Custom firmware for FiiO M6, FiiO M7 and FiiO M9

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Nov 25, 2017
great job. did you managed to install micro g?
root is not possible, but can it be possible to make some mods are you dont think so?
No it's not possible. Since all of those mods patch boot.img and this Rom does not have boot.img
It uses u-boot, an open source alternative. Also the CPU is from a smart watch and IOT device, so no compatibility with anything

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    anyone can fix da M9 file? it does not install any file to the device...

    Custom firmware for FiiO M6, FiiO M7 and FiiO M9

    Hi everone,
    My hobby is modding and building ROMs so now I mod FiiO M6 and M7 firmware.
    Why? Now you can install playstore and activate third party players like PowerAmp and Neutron or use streaming apps like Spotify or Tidal.
    I hope you will enjoy my ROM
    Installer Features
    • Installing MicroGapps and Playstore to download and activate third-party players (Requires my firmware to work)​
    • Magisk Installer (Requires my firmware to work)​
    • Mixplorer (File Manager)​
    • Dark Theme Installing​
    • Xpossed Framework Installer​
    • Optimized Fiio Music App​
    • Optional Tidal Installing​
    My Firmware Features
    • Improved sound (Editing system configurations, Alsa, Updated SoundLibs)​
    • Optimized system resources​
    • Magisk (Root)​
    • Activated WiFi item in settings​
    • Updated FiiO Music App​
    • Fake Signatures support​
    • Activated Init.d​
    • Useful build.prop tweaks​
    • Another Bootanimation​
    • Changed font to Russia font (Ubuntu + Samsung One)​
    • And many other improvements​
    How to install firmware: Youtube Instructions
    M7 Firmware link: M7 Firmware
    M6 Firmware link: M6 Firmware
    M9 Firmware link: M9 Firmware
    If you want to thank me financially: PayPal QIWI

    Installation Instructions
    1. Download my firmware and copy it to sd card
    Go to recovery by off player and turning it on pressing next track and power if you use M7 or volume down and power for M6.
    3. Wipe data using vol+ vol- and power buttons select "Wipe data/factory reset" paragraph
    4. Press yes and reboot to recovery.
    5. Go "Install update from sd card" and select archive with my firmware.

    6. Now Aroma installer starts. To controll in aroma installer use combination of pressing Power+Vol+ Power+Vol- and Power.
    7. Go next page by using Power+Vol+ and select any paragraph you need.

    8. Power+Vol+ to start installation.
    9. After installation press power and reboot to the system (First loading will take about 3-7 minutes)

    A: Player becomes laggy!
    B: I cannot fix bad processor of FiiO M7. Lags because you start use player another way. You update FiiO Music, install Playstore. Apps require more performance hardware. Try reinstall with old FiiO Music and without Gapps

    A: How to go back to original firmware
    B: You can easily go back flashing stock rom for FiiO M7 from here - M7 Firmware or for fiio M6 from here - M6 Firmware. Just flash it from recovery like my firmware

    A: Why, when entering Magisk, there is a notification about an additional installation?
    B: Since the magisk was installed "by hand", he did not unpack the files he needed to the Data section. To fix the problem without the module and install this module

    A: Why is there only only my language in the keyboard?
    B: Settings - Language & input - Virtual keyboard - Simple keyboard - Language
    Uncheck the system languages and put them in the languages you need

    A: Stuck on logo/bootloop!
    B: Hold the power and pause button, after the screen turns off, press the button down, in recovery, select Wipe data.
    m9 업데이트 해주세요 ... 제발 ..
    good question !! :-(
    i think the problem is with installation paths i can PM old file