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Mar 10, 2012
Itabira - MG
Full wipe

Did you full flash (wipe data, cache, dalvik cache), or only clean dalvik cache?
Because i follow just only clean dalvik cache, and install over rc1, then my phone got brick,only stay on LG logo ,also cannot enter Recovery
I must re- flash using smartools with binary files V.10a to get boot normally



I had to do a full wipe cause I was coming from Zeus v6.11.

Battery performance is outstanding! Just as good as in Zeus rom! Thanks a lot Psycho!!



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Nov 26, 2009
For Ad hoc network created by my laptop, I can see it in wifi list but cant connect it :(. it says obtaining IP address from ... and then says disconnect again and again :((. Anyone can help me :(

Could be that your laptop is not doing the dhcp correctly. Try manually setting static ip's on both your laptop and your phone.


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Aug 19, 2011
Banda Aceh
I just made the statusbar patch for the latest kang by psycho here

Thanks for your attention :D


@psycho36 Just noticed stock camera isn't working on sk8
With other camera app, there's no problem
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