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[Conspiracy] Xposed for Lollipop

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Oct 2, 2014
This thread started out as a dumb joke and now all of you (not really ALL, but you all know who I'm talking about) really need to take a chill pill. Rovo is working on it. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR ETAs. Its actually slowing down the process and wasting oh so precious time of other peoples lives. Look up and stop commenting retarded, pointless rants that are a waste of space, bandwidth, and time. Please. I don't even know how y'all managed to have 40 pages stuffed with ETAs and rants. Done. Stop. Please. No ones reading.


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Oct 2, 2014
So after 39 pages of actual reading hasty comments I literally feel less intellectual than when I started! My first root days were with my evo 4G when info was highly guarded, (I even had to deal with the FBI Piracy crap) and I ended up bricking it. I didn't get on here and blame devs or or cry about it, I got on Google and read,read,and read again,then,and only then did I go about unbricking. Lo and behold my Evo was back......went to the Evo 3D and bricked it........back to Google,Evo back...OK,point is that most of you people don't want to have to Google search for solutions and you are LAZY. You'll take the time to search for a ROM and flash it but you won't search when they fail. Exposed framework is the subject and I specifically searched and ended up in this forum and I did what my responsibility was and after 39 pages I feel let down. From what I get (and I may be wrong but I'll guarantee me being wrong isn't from lack of information it would be from the misinformation.), I get that Xposed will Never come to LP5.0 and even when LP5.1? hits android it still won't be Xposed, it will be a variant called Elpollo. I don't under stand why UNNAMED devs and Moderators don't step in and give some clarity on what's being asked as for me,I can live with not knowing the ETA of Exposed or Elpollo or whatever its gonna be called but how about some clarity on the subject. And for the people who have such smart ass, better than thou attitude, why don't you throw a ROM together that implements Exposed modules or equivalent that suits your needs, all this complaining has made me dumber! I've been reading forums in XDA for many years and haven't felt the need to comment or post because no matter what, the longer I read,the more I learned and was able to find a solution to whatever,NOW I feel the need because this is unbearable. @ rovo89 has not offered anything at all and there were a couple recognized contributors adding comments so how can anyone say anything for sure? I feel ETAs are a gift so to speak, it how about someone with some relevant information shed some ki d of light. Have a good day and Google is your #itc#.

Yeah, one thing... It's called Xposed.

Yeah lol so hypocritical to not read the title and see how its spelled in big bold letters
But wutever


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Oct 16, 2013
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Oct 14, 2012
Hey all, thanks for info firstly, thanks to rove for work he's obviously doing so well! I can understand why this forum is here and how it started, it's quite nice (cudos to rovo) and funny (rants!) but is it the best place to be subscribed for info on xposed(when it hapoens)? Cheers all :)

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    Soon... :) Working very well already.
    No new "work in progress" sources = no help from other contributors. That's it.
    You can probably count the people who really understand Xposed and how it works at one hand (and you'll basically have to start from scratch for lollipop).
    It's not like there were hundreds of contributors in the past, so what you're trying to say here is invalid.

    Yes, there would probably be some people who could help out, but keep in mind that every minute rovo is helping others to better understand what's going on isn't available for him to do some actual development (which includes research and drafting ideas).

    I'm sure that any top tier dev who feels confident to actually bring xposed for lollipop forward can contact rovo anytime and get his wip code, but so far no one has spoken out.

    The sad truth is that 95% of the xda users are people without any real technical knowledge - and the only thing they do is to offer to "test" something to gain access to something before it's release.
    Unfortunately those testers are rarely ever needed, at least not within the core development phase, here it takes way more time to explain people what is needed than to just test it yourself.
    When you're rolling something out to production and want to make sure that the last little bugs within different usage cases and configurations are squashed, sure you'll need testers, but not before.
    But for now that's not the case, so it might be better to keep the unhelpful comments to oneself
    Not everything in life is about money. Some people do things just for the enjoyment of creating something.

    rovo said he isn't accepting donations because it would make it feel like a job that he was obligated to work on full time.

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    On the other hand, I so much enjoyed his work that I feel bad not having some way to be more grateful than hitting the thanks button and filling his thank-o-meter.

    Doesn't have to be money- I would consider something respectful like sending him and wife to dinner at some fancy restaurant, nothing asked in return. Just appreciation for what he did for me.

    I'm sure many feel the same, but Rovo refuses and I respect him. I actually don't know the man, but I have a lot of respect for him.
    Wow seems some just dont have any idea. Well let me let you in on something. I only warn once and then you end up banned.

    Now all the childish name calling and arguing stops. The next insult issued will get you banned from the site for good.

    I dont care if you like xposed or not. If you like it then use it and shut up. If not then dont use it and shut up. Either way stop the school yard antic. This is a developers site. Not a rom site and not a user site.

    Now it has been awhile since I have had to repost this but it seems that a point needs to be made again.

    Bottom line is people just cant talk to anyone any damn way they feel. This is not a site to make people popular. Hell I dont give a **** how many people use the kernel, rom, mod, or hack. Act like a fool and you deserve to be banned for good. The rules are here for a reason. Either follow them or leave, your chose.

    Now I have had to hold my tounge on this for a while but no longer.
    XDA is a developers site
    XDA is a free forum you are ALLOWED to use. We could make it invite only
    XDA is and always will be about the developers. And before you say without the users there would be no XDA, Bull****, who do you think used the stuff before normal people even knew what a smartphone was......wait for it.........other developers. People that could give good feedback with relavent info. Like Logcats and crash messages. Not just "dahhh this is broken, please fix". And even Maybe help fix what is broken.

    XDA is not a place to come and make your phone cool.
    XDA is not the cool place for idiots to hang out.
    XDA is not your friends house
    XDA is not a democracy
    XDA is not a place to make Money.

    XDA IS a place to come to learn and share your knowledge. If you are not here for those reasons then you are here for the wrong ones.

    I have watched XDA become a place where every dumbass in the world has a smartphone and comes here thinking they have the right to anything. Well guess what? You dont have the right to ****. We share it because we want to and we dont if we dont feel like it. Are the Developers or the Mods required to make you happy? Nope not in the least. Wanna leave. Go ahead. I beg you, please do. The less people that are asking dumb question cause they dont know what they are doing (this is understood when your new, but at least look) or are too lazy to look for it the better.
    I read all the stuff here. Some questions I have to ask from every one who don't like Xposed Framwork, including @Kryten2k35

    Ok guys, you're right that every GOOD developer should be able to bring anything useful to his rom when his rom users ask.

    But what about NOT wasting time of developer over these codes? Instead of hours of work for Nav Bar customization options, he can work for other things that no Xposed Module can bring. Like the one @JustArchi did on JustArchi's ArchiDroid Optimizations - Increases performance up to 6x

    Now imagine if @JustArchi worked over 200 hours to make every byte of his rom customizable without Xposed Modules. What was the real benefit?

    Regards. :)

    The first rule of making any software - don't reinvent the wheel. The second rule - don't repeat yourself.

    There is xposed, and people like it. I even included it in my ROMs, so people can tick during flashing if they want xposed, or not. If they do, it even comes preactivated, so users don't need to do anything apart from installing some useful modules.

    I see that some of you bring ArchiDroid example as "unique" ROM, actually, I'm really happy to see that. AD is developed by me, to suit my needs. It has many unique features, mostly because nobody invented something I use/want in the the way I want. One time I had to test some C/C++ code, and asked myself "why I don't have gcc in my android", and this is how AD's pocket debian was born. Another time "god, I hate these adds, and applying MoAB adds 5 seconds delay, why I can't have my own DNS server on my droid?", bah, AD's adblock was born. List goes on...

    Xposed offers great power, but that great power comes with great responsibility. I'm not a big fan of customizing droid to the limits. I'm not a fan of eye-candy features that I don't use, unlimited customizability, which I don't need, and 1928 clock icons to choose from. I'm minimalist, that's why I prefer to focus on low-level stuff which benefits all users (such as optimizations, adblock, pocket debian, haveged, archikernel), and leave high-level framework stuff to either CM team, or Xposed.

    So, yeah. I'm happy that xposed is coming, even considering the fact that I don't use it, because I don't need it.

    Does xposed kills development? No. It does not. If somebody prefers to spend time to add all missing features to stock ROMs, by decompiling apps and rewriting the smali, instead of using xposed and writing one-time module that does the same thing in universal way, then he violates both rules, he reinvents the wheel, and repeats himself with each update.

    Developing ROM is an art. Some people put minimal to none work on their ROMs, they just compile from sources, and that's fine. Other people do the same with stock ROMs, all they do is mixing apps, putting aroma, implementing mods, and "magical build.prop tweaks", they're not special as well. In the meantime, the real developers are working on CM sources, improving device support, or they're simply implementing totally new things to improve ROM's experience. I'm not sure if any ROM here includes independent operating system inside operating system, this is AD's unique feature, and I'm proud of that.

    The thing is, we're all here working on our hobbies, not lifetime job. AD is my hobby project, which I'm even using in my engineering thesis next year, because it's innovative and brings features some people could not even imagine. But NOTHING would exist if all of us did not cooperate. AD includes many third-party utilities, including xposed, and thanks to the synergy of them all, plus my unique features, ROM is that good.

    However, there is always space for improving something.