Question Cpu undervolting konabess app

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This is with Ambient temp 23°Celsius. Power saver on with limit 70% cpu speed.


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Ive already factory resetet the phone. There isnt app. Then u are using the amazing snapdragon 8 gen 2 prototyp s23u from Samsung. The 8gen 1 is a hothead. Its confirmed. 31-32°C cpu temp in direct sunlight is impossible. Even the battery is a bit hotter then....

Here an example:
And Millions more if you Google snapdragon 8 gen 1. So please stop now. Only wanted to tame it a bit cause optimzing isnt bad.
Nope. It's a regular ol' S22 Ultra, Snap Dragon 8 Gen 1, 12/512GB.

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    pfff....just take a drill and make big holes in your plastic phone case

    ps: what is your background processes?

    i hope not trashy fb, intagram, snap,twitter apps which wakes up your screen & modem every 10 seconds to show you what your friends eat in restorants? make debloat

    This is for your reference. The details also depend on the hardware configuration (the highest frequency can be 831 voltage turbo)
    Mate my question Was if someone undervoltet or underclocked the 8 gen 1. No fanboys!!
    Easy chap - no fanboy here. Just reporting experience and observations!