CoolWalk based UI is rolling out

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I have two cars with Android Auto. One is an older car with a 2018 Kenwood head unit, and the other is a 2022 Acura with a factory system. Coolwalk shows up every time for the last month on the Kenwood unit, but it has never showed up on the Acura. I wonder if the car radio involved is causing some to not see it or see it only sometimes?


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Oct 9, 2012
Hallo all,
Is there any way to force the update? Without root and beta program?
I'm using s22 ultra, tried all like cache cleaning, play services cache cleaning, uninstall and reinstall android auto but no coolwalk showed on my phone.
I see that one of my friend with s22 ultra, received a version named android auto 8.5.625214 but I'm not able to found any apk to download that on the Web.
Any idea?

Bill portland

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Feb 2, 2023
So, yesterday, coolwalk appeared on my car for the 1st time. Today, it's reverted to non-coolwalk. What's happening?


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Apr 17, 2006
Just cleared storage and cache on my AA, and voila I see Coolwalk UI. I use Waze, which is not compatible with the new dash at the moment, however, using Google Maps, I love how the new dash looks now.

My phone is Samsung S21 Ultra with Android 13, Android Auto ver 8.7.630264.
Headunit is Kenwood from 2018.


Nov 2, 2021
Finally, Coolwalk is enabled on my phone.
Samsunge Z Fold 4, US unlocked version, not rooted
Android Auto version, 8.9.130603

Seems nice, but, not really big deal for me since my Android Auto had split screen before CoolWalk. Waze and samsung Music disappeared, but, I don't use either of them a lot, so, I am ok.

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