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Question Copy - paste

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Is it possible somehow to perform text Copy-Paste action on Galaxy Watch4?

I am asking it because I found a useful speech-to-text app for my Watch4 that works well in my native language (Hungarian) too. The name of the app is 'VoNo' and the problem is that it sends the produced text to a user-defined email address. But I would use the app to send text messages (SMS) or Viber messages etc. That is why applying copy and paste would be perfect.

(Before someone comments that I should use Gboard be aware that Google 's keyboard app offers a lot of different language packs but Hungarian is not among them...)


Feb 16, 2021
From my understanding, it comes down to what app you're using. I could be wrong though. I have Termux on the watch, and it supports copy/paste by hold-tapping, but haven't found a way to do it on other apps yet.