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Aug 16, 2006
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Sorry to bother , but we seemed to have lost the ability to change the QS tile color, volume bar color , and lock screen text color.
I tried the ADB and ZIP versions.

Is there any chance to implement these please ?




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Jan 25, 2014
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thought the July release would come out next week, but looks like it come out today. any idea if there were enough changes to warrant a new Custom Magisk Module Mod Maker?


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Jul 11, 2013
Thanks again for this major update! As usual you've provided a way to tweak Android 12 so that it's more pleasant to use! BTW, I noticed this update was about half the size of the previous ones! was the alternate system base options that large?
No, just found some files that were not needed.
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Jul 6, 2019
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    The purpose of the ADB installer is to generate for you a custom module that you can flash in Magisk App. The Zip Installer actually installs it for you on the final step and is done thru Magisk app instead of your pc.. Both will have all the mods that you have selected from the installer menu-folders. You need root and of course you need to be attached to your PC. On first installation of systemui base, a pop-up asking to give ADB shell root permission will show. Please do so.

    Zip installer is installed from your phone, not your pc. You will install the mods through Magisk app. Unzip the Zip Installer onto your internal sdcard. Like ADB installer, start with a SystemUI base. Do not reboot between selections as Magisk as shows after flashing selections (options are found inside the numbered folders). Hit the back button to make your next selection. Do not reboot thru Magisk until after you are done with your selections and have flashed the "Complete Installation" zip.

    Custom clocks (date, etc) and internet speed indicators do not change colors due to light-dark background colors like the statusbar icons do.

    I'm also including my Pixel Launcher mod below. Also a ADB Installer. You can change app drawer background-text color (separately for light mode and dark mode). Change the number of hot seat icons on home page (and size) as well as change the number of columns in the app drawer.

    ADB and Zip Installer Instructions-Root is required

    1. Flash a SystemUI Base First. It provides the necessary smali files and public ID's for everything to work.

    The difference between color base and stock base :
    Color Base:
    You have to flash a color in order to change the color of the QS tiles (default is blue). You have a choice to leave the "OFF" QS tiles as a inverse of "ON" QS color or you can change them to Gray. You also have an option to change lockscreen colors. Color base doesn't always work nicely with light theme. Nothing horible. just some text in places that is not as bright as it needs to be.

    Stock Base:
    This is the one most people need to use. To change the color of the QS tiles for stock base you go to settings/display/device theme and select the color you want. The "OFF" color tiles remain gray. You have an option to change settings/notification/volume bar backgrounds to black. The background accent also works with Color Base. There is no option to change lockscreen color with Stock Base.

    2. FLASH ALL THE MODS YOU WANT. ONCE YOU DONE WITH EVERYTHING, FLASH THE "COMPLETE INSTALLATION" Option. This will create a Magisk App flashable zip in a folder on your sdcard called ozop (for ADB Installer). Flash that to install your selection of mods. Flashing it for Zip Installer will install it as a module and is your final step.

    Root required
    ADB Instructions.
    1. Unzip ADB Mods Installer on your PC
    2. Run TulsadiverModsInstaller.bat (Give ADB Shell Root Permissions. If missed on first opportunity, turn on in magisk manager, superuser)
    3. ADB debugging Enabled
    4. Flash the SystemUI Base First. It provides the necessary smali files and public ID's for everything to work
    5. Go through the other options selecting what all mods you want. It is generally best to start at the top and work your way down.
    6. Once finished with selections, run "Complete Installation" at the bottom. This will generate your module in a folder called "ozop" on your sdcard.

    Root required
    ZIP Instructions.
    1. Unzip Zip Installer onto your internal sdcard

    2. Flash thru Magisk app. Flash the SystemUI Base First. It provides the necessary smali files and public ID's for everything to work
    (Do not reboot between selections as Magisk shows after flashing selections. Hit the back button to make your next selection)
    3. Go through the other options selecting the mods you want. It is generally best to start at the top and work your way down.
    4. Once finished with selections, flash "Complete Installation" at the top. This will install your selections as a Magisk module.

    List of MODS Available
    Clock Format and Position Mods
    Internet Traffic Speed Single Indicator (changes from upload-download) otherwise signals are over/under
    Choose Traffic Speed Indicator Up-Down Icon Colors (default is white)
    Navbar Swap
    Remove NavBar
    3Minit Battery
    Battery Bar Mod
    One percent custom battery Mods-Several to choose from
    One percent custom battery Text-only-Several to choose from
    Colored Statusbar-Navbar Icons
    Remove Carrier Text Options
    Smaller LTE/5G Icon
    Fonts (including Lockscreen clock)
    Change QS pulldown Tile color
    Change Status bar Data Icon to a "cell tower" looking icon (see below)
    Change QS data icon to a cell tower icon
    Option to make brightness-volume bar more narrow.
    Invisible power button on far right or left side of statusbar

    Note Added a couple of wifi and data signal options.
    WiFi 1 and Cell Tower 1
    View attachment 5096921
    WiFi 2 Cell Tower 2
    View attachment 5096923
    WiFi 3 data 3
    View attachment 5096925

    Includes a batch (.bat), and powershell installers, one for windows, one for linux.

    View attachment 5393399

    View attachment 5440619

    These are SystemUI mods and might not be compatible with any other SystemUI Mods you may have installed.

    There's just one base now. To change the QS pulldown colors, go to settings/display/device theme at the bottom. The black options change the settings background from gray to black.


    ADB Installer
    Android 12.1
    Uploaded 7-8-22
    July update

    Zip Installer
    Android 12.1
    Uploaded 7-8-22
    July update


    ADB Installer
    Android 12
    Uploaded 2-18-22 February update

    Zip Installer
    Android 12
    Uploaded 3-6-22 February update

    If I helped, hit the Thanks Button!
    Feeling generous, send me a beer!


    Pixel Launcher Mod
    Start by picking a base. Bases come with, or without, a search bar and Hotseat heights The larger number of rows you pick, the lower your hotseat drops on your home screen. If your hotseat comes out too low, try again with a higher base.

    Your first time of installing this, you may have to go to settings/styles and wallpapers, select grid style, and apply the custom grid at the far left.

    Remove Search Bar
    App Drawer background color (Light and Dark Mode)
    App Drawer Text Color or remove (Light and Dark Mode)
    Home screen App Text Color
    Home screen folder background colors
    Home screen folder text colors
    Google search bar colors
    App Icon Sizes 30-50-45-50-56 dip (56 is stock)
    Columns (5-6-7)
    Rows (5 through 11)


    Android 12.1
    Zip Installer
    Uploaded 6-24-22

    Android 12.1
    ADB Pixel launcher Uploaded 3-27-22


    Android 12
    ADB Pixel launcher Uploaded 12-16-21

    If I helped, hit the Thanks Button!
    Feeling generous, send me a beer!
    December update has been uploaded.
    January update has been uploaded.
    12.1 March update uploaded for ADB and Zip Installers. Also, ADB Pixel Launcher mod for 12.1

    Navbargone and wifi-data icons are unavailable for 12.1 until Apktool is updated.
    May update has been uploaded for the "zip" Installer.