continuous reset a51

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so, everything is done.
1. Download ROM: and then unzip it.
2. Watch the video how to enter the Odin mode:
3. Watch the video how to flash the ROM:

As I understood, you may wanted to flash ElemantaryOS for debloating your phone, because, I think, in that ROM one would find anything special. Therefore, I would offer you to debloat your phone watching my video about this topic and using ADBAppControl:
But if you do this, be aware of uninstalling system applications and trust only yourself.
You also will be able to use information from this source:

Good luck!

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    But it depends on your computer's power
    How can I solve the error since it does not let me enter twrp...
    Can you please be more specific?
    Continuous reset ot restart?
    Try entering TWRP while connecting to PC with USB cable.
    Hello, it seems like your recovery and os are broken. I also met this problem, when I tried to install a custom ROM by an incorrect way.
    So, the only thing you can do is to enter the downloading (Odin) by first, forcibly restarting phone with pressing volume down and power buttons and then quickly switching to volume up and down buttons with connecting the phone to PC

    Then you will need to flash a correct stock rom with the binary you had. That is all, i think
    What steps did you do to enter the downloading mode?
    lets start. is your phone constantly rebooting right now?