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May 5, 2009
Don't flash magisk ???

Concerning this from the OP ...
• Note : Also do not flash magisk along with this installation type. It might break Google Contact SyncAdapter.

Does this mean that we have to use something other than Magisk to root our ROMs when using these gapps? Or am I misunderstanding?
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Nov 4, 2011
After installing


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Sep 3, 2016
I love this Gapps package!! I installed the BiTGApps-arm64-9.0.0-v11.0_signed.zip a few days ago along with the RR rom for Pie on my OnePlus 3T, and my battery life has been excellent! BiTGApps is wonderful. I have noticed that not much of anything Google related gets updated from the Play Store, however. I have probably been using BiTGApps for around 5 days now, and usually when I have installed the normal Gapps package in the past, things get updates from Google pretty often, like Google, Gboard, things like that. I have gotten no updates at all with this BiTGApps.

Is this normal, or have I missed something from the old thread about this?

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Is this normal, or have I missed something from the old thread about this?

Well, don't I feel foolish! I just checked my installed packages, and no wonder nothing from Google is getting updated. There's only a couple of Google things that got installed! LOL Geez, and here I was all worried about it.

To be honest, I had no idea a rom could run this well without anything Google on it! It makes BiTGApps even more wonderful for me!!


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Jul 25, 2016
Because when I returned to v. 0.5 the phone stopped heating up. But these are only my assumptions

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