Cracked trim/bezel.

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Jun 9, 2010
Anybody else experience this?

I'm 99% sure I didn't do this, as I haven't dropped my phone (yet).

CPW are being awesome and are going to replace it for me, phew!



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Jul 31, 2006
I have the exact issue at the exact same spot. Found the crack a few hours after opening the package. Sent my phone back to Expansys. I will get the replacement today and hopefully the new one doesn't have this crack.


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Jun 5, 2009


Please nooo!! Not another manufacturer flaw!! I escaped from a Sony Xperia S (famous yellow tint on bottom of screen).

I could live with a modifiable software glitch but not that!!

Glad i don't have one of those!


Aug 13, 2010
I''ve got two very fine cracks in the bezel, I'm not bothered by them enough to send it back to cpw, but not impressed.

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Nov 29, 2010
There are four of them. Two on bottom and two on top corners. These are not cracks but that's how it has been manufactured.

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Exactly. My note has them too, those are normal.

But the cracks that we see above they are not normal.

I hope that mine arrives with 0 problem. I hate to replace my phones. Specially the expensive ones. Don't like to see a expensive thing with faults.


Aug 13, 2010
I'm not talking about those. There are two cracks by the volume rocker, one almost not visible between the rocker and the screen, the other is about a 1cm down and much more visible. There is no looseness there so not too bothered.

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Jun 9, 2012
I had the exact same problem on my s2 before I bought this, I had 6 cracks on three sides of the phone, never dropped or looked after poorly. Kept in a case in my front pocket with nothing else. Samsung didn't want to know about it either. Said I must have dropped it.

Hope this doesn't happen to this too. Will be the last Samsung I buy if it does.

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    Go and troll somewhere else :rolleyes:

    do a quick post history search and you will see i've owned the s2 and please grow up and stpo resorting to name-calling
    Samsung just uses cheap plastics. Doesn't really matter what people say, this is flimsy and just plain cheap. I've seen chinese stuff stronger than this. I don't really mind plastics, they offer lots of advantages but these are just crap. One good example of a really good plastic is the one on the back of the iphone 3g or what UAG uses in their cases. That is sturdy stuff, not thin crap that'll break easily. I've a crack on mine as well, really tiny on the top left edge but it's there. I assume it was made from the slight strenght applied by taking it out of the case once since i never dropped it. Plastic need to be really weak If it gets a crack from as little as this.

    I'll live with it. If it starts annoying me, i'll just follow some disassemble repair guide and replace it with another cheapo one off ebay, but chances are i'll trade this phone for anything else sooner.

    HTC also uses good plastics like polycarbonate. Samsung is just cheaping out on us to maximize profit margins to satisfy their shareholders, not us consumers.

    As a result, I'll be buying htc this time
    glad the HTC one is out and we don't have to deal with samsung cheap plastic crdap
    I have a crack just above the charging port but maybe that's my fault when charging the phone but still...

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    No, it's not your fault. It's samsungs fault due to cheap plastic
    Has anybody had any more experience / info on this? I'm having a warranty repair of completely unrelated issues rejected due to these stress cracks.

    Mine cracked at the bottom, right from USB connector towards home button. I doubt they will accept this as warranty claim :confused:
    I haven't dropped my device or something like that

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    SPAM their facebook page over and over....they will fix the issue for you...they hate negative public attention brought about their products, and facebook is the best way to hit them where it hurts...

    and when I mean spam, I mean copy and paste your complaint to every post they have started multiple times.

    also, copy and paste this XDA thread into it for further evidence/proof that it's a manufacturers defect and not your fault...this way all the fanboys won't harass you either and know that this is samsungs fault

    I complained to them about my original TAB 10.1 dying on me and warranty wouldn't replace complaining on their facebook page, they sent me a new NOTE 10.1 and they didn't even make me send in the old TAB 10.1..they just verified the serial #
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