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CSC Change - Model R845U

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    I'm glad it worked out in the end. What would you recommend to other users wanting to swtchifrom R845U to T845F?

    Apologies for reverting late!
    So, this is what I did to change my R845U into an R845F:

    1. Installed the combination firmware with netOdin

    2. with the pull/push commands via SDB I changed the

    b. CSC from XAR into ITV

    3. Installed the stock firmware CTJ5

    and voila'....the GW3 became fully Italian.
    Then the watch will update itself via OTA to the firmware DUA4.

    At this stage the BP and ECG widgets are present on the watch and the last step is to install on the phone the SHM app (version 183) which can be found on the other thread (by Dante63).

    And all is working.

    Couple of things:
    - I am leaving those links active for a week or so. I bought both above firmware from Easyfirmware but I'm glad to share them with the community.
    - I am not responsible for any bricked watch :) As usual, do these things at your own risk ;)
    - A huge thanks to Adfree for his help!

    I'd expect that since that webpage with firmware history I mentioned gives an error for R845U on ITV, you won't get any update after changing the CSC to ITV. So you won't gain anything if I'm correct.
    And I managed to brick it.
    I tried to flash the combination firmware downloaded from easy firmware and it failed.
    Now the watch doesn't reboot and I don't know what to do.
    Hopefully Adfree will be able to help me.

    If you have any suggestion please feel free to let me know.