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Cube U1 14.1 Inch Cloud Notebook Exposed

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Zunera M

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Jan 10, 2015
Cube Tablet, as a well-known digital manufacturer, has always devoted to creating products with more intimate experience sense. Faced with the fierce competition in the tablet market, CUBE Tablet has created more and more myth in current tablet market.

Recently, CUBE Official has released a new Cube iwork10 Ultimate tablet pc which supports six deformation modes. And now, a new 14.1 inch Intel 64bit quad core Cube U1 Cloud Notebook present will be launched soon. What suprise will this new machine take for us? Let's stay tuned for more news.

CUBE U1 Cloud Notebook Main Features:
- Intel Bay Trail-CR Z3735F quad-core Processor
- 14.1 inch Screen, 1366*768 pixels display
- Low power consumption fanless design
- 10000mA Large capacity battery, Long standby
- Remix (Based on Android OS) + Genuine Windows10 dual operating system
- Support HDMI / OTG / TF Card / Bluetooth functions

CUBE U1 Cloud Notebook Four Highlights:
1. Intel Baytrail-CR Z3735F Quad Core CPU, Providing Smooth Multi-tasking Performance
CUBE U1 Notebook is built in Intel Bay Trail-CR Z3735F quad-core processor, which is committed to meet your daily demands, and suitable for dealing with multi-tasking, making it possible for you to run Microsoft Office, browse Web quickly, as well as have a smooth experience with the high-definition movies and games.

2. Ultra-thin body, Fashionable Appearance
CUBE U1 is a 14.1 inch simple light Notebook, added with gorgeous widescreen and much larger storage space, as well as a number of innovative technologies, all providing a wonderful using experience for both work and entertainment. This model is featured with the simple but elegant design, and still have necessary functions and interfaces which is suitable for the daily demands.

3. Remix (Based on Android OS) + Genuine Windows10 dual operating system
This Cube Cloud Notebook can not only support Remix OS, which is based on the Android OS, but also support Official Windows10 Dual operating system, which will make entertainment and business integrated.
For entertainment:Remis OS, based on Android OS , is more practical and humanized, it is sure to make your life more convenient.
For business: Genuine Microsoft Windows10 operating system, it can not only achieve mobile office, but also support EXE files as PC, and experience traditional PC and online games smoothly. Moreover, it also support Edge browser and dual system hot start, which will be more convenient for OS switching, allowing you to work and play at a better balance, and satisfy all your demands.

4. 10000mA Large Capacity Battery, Long Standby
Depended on Intel's OS power management system, in order to improve performance and energy efficiency of the device, CUBE U1 can manage electric current, power and temperature by running a variety of algorithms simultaneously. Added with the advanced Intel DPTF technology, the U1 notebook gains a longer longer comprehensive using time and standby time under no fanless situation.
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Oct 22, 2010
GearBest claims to have this for a good price, but because it's so new I cannot find anywhere if it runs Linux or not. I'd hate to buy this and discover that I cannot dislodge the Windows 10 installation and replace it with a real operating system. Does anyone know if there is a clone or something which can indicate hardware support?