Cross Flashing Tmobile firmware to ATT Note 3 SM-N900A

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Jan 18, 2019
Hi Everyone, If this is the wrong place to post this plz MODERATORS move it to correct place..

Ok so we all know what safestrap is, and that it's not TWRP really...

We also know that the bootloader on the SM-N900A isn't unlockable...
So I usually develop stuff for LG devices, but I got hands on an old Note 3 from At&t and want to
find a way to get past the limitations of Safestrap and the roms are all mostly lollipop K.K or J.B based.
without the bootloader unlocked we can't change the kernel away from stock... :(

Well I've been reading some things in reddit about S8 and S8+ etc.
and supposedly they have patched Odin not to check model numbers etc.

same with S9 see here:

and so what I'm thinking is...
The modded/patched Odin has the model-ID and SHA hash check disabled, therefore allowing you to flash an unbranded "U1" firmware onto a branded "U" phone and vice versa.
As of now this works on most US Qualcom (QC) models, but an increasing number of international Exynos (EX) models now include a new RMM security which prevents this kind of cross-flashing unless you first disable the RMM, by flashing an RMM-Disabler package through TWRP.

if we use this method to flash the tmobile branded firmware for the note 3 will we then be able to simply boot to TWRP This device has no fastboot...
If this seems like a really bad stupid Idea please say so and explain exactly why.
If this seems like it might work please explain how and why.

If you have tried this please let me know what the outcome was.

Thanks for reading
just looking for more input before I FRY a thousand dollar phone
old as it is it's still nice.
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Jan 18, 2019
Would you not be better in the AT&T forum >>or TMobile forum

you may be correct, but I just wanted experienced dev's to talk to about this and If I post on at&t specific threads, I'll likely have to tell a bunch of noobs that NO i haven't tried it yet { about to } and that no this isn't yet a bootloader unlock.
I wanted to discuss this with seasoned Devs such as @jcase


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Jan 18, 2019
Have a look almost nil Dev action on this section since day one .

Well It's turned to a dead end, and I no longer believe it possible.

I can confirm flashing the modem.bin to modem partition resulted in soft-brick
so i'm scared to try flashing the boot aboot sbl etc.
I'm now looking for a way to possibly boot a modified second
boot.img through a boot hijack, to enable me to use something like EFIdroid to boot custom roms...

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    Would you not be better in the AT&T forum >>or TMobile forum