Connecting any usb-c headphones results in neverending beeps

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May 29, 2009
Later edit:

I solve it, it was actually due to an older application Desktop hub (for Samsung Dex) that got installed after swapping devices.


Looks like there are some usb-c issues going on, mine is related to neverending beeps.

What goes on:

As soon as I connect any usb-c headphones (including those that came with the device) they start beeping, like an alert beep. If i remove them, the sounds is gone.

I also tested another pair of usb-c headphone, and the result is the same, neverending beeps.

The headphones are O.K., they work just fine on my Note 8.

Another interesting fact is that when i first connected them, it said something about updating the firmware. After that, the show started :)

Of course, i tried altering all the settings i could find. Even i disable usb audio routing, it still keeps beeping :)

So any ideas?

Other people encountering this issue?
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