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Custom Kernel and LKT module Magisk?

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Senior Member
Nov 14, 2018
Hello everyone, I have a strong doubt. If you installed in a custom ROM (complete with a custom kernel), the magisk LKT module (with various kernel kits for the battery or performance); somehow the kernel would be compromised? Ie it's better with a custom kernel, do not install this module or install it anyway? :confused::confused::confused: Thanks to those who will answer
I have seen that the Developer has had mention, that it will work on "Any" Kernel !
With that said, I have and do use this, although, it has not been long. Trying to see, "IF" it helps or hurts the custom kernel .
I will say, that, if there is anything bad, I will test again without a modded kernel...
Guess is short, give it a try, it may help.. may not, can always uninstall and reboot...


Senior Member
Dec 6, 2014
Tested LKT onGoogle Pixel with Franco Kernel and King Kernel, so far so good on balanced profile.
One time started lagging as hell on a version of King Kernel even with performance profile, I think because of some kernel features related to battery saving or boot tweaks, as far as I know they can conflict.


May 7, 2017
seems become slow or laggy. i dont know if this is the cause. i played mobile legend in the previous version my ping is 20-40ms after i installed the update in became 120ms-180ms.. So i try to uninstall the latest version.. Reboot then install previous version reboot played mobile legend and it goes back to 20-40ms ping.