of his detailed explanations. He even reviewed features that others overlooked.

I also chose Chris Gray because of his well detailed review and his unbiased opinion about the OPPO Find X5 Pro.

I'll also be getting my unit of the OPPO Find X5 Pro. I can't wait to partake the premium flagship experience
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Jan 5, 2018
#OPPOAmbassadors Chris clicked an amazing photo which we see in daily life.. still made it look so good...others photos are just about being at the right place at the right time

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