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Question ControlPanel keeps stopping

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Feb 5, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S21+
Hi, All!

Love my Z Flip 3 F711B, aside from the battery life nd overheating during video calls. But this rant/ questions is not about that.

I have a lot of "ControlPanel keeps Stopping" errors when in Google chat, skype, gmail , whatsapp or other app and try to flex the phone in a 90 degree upright position.

Could this be due to the app's incompatibility with flex mode (enabled in settings for this app)? Or is this Gboard problem which I use for keyboard? I thought Gchat, for example, was compatible with flex mode.

EDIT: switching from Gboard to Samsung Keyboard has no effect.

Anyone have similar issues and has resolved them? Thanks.
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Post Nine

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Sep 1, 2020
Settings>Advanced Features>Labs>Flex mode panel>and choose apps


Download "Good lock" from galaxy store and force it on all apps in one setting in that.
i see, i've chose all apps under flex mode panel but it doesn't crash..
submit an error report on samsung members app > + button > error report and get feedback from them

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    Yeah I've had that pop up. I think its flex mode being forced on all apps in lab settings that causes it.