Custom HDMI resolution for Chromecast with Google TV

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Jan 14, 2022
Hello my beautiful people, I come to you in a moment of great desparation and would really appreciate some help here.

So, I just bought a Chromecast with Google TV.
- Model: GZRNL
- Codename: sabrina
- Mfg Date: 11/2021

I want to connect this thing to my projector and want to run it's native resolution (4:3 aspect ratio).
But I can only select resolutions with a 16:9 aspect ratio in the settings.
I do not have root access, nor can I root the device (BootROM Bug has been patched, It's a newer device.).

I can change the virtual screen size using `wm size`, but that does not effect the HDMI resolution.

So here's the main question: How can I set a custom resolution for the HDMI port?

One approach I thought about is: Find out what settings the GUI sets and write custom values to these.
I attached a section of logcat in which I change the resolution from "720p 60Hz" to "1080p 60Hz" in the GUI.
Sadly that's where my android knowledge ends.

I am happy to try things or provide additional information.