How To Guide Convert your T-Mobile (LE2127) to EU via MSM, No unlock.bin needed!

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  • Oct 29, 2014
    Azusa, CA
    OnePlus 9 Pro
    Any idea why my flash_all.bat is just sitting at this command now and not doing anything?


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    Sep 24, 2012
    Virginia Beach
    OnePlus 9 Pro
    I followed the guide to the tee but now I'm on widevine L3 before I was L1. I can pass safety net. Is there a way to revert back L1. I backed up my persist and modems. Do I need to flash those to revert back? I have magiskhideprop configs already. Anybody with the issue able to revert back?

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      Due to OnePlus's incompetence on running a website, the MSM conversion is released today to enable bootloader unlocking for folks who are SIM unlocked but can't download an unlock.bin
      Well, OnePlus sent you link to your email.
      why you don't try to redownload?
      Because OnePlus broke their website and you can't download a working unlock.bin anymore.
      Due to OnePlus's incompetence on running a website, the MSM conversion is released today to enable bootloader unlocking for folks who are SIM unlocked but can't download an unlock.bin
      I can confirm that this method works. For me, there was one hiccup.

      When I MSM to EU, the OEM Unlocking was greyed out and unable to be selected, so I was worried my SIM became locked again somehow. I tried to flash the modem anyway, but it failed because the device was still locked. Once the device rebooted, I checked again and OEM Unlocking was able to be selected. I'm not sure if it was a stroke of luck or if the reboot did the trick.

      Just sharing in case anyone else has this same issue. Thank you for creating this workaround, @craznazn!
      If I'm on EU can I use oxygen updater to convert to India for the new 7.7 update?
      Yes just remember to reflash the modem when done
      So, how does someone go about backing up the modem if you need root to do a backup? Forgive my ignorance, I haven't rooted in a few years and I think some things have changed haha :p Please advise on how to perform a system backup without root?

      Edit: Sorry, I just found the info on how to use EDL :p excuse this post haha
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      *** Use this at your very own risk.
      *** You will lose all data
      *** Backup your working modemst1/2 and persist. If you lose these for any reason, it's unique to your device and not recoverable if you didn't back up (via MSM or other people).
      *** Read the entire post and follow the steps closely before asking for help. Post all error messages and steps you took. If you just ran a bunch of unknown commands, I would tell you to MSM.
      *** Know how to use the MSMTool, Don't start before figuring it out.

      Disclaimer: I initially did not want to release this conversion because you still need to unlock the bootloader to fix modem, but this conversion lets you unlock the bootloader without needing unlock.bin. Since OnePlus's website is currently broken, the only way to backup the partitions above is via EDL. I've had the conversion tested and there seem to be no issues, and you can make the backups afterwards. Just keep in mind that if something goes wrong and the above partitions are lost, you are really screwed and there's no way back. If you are not comfortable with this, turn back now.

      General notes:

      • NR and LTE bands are read only and not modifiable, not in modem.img or any other partition. You cannot get global bands by flashing a global ROM, nor can you lose TMO bands by flashing another ROM.
      • The T-Mobile modem is not compatible with any other variant's NON-HLOS, meaning you need to flash back the T-Mobile modem in order to have cell connectivity.
      • Dual-SIM does not work.

      • You must be SIM unlocked. This conversion will not SIM unlock you.
      • Verify "Enable OEM unlocking" is not greyed out in Developer Options
      • Familiarity with MSMDownload tools. If the regular MSM tool doesn't work for you, turn back now.
      • Back up all data, it will be wiped.


      1. Unzip both the conversion and modem zip files.
      2. Execute MSMDownloadTool V4.0.exe and msm normally.
      3. Connect to wifi (not sure if necessary)
      4. Go to Developer Options -> Enable OEM Unlocking. If this is greyed out, it means you are still SIM locked and didn't read the whole guide (You may need to reboot a few times, but if it stays greyed you are still locked). MSM back to T-Mobile and get it unlocked first.
      5. Reboot to bootloader
      6. Unlock your bootloader, no unlock.bin needed:
        fastboot oem unlock
        fastboot flashing unlock
      7. Follow instructions on phone to unlock bootloader.
      8. Boot back to bootloader and flash modem:
        fastboot flash modem_a NON-HLOS.bin
        fastboot flash modem_b NON-HLOS.bin
      9. You are done converting. Make sure to keep NON-HLOS around, you'll need to flash it after every OTA.

      Fastboot method:
      * The steps in this guide will convert your TMO LE2127 to EU This is intentionally not the latest version to force you to take a FULL OTA.
      * You can use this guide to convert to your own variant by extracting payload and flashing from a full OTA. No support will be given if you choose to manually do it.
      * Use the latest platform tools: DO NOT USE MINIMAL ADB, it has not been updated for years.
      * Fastboot can't see your device?
      * Test that you can boot to fastbootd prior to starting, "fastboot reboot fastboot" and you should see the OnePlus logo with the text "fastbootd" on top. Do not continue if this doesn't work.
      * When encountering issues, describe all steps you took, paste any outputs, and take screenshots. Make sure to include the output of fastboot --version in your post.

      Steps to convert your device to EU
      1. You need your device bootloader and SIM unlocked. See
      2. Download and unzip the conversion package:
        • EU
          MD5: cb949816fa80d5f0d984359b819426c3
      3. Boot to bootloader.
        • From adb:
          adb reboot bootloader
        • From fastboot/bootloader:
          fastboot reboot bootloader
      4. Execute "flash_all.bat" from the unzipped directory from step 2.
      5. Reboot into recovery, and wipe everything.
      6. Once fully booted, connect to WiFi and download Oxygen Updater and take the FULL OTA ( as of this writing)
      7. Do a regular reboot, don't reboot to fastbootd, bootloader, recovery, etc. Reboot to system.
      8. Reboot into bootloader or fastbootd, and flash the T-Mobile modem.
        fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
      9. After each Full OTA you take in the future, you will need to repeat step 7 & 8

      • Q: The most recent version is, why is this guide converting to
        A: You didn't read the full post.
      • Q: Why is there no conversion to Global?
        A: Global variant uses the Google incremental OTA server, and full OTAs are not always provided. There's no functional difference, and EU has better privacy requirements anyways. You can do it manually by extracting payload.bin and running the same flash script. No support will be provided if you choose to flash to Global.
      • Q: Can I re-lock the bootloader after conversion?
        A: While you can go ahead lock your bootloader after conversion, I don't recommend it as you will not be able to take incremental OTA due to modem changes, and lose connectivity if you take a full OTA. To fix it, you need to unlock the bootloader and end up wiping.
      • Q: Where is the Linux guide?
        A: Too lazy, if you're using Linux, you can make your own bash script from the Windows batch script.
      • Q: Help, I see is 'fastboot' is not recognized as an internal or external command.
        A: Your fastboot.exe is not in your $PATH. You can either drop fastboot into the same folder as flash-all.bat, or you can fix your $PATH
      • Q: Help, I cannot boot to fastbootd because previous flashes messed things up.
        A: MSM
      • Q: Help, "not enough space to resize [system, product, system_ext]"
        A: MSM. If the error is on Vendor, it might still work and boot with a generic Android boot logo. If so, take the full OTA as described in the guide.
      • Q: Help, something went wrong!
        A: Post in here the starting state of your device (Device model, ROM version, etc), all steps you've taken since unlocking bootloader, and the output of whatever is causing you trouble. Chances are, the answer is MSM, but read my MSM warning.
      • Q: Help, I see "Invalid sparse file format at header magic"
        A: Ignore this message, not an error

      Fixing the About Phone page

      These steps are optional, and will fix the "About Phone" page. There are no performance differences. All that's done is change build.prop to reflect the correct model.
      1. You need to rooted with Magisk
      2. Download and install the magisk module: here
      3. Reboot, the About Phone page is filled out.

      Issues so far (please post if you run into more):
      • Dual SIM does not work
      • Dialer's vvm doesn't seem to work with T-Mobile, might be a T-Mobile issue though.
      • You must flash the T-Mobile modem after every OTA
      • Wildvine L1 is a crapshoot, you may or may not be lucky. Worked for me with only magiskhide enabled and blocking Google Play Services, but many people not having the same luck.
      What appears to work:
      • Everything else.

      Much appreciation for everyone that help develop and test
      Due to OnePlus's incompetence on running a website, the MSM conversion is released today to enable bootloader unlocking for folks who are SIM unlocked but can't download an unlock.bin
      Goodness man. Presently I see where I wrecked. I did the EU and not the much obliged for this and clearing that up. Likewise, thank you again for assisting me with saving my mobile. JBBattery
      Well, OnePlus sent you link to your email.
      why you don't try to redownload?
      Because OnePlus broke their website and you can't download a working unlock.bin anymore.
      Just did this conversion last night. And boy was I 🤔 confused. ( New to the oneplus) But I got it done and all is working perfect on the latest . All security issues pass on L1 and still rooted and magisk... Thank you to all that put in time and effort into this..👍👍👍👍