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Creating a Kernel.

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Hi I'm looking for a way to create a low kernel version like 4.9.X.X. The reason is I've been trying to install Kali Nethunter in a complete way. But when I reach the last step (While Upgrading) I get a kernel error. like in the attached photo. and I was told to [Flash older kernel that has lower version string than 255 ]. I did my research last night searching for lower version kernels for Android R (which I thought in the first place was impossible to find) today I'll try my luck with Android Q.

-If you have a way that I can create a kernel with that low version please share.
- If you have that kind of kernel for android Q or R please share.
Thank you for help.

note: at first, I didn't read the log so I didn't noticed that it's because of the kernel. I was facing instead a dpkg problem with a package named (libc6) and its other packages. And honestly I didn't find a way to solve it. three days ago I joined a telegram group named PWN-Hunter (a group with other friends using NH in Poco) and I noticed that there's others facing the same problem as mine.

Current OS : AEX android 10 last patch.
Chroot I'm trying to upgrade : Minimal.


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