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*CUSTOM* Padlock icon mysteriously disappeared...

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Aug 29, 2007
Cliff Notes

Bug during ODIN after failed flash of MDL
battery pull to reset phone after bad flash of MDL
ODIN flash MDB worked fine
Rooted/recovery TWRP worked fine
ODIN flash to MDL worked fine
Rooted/recovery TWRP worked fine
Reboot and NO custom/padlock
wiped/reset and flashed new ROM
STILL have root/recovery and custom ROM/Kernel work 100%
restored old (that had Custom/Padlock on boot) backup
STILL no custom/padlock, but everything works

Had Goldeneye ROM 1.3, Ktoosez kernel running perfectly. Went to flash Goldeneye ROM 2.0 and Ktoonsez kernel, and decided to do a clean install, so used ODIN to go back to UCUAMDB baseband. At first i tried to flash a good copy of UCUAMDL, but it kept failing, and i used ODIN to flash UCUAMDB over the *still technically part done at 'download' mode* UCUAMDL, when the UCUAMDB flash worked, I then used 3-Way tool to Root/install TRWP, ODIN flashed to UCUAMDL, used 3-Way again to Root/install TWRP, when it booted, there was no padlock screen. I had to reinstall (rerooted too, to be safe) TWRP, then wiped/reset and flashed Goldeneye 2.0 and Ktoonsez kernel.

The padlock 'custom' screen is gone. I have root. I have custom recovery. I dont know why or how. So i made a full Nandroid backup. I then wiped/reset, and restored the Goldeneye 1.3 backup i had (also TiBU with all data/apps), i STILL have root, recovery, everything back to 1.3, and NO CUSTOM/PADLOCK screen.

I have no idea why; but i know it might be useful to figure out what happened so others with custom rom/kernel can get rid of the Custom/Padlock image as well; i couldnt get rid of it via other methods, and had given up. This happened randomly. Again, i have root, recovery, and custom ROM/Kernel working perfectly, i can even reflash 2.0 via recovery and not get Custom/Padlock screen, or restore the 2.0 backup and no Custom/Padlock screen.
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