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Dec 21, 2015
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
Hi bro, I have problem when connected device. I can't connect it via Bugjaeger. Port is 5555 (default in app) but I see in wireless debugging from developer options port is 35471. How I fix this it?

And another question, Ip connected (if succesful) is "galaxy watch 4" or "galaxy phone". Thanks for your help

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I think you didn't understand this. You need to enable wireless debugging on your watch.

There, turn on Wi-Fi and check, that your watch is connected to that Wi-Fi. Then go to developer settings on your watch and enable ADB debugging and debugging over Wi-Fi.

Below it tap on "Wireless debugging" and turn it on. It'll show you your device name and IP address & Port. This is the IP address & Port you enter in Bugjaeger

Here's a screenshot attached, how it looks on my Galaxy Watch 5.


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Sep 7, 2022
@Mr6P Thanks for your help. My problem is fixed, my watch and my phone not connected same wifi. After connected same wifi I installed new font completely. That's multi choice right now for my watch at this time with new fonts installed :LOL:
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was anyone able to install different fonts for the main system UI and the digital clock that appears in ambient mode?

zfonts creates a file that has two ttf files (Samsungsans and SamsungsansMedium). I wonder if replacing one of these fonts, or adding a specific Clock font can trick the system into changing the digital clock font

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    You can install custom fonts on your Galaxy watch 4 using zfonts, an android file explorer and a PC. After you download the zfont app select your font and this is the processes of installing it on your phone.
    After you have installed this new font onto your phone the APK file for the font will be in android/data folder as an APK file.
    After you have located the APK file connect to a PC and copy it to your desktop. From there you can connect to a watch via Wi-Fi where you can use the ADB command
    ./adb -s {your watches connected ip address} install {selected font}.apk
    I have finally figure it out!
    App links included

    1. Open zFont 3, choose and install the font of your choice.
    2. Open APK Analyzer and look for ""
    3. Export/Extract APK and save it to your Downloads folder.
    4. Enable ADB Debugging & Debug over WiFi by going to Settings>Developer Options
    5. You can sideload it via PC using ADB or via Bugjaeger Mobile ADB app and use this command:
    "adb -s <IP Address> install"
    6. After installing the APK, disable ADB Debugging to avoid battery drain.
    7. Go to settings>Display>Font style and Choose "SamsungSans"

    I tried installing different fonts on the watch using a file manager but I can't find a way to get into the font directory and I don't see any fonts in the Play Store for Wear OS. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
    You mean with zfonts this App?

    Or other app?

    Thanx in advance.

    Best Regards