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Current status of 1080p playback on original MK808?

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Jun 5, 2013
Hi all,
just got me a benq w1070 projector and tried some 1080p 3D files on xbmc 13 and performance was abysmal. I have the Finless 1.7 installed since last year and although 1080p files play more or less ok, 3D content is simply unwatchable. Performance is kinda better on MX Player but there are still frame skips and stutters. What I'd like to know is what firmware (+ kernel?) can I flash on my original MK808 to boost its HD playback quality? I have installed a GPU fan on it since day one so overclocking shouldn't be a problem. Thing is, I tried reading about MK808 1080p options and got lost as some developers don't support it anymore, links are dead etc. Thanks.