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Question Custom recovery question - TWRP for Mi 11

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2013
Xiaomi Mi 11
While I was successful in installing this twrp 3.5.1 for Mi 11 I found that once I installed magisk for root It was in a bootloop where it only boots to fastboot mode. Did anyone else come across this. And I need root to get to recovery right? I don't know just glad to see progress on development for Mi 11

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    Easily the worst flagship of the year so not a surprise that nobody cares about it.
    Do u have idea of how much time Pixel 5 has not had TWRP?
    Stupid blamers
    How long does it usually takes to develop such a recovery for a flagship device? I mean, I think we all agree that it will definitely come out at some point, however this device has been released in December 2020, that is, 6 months and nothing so far. I'm wondering what folks at Orange Fox might have been busy with, don't you?
    Someone just released an alpha of TWRP for the Poco F3 so hopefully that's a good sign for something to come to the Mi 11.
    From the Xiaomi eu website, it's been privately released. Hopefully it will be publicly released soon.
    AFAIK the problem is not the model but Android 11 with its new security features. But they should be on a good way.