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    conan have you been to america?

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    Doesn't do it for thanks, has over 3k thanks. :p

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    In OT, we just throw them around like confetti. Obviously.;)

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    CTM Adventure!


    For the rest of this gripping cartoon, see HERE.

    House Of Names has this to say about the Troutman family lineage:

    Family motto 'Fortis Non Ferox'.

    (Translated means 'Come-and-have-a-go-if-you-think-you're-hard-enough', or something like that).
    i do hope we're talking about the same thing. :D

    It seems to me things were getting out of hand. Some really sensitive issue(s) came out that struck a nerve on other members. I guess CTM saw that it might get out of hand. Well, that's how i see it. :) not sure if anyone else would agree. :p

    Btw, are we allowed to talk about it here? :confused:

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    Spot on.

    My concern was that somebody in a vulnerable position such as the one being discussed in that thread should not be encouraged to openly discuss something like that on a public forum. There are many people out there who would consider trolling that poor guy and that's not something I want to see happen.

    Other members expressed their concerns to me/us privately and I've merely tried to do what's best for all concerned.

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