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Corporate control of Android phones

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Nov 9, 2009
Hello all,

I work in IT for my local government and as with many large organizations we provide phones to employees. There have been times when these phones have been returned locked and we are no longer have contact with the employee or they are disgruntled and will not communicate with us. Our phone guy here in IT seems to have things well in hand for apple devices, but Android has him a bit flummoxed. He can set it up securely to work on our local domain for email, skype, the usual microsoft 365 stuff. But the user of the phone seem to still be able to lock the phones using their own google account. If we don't happen to have the password to that account it's going to the shredder (as was almost the case with a brand new A52 5G). I being one who likes to hack phones, the locked up phones have been brought over to me to see if I can bypass the lockout, and I've been relatively successful, but the newer the phone, the more of a problem it is, and overall it's a pain.

So is there an option out there to be able to manage these phones from the corporate level, so that if the phone is ever locked out, it is with the corporate account we have given them and can control from our end, rather than pulling purchase orders to get it unlocked, or bypassing it through flashed hacks?