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Copes SD Moved -> See AmeriCanAndroid

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May 21, 2005
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Oct 31, 2010
May I know where is the link to download this RAM Gingerbread built? I do not see it in the first post ...today. Are you uploading it right now?


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May 3, 2008
Zurich (Switzerland)
When are you going to fix GPS?:D

Seriously, provided that GPS is out of your hands, could you share info or a link about why GPS doesn't currently work on Gingerbread? So that we can have an idea about the issue and avoid bugging you with this question.

Will be testing your ROM in 3 or 4 days, after taking a "half exam" at university.:)


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Jan 1, 2011
thanks for this man

i still need winmo, cause i still use garmin xt (most complete map for my country)

edit: a suggestion, maybe you should add release date in title so people know there is still love for the sd version :)
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May 21, 2005
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I don't know the exact reasons why... all i know is that it has to do with gingerbread, and a lot of other devices are in the same boat. When they get it working, it will get pushed out to all the devices and then Cyanogen and others will work it into their repo updates, at which point we can have it for our hd2's.

I know that didnt clear it up.. but honest to god's truth, thats all i know.

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May 21, 2005
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it must be a dynamic link... if it's ever broken again,
in the first post ill link to lithid's page re: changelog.
the google apps link in on that same page.


Sorry. I thought you were talking about the build download link.
my bad.

lol next post.. 'dont kill me'
hahahah dood... im a cat person.. i dont kill - i rub and purr. lol
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Jan 14, 2010
hi copenhagen, actually the guy is right. the link to google apps doesn't work. it's dead. please don't kill me :p
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Aug 6, 2008
Glad to see some1 still making a ram build

Are the camcorder issues fixed with this
All other gingerbread builds I've seen lack camcorder
And USB mount


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Jan 14, 2010
how to access sd card? there's no "turn on usb storage" option. i know it's a gingerbread issue but i thought this build has fixed it.
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    Cope's SD HD2 Android build has moved.
    Please goto the following link to pick up
    where this thread leaves off.


    (Thankyou for the continued support everyone!!)
    Data problems

    Just a heads up.

    Got most everything working last night. Copenhagen is working on a build to give you based off my last working kernel.

    I have decided that the bcm driver updates with the hastarin 8.6 just aren't finished or are broken if used in CM7. To counteract, I've rolled back these changes(this is what allowed hastarin 8.6 to properly work in our CM7 build). I have noticed some extra changes on another kernel repo, will be looking into adding those. :)

    hellz YAH!!..... :)
    this is why warren is the shiz niz!

    @data problems: okay so for those of you who want to know what we know about data problems.

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=794309 (just for the info... we already have the latest ril wrapper)
    There are more... but .. this is enough.

    Although there is no SOLID 100% workaround or fix, the MAJORITY consensus appears to be this:

    1. Make sure you have chosen the correct apn. settings->wireless & networks->mobile networks->apn's (If there is NO apn to suit your provider, you can look up the apn settings via google. ie: "at&t android apn settings"; and use the middle hard key to create a NEW apn.. fill in with your carrier info)
    1a. Always check too, that you are using the best apn for your carrier. Personally can choose from about 4 or 5 in my apn list, but only the top entry is reliable and recommended by my carrier. Funny thing is on a clean install, it defaults to the second apn in the list, and stays that way until I manually set it the first time.
    2. Modify your build.prop file to have the correct DNS entries for your provider.
    3. Reboot after changes.

    What you need to know


    !Now let me state: I cannot provide you with YOUR dns entries. That would be crazy. To find them, use google!
    "ie: at&t android dns entries"
    and find the most up to date numbers you can find. !The only lucky ones here are T-MoUS users who can simply uncomment the tmo entries (like the ones shown above) in their /system/build.prop (or just download the t-mo specific build warren and I release for you.. to come soon). If you only get two net.dns entries to use.. fill the 3rd in with googles dns entry.. net.dns3= (like bolded above)

    -open the 240 build.prop file
    -change to desired lcd density
    -edit dns entries at the bottom to match your network carrier's.
    -follow the 240 build prop "cut paste" trick to install/change your build.prop

    or use a root explorer of some type and directly edit your /system/build.prop

    *what about rmnet?
    rmnet sucks. the speed sucks. its an old technology, it just simply put .. sucks.
    i'd rather attract a large user base who could potentially work together to solve the ppp issues, then lame out and switch to rmnet. (however, the kernel as far as i know is rmnet compatible. if you know how.. your more then welcome to try it... but it will take more then just copying some files to your sdcard for it to work :/ )

    Either way.. dont feel that we are sitting on builds that have working data and we just dont care.. cause we DO care.. and we are having the same issues as you .. beep boop lol will keep working on it tho

    Iv'e not enough time to be repeating this over and over so if someone complains about their data.. PLEASE :) send them to this post.

    Dont ask how to edit the build.prop (look up ... use SEARCH button / or use the method I described above)
    Dont post if it DOESNT work.... i already know when it DOESNT work trust me. lol
    DO Post if it works.. how long it works for... if you find a better solution ...etc.... >> RELEVANT INFO!

    word to big burd.

    EDIT: now that I re-read warrens quote from above... it apears that "that" was a go ahead to release with the latest working kernel... so you know what that means?

    Yup... new data.img required <- a price you pay for latest and greatest (we have no control over when this happens)
    http://www.multiupload.com/ZOFRGAGJOI <-- download NOW :) and provide feedback ASAP please.... this is a first release with all the changes under the hood.. i need the feedback.

    -warren's updated kernel from feb 6th 2011
    -cyanogenmod updates from feb 5 to feb 9
    -apps2sdext is NOW working (wasnt before) Docent & I put literally DAYS into fixing this.. I got it almost there... but was stuck until docent debugged. THANKYOU MY FRIEND
    -warren & I have done an overhaul under the hood.. its been 4 days of non stop work, plus the leo cm7 gb232 moved to a new branch so we had to deal with some other changes as well. Needless to say, very very solid release.
    -screen off animation is back for you .. crazy animation fetish types ;)
    -i see a new A2DP/AVRCP setting in sound options... havnt tested but A2DP/AVCRP working again?
    -you guys reported that camera wasnt working on last build.. well its working now.. and camcorder.

    -led notificaitons config applet not yet back in settings.
    -if I can remember more about it ill put up the details.
    nice to see there's still a person who cares about making ram builds. i'm gonna wait until nand is stable before switching. thanks, man.
    i encourage the migration to the NEWEST 02/01/11 build.
    known issues:

    GPS (but here is the fix)
    gps will be fixed in 02/03/11 build.

    Discovered after I uploaded that the new leo base doesnt include working usbtopc, will fix for next update.

    cyanogenmod team removed the applet to config led lights from settings->cyanogen settings (most likely it was breaking something... it will be added back in soon dont worry - nothing we can do about this)

    yes I like it too.. lol .. but they have done this before you non noobs should remember. they put it back last time.. they'll put it back again. hahah your friends can almost certainly wait to be mystified by the crt style screen off effect that your killer phone has. lol that was funny mewhah

    Low Audible Selection Sounds:
    it is working... if you listen closely.... either way this is the way the build compiled.. (again.. the cm team should correct this over the days to come & again nothing I can do about it now)

    the data arrows that you guys worry about so much do not turn grey and more
    (thanks to docent)

    These are the ONLY known issues with the newest build.
    and just incase you guys dont understand the significance of what the newest build embodies - let me quickly explain.

    Up until feb 1 2011 - android for the hd2 was PORTED from other builds.. ie bravo, desire.... evo... etc.
    Starting feb 1 2011 - android (gingerbread/cm7) is being DEVELOPED specifically for our htc leos.

    Do you see where I am going with this? Where are you going to have MORE problems.... with a rom ported from another device.. or a rom developed and built specifically for your device?

    if you havn't already.

    INSTALL THE NEW BUILD! lol (missing led config aside) I PROMISE - youll be glad you did.

    @arabic users.. I don't know why cm team added then removed arabic support... (it wasnt me... i didnt take it out) but I'm looking into why.
    be patient with me please.
    @2b2b... use topo resize to resize your data.img
    search xda for topo resize

    @everyone else.. the new compiles from cyanogen have re-enabled the screen off animation.... (I told you they would re-enable it eventually)

    We didnt get a release out last night for you guys, but i'm 100% confident that in about 6 hours..... 7pm mst. (6 hours from timestamp on this post) that there should be little present up on a new thread for you all. :)

    i will post here directing to the new thread when it's ready.

    I PROMISE... a new build tonight :)